Relief… and sadness.

One piece of unrest has been taken away after my post yesterday. After a few more calls and an e-mail we have confirmation from the director himself: our daughter can indeed attend the new school! Got the relieving phone call at 4 pm at work this afternoon and this is how I felt…

Things still need to be formalized and we still need to figure out schoolbooks and such but on Monday morning at 10 am my daughter can report to the new school for her first day there.  The relief is great! Whew!

Now, if only I could start feeling this happy about the news, but alas, there has been more tragedy today… Today there was another terrorist attack, this time in Barcelona. My heart goes out to all the victims…



I have no words…

My heart goes out to Manchester.


People attend a vigil in Albert Square in Manchester in solidarity with those killed and injured in the terror attack. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images (source).

Book of condolence on Manchester city council website here.


Good is going to win…

My thoughts have been with London since Wednesday, after the horrible attack there. My brother works around the corner from where that attack happened. He was in Paris that day for business but his colleagues were all sent home early after the attack. What insantity makes a person do this? I can never fathom that someone becomes so deluded he starts murdering people at random. And I also wonder how people pitted against each other in hatred fuels this… the current right-wing, fear-mongering political climate is not helpful in that regard either, I feel…

It’s been a busy week for me. I started my new job a week and a half ago and while I am really enjoying it and am off to a good start, I am also exhausted. New duties, figuring out how things work, getting a hang of how stuff is organized, adjusting, learning new things, trying to remember new names and new faces and preferably matching them as well – it’s exhausting. A dear ex-coworker of mine has become my new co-worker once again and I am loving that too (even though I don’t see her that much, we each have our own thing to do). But I’m exhausted…

So, now the weekend has started and I find some heartwarming things to help me unwind. There is this shot from Brain on Fire

Richard Armitage Brain on Fire shorts

There’s something so endearing seeing a caring Richard Armitage in shorts like that. Nice legs too!

I also like Richard’s tweet responses to the London attack, tweeting pictures without words and the quote he posted…

RA reaction to London attack tweets

Then this evening on the BBC there’s Comic Relief. To be honest, most of the show was lame, but it also had Red Nose Day Actually, which showed us where some of the characters of my beloved movie Love Actually are at now, 14 years later…

Red Nose Day Actually

Colin Fiirth was in it too! Still married to his Portugese wife and still adorably baffled by the language he just can’t seem to be able to get a handle on… he remains so cute!

And then there was the highlight of a little speech Hugh Grant gives as PM to the press. It may have been a little corny but it was also touching and very topical too…

Hugh Grant Red Nose Day Actually

“I’m optimistic, wherever you see tragedy, you see bravery too, where you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary ordinary people come to their aid. Today is Red Nose Day and people are giving their hard earned cash to people who they’ll never meet but whose pain and fear they feel and want to fight. So it’s not just romantic love that is all around, most people still every day have enough love in their heart to help human beings in trouble. Good is going to win. I’m actually sure of it.”

So, I’m heading off to bed now, really hoping PM Hugh is right and that Good really is going to win in this world… I just wish for it sooner rather than later.


Sickened… & finding a happy place

The news these days is awful and I find myself dreading to switch on the news every morning, dreading what awful thing has happened now… awful awful bombing in Baghdad, hostage situation and killings in Dhaka, another bomb in Medina… and here in the West people keep on blaming ‘those muslims’ for it all and reporting on these tragedies is nothing compared the reporting we had on Orlando or Brussels or Paris a year ago. Why? Has the West really become so bigoted against Muslims they can’t even report on tragedies that befall them? Not only the bombings make me sick, rampant Western xenophobia makes me sick too… People like Geert Wilders and Trump and Farage make me sick… I came across a Banksy graffiti picture the other day which expresses it perfectly!


I’m so depressed over the news, I find myself trying to hide away from it… not that that helps and changes anything, of course… All I have been able to blog about this past week or two is politics, even though this blog is not intended to be political – at all! It just feels like the world is turning upside down and I feel totally powerless! For instance, I see in a poll today that Trump is only 3 points behind Hillary for winning the US presidential election – will he catch up and will something inconceivable happen in the US (like Brexit was to me in the UK)? Ugh, here I go, feeling sick again…I fear for the future so very much!

I need to get back to some happy places in my blog-life, to counterbalance the political worries in real-life. So, I need to stop blogging about politics for a while. I hope I can. Let me start here… See this Audrey Hepburn picture? It makes me smile, was on my Twitter timeline today:

Audrey & dog on bike

And this tweet also makes me happy, from a few days ago:

Richard’s hair is growing longer, I love it! Here let me crop him out for closer study…

RA vo work Soho Sonic 1-7-2016 crop

Oh, and there is a new Bridget Jones trailer! I really don’t like the “who’s the baby’s daddy” premise for this movie and I do wonder whether it was smart to make another Bridget movie, but I do admit that I had to chuckle quite a few times when I first saw this. I think I loved Colin Firth’s sour face most and I loved Emma Thompson too. She’s in it and seems to be stealing the show for all the scenes she’s in…

If Bridget doesn’t end up with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) forever at the end of this movie, then the ‘world has turned upside down’ feeling will be complete. But for now, I will try to keep on smiling.