Vintage videos, the Dibley edition

So, after parts 1 and 2, I have a third vintage Richard Armitage video collection I’d like to share. 🙂

Not long after I fell in love with Richard in 2006 I found out, to my absolute delight, that he would be starring as the love-interest in one of my favourite comedy shows called The Vicar of Dibley that Christmas! Whooppee! It was a two part Vicar of Dibley grand finale and soon after the conclusion aired in January 2007, fan videos started appearing on YouTube. Even though I can’t seem to find the oldest videos online anywhere, I do have some faves that were uploaded a little while later and that are still there…

Crazy Chick (2008) by Jiab/DreamyViperstill (the lyrics in this video really fit the images so well!)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (2008) by DelicateBlossom

Jungle Drum (2009) by TeaRoseProductions

Trouble is a Friend (2010) by Bccmee (with a funny Guy of Gisborne reference in there).

Not that many Vicar of Dibley videos were made, I guess not everyone loved the show as much as I do. OK, so the lovestory moved a little fast and it’s all about Geraldine and not so much about Harry, but really, I don’t care. I loved Geraldine before Harry and with Harry, well, even better! It’s so very funny and warm and it’s my go-to Richard Armitage project when I need a feelgood pick-me-up (that and the last episode of North and South). I know Dibley is over forever but I so wouldn’t mind Geraldine and Harry and the other villagers returning for a bit… I’d love to see where they’d be at today, 10 years later.

14 thoughts on “Vintage videos, the Dibley edition

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  2. Elanor

    Es wäre schlicht fantastisch, wenn sie ein “Zehn-Jahre-später-Special” drehen würden. Da komm ich glatt ins Träumen. Ich kannte die Serie vor meinem Interesse für RA überhaupt nicht und liebe nun die beiden letzten Folgen. Es geht mir wie dir. Ich schaue mir das oder die letzte Folge von North & South an, wenn ich einen Stimmungsaufheller brauche. Das funktioniert sehr zuverlässig. Ganz besonders zauberhaft ist das Heiratsantrag-Missverständniss – soooo schön und immer wieder lustig! ❤ 🙂

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