Here is a leader, Jacinda Ardern the prime minister of New Zealand, who is doing everything right in the aftermath of the Christchurch tragedy.

She stands in solidarity with the victimized community, she promises change of gun laws, she refuses to give the shooter a name and notoriety, she condemns hateful rhetoric and calls for unity, and this morning I saw her being interviewed by the BBC, calling for a global anti-racism fight.

With all the despair I have been feeling over the news these past few days, a woman such as this gives me hope for the future! Thank you, Jacinda, for showing such warm, humanitarian and decisive leadership.

I wish…

… I knew what to say. So shocked about the Mosque shootings in Christchurch!

CHristchurch-shooting (source Fiji Times)Source: Fiji Times

I am not religious but to those who are I would like to offer the following words of comfort: Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’oun” (“We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”).

Hine ma tov…

I am lost for words about what happened in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh yesterday. Antisemitic hate crimes, any hate crimes, have no place in this world…

Hateful rhetoric and stoking irrational fears lead to hateful acts, that can’t be a surprise to anyone. The American president can condemn hateful acts in the aftermath and call for unity, but I wish he, as a leader, could think more about being respectful and championing unity before these awful attacks happen. When will things get better? My thoughts are with the victims’ families, friends and the community.

2018-10-28 11_29_42-(5) Hinei Mah Tov, folk melodies - YouTube

Relief… and sadness.

One piece of unrest has been taken away after my post yesterday. After a few more calls and an e-mail we have confirmation from the director himself: our daughter can indeed attend the new school! Got the relieving phone call at 4 pm at work this afternoon and this is how I felt…

Things still need to be formalized and we still need to figure out schoolbooks and such but on Monday morning at 10 am my daughter can report to the new school for her first day there.  The relief is great! Whew!

Now, if only I could start feeling this happy about the news, but alas, there has been more tragedy today… Today there was another terrorist attack, this time in Barcelona. My heart goes out to all the victims…


My heart is in Finsbury Park…

… and with the Muslims targeted in the horrible terrorist attack that happened there last night after Ramadan prayers at a mosque.

Finsbury prayers

When will hatred (and islamophobia) end?