The Richard magic mug

Guylty’s 2022 #DecemberFundRAiser has just gone live and it’s time to reveal the item that I have donated.

A few months ago, I came across an option to have your own personalised magic mug made and I thought, “Ooh, wouldn’t that be cool for some discreet Richard Armitage fangirling”! I couldn’t resist and had two made – one for myself that I’ve been using regularly and one still nice and pristine and new in its box. I’ve put the latter into the #DecemberFundRAiser auction on Ebay so that a fellow fan/well-wisher/Richardite can enjoy such a mug as well.

So the smaller box inside that bigger box that I showed in a blog post the other day…

… contains this mug! It looks like a nice and simple black mug…

…. but once you pour hot water into it, the magic happens and our Rich appears!

I chose three images for the mug (click on images to enlarge)…

As you finish your drink or the liquid cools down, the mug reverts to black again.

In recent weeks I’ve been using my own mug a lot for my cups of tea and am loving it. The mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe, so to keep the coating well, it needs to be handwashed. I’m sure Richard doesn’t mind being handled with care. My own mug did accidentally once find its way into our dishwasher but it luckily came out OK. So, it won’t explode or anything if you do so, but better not to. Richard deserves a long and sturdy life, after all.

You can bid on the new, unused mug HERE and I will send it out to the winner at the end of the week after the auction ends. Good luck to all bidders!

#DecemberFundRAiser – where did the time go?

Apparently it’s #DecemberFundRAiser time again! Seriously, where did November go? Life is busy here and for the second time in about 5 weeks I am felled by a flu! I’ve been testing like crazy the first time around and also this time around, but it doesn’t seem to be Covid, not this time and not last time either. I have a feeling I’m catching up on every form of the flu I missed out on during around 18 months of lockdowns. I’ve had my 4th booster Covid shot and a few weeks ago got a flu shot but alas I still got sick. Ugh. Hope it passes soon. This time around, unlike a few weeks ago, I don’t think I have a fever, so that’s something.

Anyway, with all that’s going on here in my real life and with illness, the time just seems to zoom by and I feel wholly unprepared (mentally that is) for it being December FundRAiser time again. The fact remains, however, that the time has come. All the details for the FundRAiser can be found on Guylty’s page HERE. The auction on Ebay kicks off on Sunday, November 27th.

My contribution to the Ebay auction is this Richard Armitage fan item in a box (to be unveiled on Sunday) accompanied by some sweets (typical Dutch stroopwafels and a few chocolates).

Wishing everyone happy charity auction bidding when the time arrives!

Modified to add tbat Guylty has put up some teasers in a new post HERE.

Puzzling Richard

After finding out I had blundered the postage costs for the coasters I had sent out (see previous post) I needed something to cheer me up. The universe must have heard me because right then I received a delightful e-mail from the Richard Armitage fan who had won the jigsaw puzzle I had made for the 2022 Birthday auction. I already knew she had received the puzzle without any further problems and she now sent me a picture of the finished product which she has allowed me to share here…

“Half an hour of “work” and 6 beautiful Richards are the result,” she said in her e-mail. Not a bad way to spend half an hour, I’d say, and it really looks as good as I hoped it would. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the end result, RA fan and generous contributor to the charity auction!

#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Day 3 And Seven Hours To Go

Be quick and you can snap up some lovely Richard Armitage fan items in the last hours of this #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser auction!

Guylty Pleasure

Good morning, all. We might have a thriller on our hand today. Overnight, things have moved slightly, but not yet across the hoped-for watershed. Bummer.

Yep, I had to make this especially. The hardship.

But let’s not fret. The countdown is now on. We have about 7 hours until the auctions finish – and usually there is a hot finish. In case you are still looking for a Christmas present for yourself, here are some suggestions for you.

Items below €20

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Into the Storm DVD
€ 5.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North and South - DVD
€ 12.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Ocean's 8 DVD
€ 15.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Strike Back Pack
€ 16.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Uncle Vanya script
€ 19.50

Items below €30

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Other Queen Audio Book CD
€ 26.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North & South Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Murderer's Son Audio Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Authentic Love Love Love (2016) Playbilll + magnet
€ 29.50

Apart from these lovely items, there…

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My favourite socks

I have two pairs of socks that have been my favourite so far. One pair has cats on them and was a very sweet gift from my daughter. The other pair has David Bowie on them and was a very kind gift from fellow blogger Michele.

And now I have a new pair to add to that favourite collection. I make photo gifts (calendars) for my family for Christmas and because of that I also get promo ads for such items. So, back in September, when I saw that I could have socks made with any image I want on them, I immediately thought of having socks made with Richard Armitage on them (and I decided to add a little something on the soles as well)! I had two pairs made. One for myself and one for the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser that Guylty has just kicked off today! These are my socks…

… but you can also own a pair yourself if you are able to bid on this Richard Armitage December auction item! The ones in the auction are all new and never used. As I can’t actually send along a real Pinot Noir bottle to go with these socks, I have made a little red wine package for the auction which includes the Pinot Noir socks, some red wine tea (yes, apparently that exists!), a tea infuser and a coaster on which you can place your steaming hot cup of tea. You can, of course, also use it with a real glass of red wine.

On a little side note: there is actually a Pinot Noir wine in existence from California that is named Armitage! Just sayin’…

Anyway, these are cosy little items to keep you warm and comfortable this winter and best of all, all proceeds go to the LOROS hospice! So bid away on this little package if you can and when the auction ends I will send it out to you as soon as possible.

Should you prefer to not have Richard at your feet, there are many more wonderful items to be won in this year’s #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser auction! Be sure to take a look at what’s on offer on Guylty’s Ebay page or, for a nice overview of all items, check out her blog.