#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Day 3 And Seven Hours To Go

Be quick and you can snap up some lovely Richard Armitage fan items in the last hours of this #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser auction!

Guylty Pleasure

Good morning, all. We might have a thriller on our hand today. Overnight, things have moved slightly, but not yet across the hoped-for watershed. Bummer.

Yep, I had to make this especially. The hardship.

But let’s not fret. The countdown is now on. We have about 7 hours until the auctions finish – and usually there is a hot finish. In case you are still looking for a Christmas present for yourself, here are some suggestions for you.

Items below €20

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Into the Storm DVD
€ 5.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North and South - DVD
€ 12.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Ocean's 8 DVD
€ 15.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Strike Back Pack
€ 16.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Uncle Vanya script
€ 19.50

Items below €30

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Other Queen Audio Book CD
€ 26.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North & South Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Murderer's Son Audio Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Authentic Love Love Love (2016) Playbilll + magnet
€ 29.50

Apart from these lovely items, there…

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My favourite socks

I have two pairs of socks that have been my favourite so far. One pair has cats on them and was a very sweet gift from my daughter. The other pair has David Bowie on them and was a very kind gift from fellow blogger Michele.

And now I have a new pair to add to that favourite collection. I make photo gifts (calendars) for my family for Christmas and because of that I also get promo ads for such items. So, back in September, when I saw that I could have socks made with any image I want on them, I immediately thought of having socks made with Richard Armitage on them (and I decided to add a little something on the soles as well)! I had two pairs made. One for myself and one for the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser that Guylty has just kicked off today! These are my socks…

… but you can also own a pair yourself if you are able to bid on this Richard Armitage December auction item! The ones in the auction are all new and never used. As I can’t actually send along a real Pinot Noir bottle to go with these socks, I have made a little red wine package for the auction which includes the Pinot Noir socks, some red wine tea (yes, apparently that exists!), a tea infuser and a coaster on which you can place your steaming hot cup of tea. You can, of course, also use it with a real glass of red wine.

On a little side note: there is actually a Pinot Noir wine in existence from California that is named Armitage! Just sayin’…

Anyway, these are cosy little items to keep you warm and comfortable this winter and best of all, all proceeds go to the LOROS hospice! So bid away on this little package if you can and when the auction ends I will send it out to you as soon as possible.

Should you prefer to not have Richard at your feet, there are many more wonderful items to be won in this year’s #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser auction! Be sure to take a look at what’s on offer on Guylty’s Ebay page or, for a nice overview of all items, check out her blog.

The #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Countdown Is On

Guylty’s yearly December FundRAiser is coming and starts in a week from today! After the high of the RA Birthday Auctions last August she is brave enough to host this again in time for the #HoHoHolidays. Proceeds are again for LOROS. Read it all here…

Guylty Pleasure

Apologies for being a bit late this year. I’ve been distracted by various crises in Casa Guylty, but I have just been given the good news that Little Miss Guylty’s Covid test from yesterday has just come back negative. Master Guylty is on the mend, too, with most of the pain gone. We are Covid-free and can all breathe again. Sigh. – Regardless of family drama, the prep work for the December fundraiser have been ongoing. Yes, I am a tiny bit behind my own schedule, but we are still on track.

Here is the plan:

  • This year’s fundraiser has been given the moniker and hashtag #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser. As usual, we kick off with a three-day auction of  fan items (see above) from Saturday, November 27 to Tuesday, November 30. We have a big range of items on offer, from custom made glassware, playbills and DVDs to amazing fan packs…

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The latest RA mini interview

Guylty shared on her blog a guest post by ”Fan X” who so generously bid on and won the Guy of Gisborne jacket during the recent birthday auction. It’s a lovely post, makes me happy the jacket was won by a fan but also by someone who really appreciates what hospice care means. Fandom and personal experience combine to get such a great result for the LOROS charity, best of all worlds, I’d say!

In addition to the personal stories, the fan also had some questions for Richard and lo and behold, he has actually answered them… himself… personally on Twitter, in a sort of mini-interview! What is the world coming to? I decided to screenshot his replies because, well, you just never know.

So, he has (parts of) Richard III memorized and that horse story – I think I may have heard it before sometime? Fun story. I’d need to rewatch that part of The Stranger again, to see what it is exactly that Richard’s character Adam tells Johanna. And his tweets show that, even if he rarely reads anything written about himself, he’s apparently still reading (some of?) Guylty’s blog. I wonder how long he will keep that up. Then again, I suspect on occasion (maybe between jobs?) he reads more than we think he does.

It’s been a little surprising to see Richard answer some fan questions directly. I wonder if this recent activity (donating the jacket, that birthday video where he addresses his fans, now answering fan questions) will mean a shift in him reacting to fans more or is it just a temporary thing because he turned 50? Time will tell…

The #RA50Auctions afterparty

The charity auctions for Richard Armitage’s 50th birthday ended almost two weeks ago and Guylty has already apprised us of the overwhelmingly wonderful result. The funds have been transferred to LOROS Hospice and all was long done and dusted when I arrived home from my holiday last Sunday. Once I walked through the door and glanced at the accumulated mail, I found that the fun wasn’t over by any means as my own haul from the auctions had already arrived! All bills and boring mail were thrown to one side as I unwrapped my little treasures.

I was extremely happy to receive the The Martian Invasion Of Earth cd from Nokisuu that I had won in the auction, accompanied by a very lovely hand-crafted card. I think it’s the first time I have ever received mail from Finland.

I had another envelope waiting for me from Guylty, which contained a lovely Richard Armitage special delivery tag from Kate that I had bought and plan to use as a bookmark and other small goodies were included as well, such as a few stickers and a lovely Urban and the Shed Crew shrine card…

I had also bought a textile collage with a quote from Uncle Vanya from Guylty’s fixed-price sale and I had bought that for a very specific reason. For about a year and a half I’ve treasured my Uncle Vanya programme booklet that most of the cast had signed for me at the stage door last year. It was sitting in a case and what I really wanted to do was frame those two pages with signatures. However, framing just the pictures with signatures seemed meaningless without mention of what play it is from. So, I had already planned to cut up the booklet and also use the title page but as it’s not that easy to find an (affordable) elongated narrow picture frame to fit 3 pages side by side, I knew I had to use something bigger in a standard size. This meant that I would have a huge gap in my planned picture frame and what to fill that with? Then the auctions came and when I saw the fixed-price items I finally knew what to do with that gap.

Today I found an old wooden frame in the attic with a background I had once painted dark red way back in the 1990s. I finally cut up the booklet and, in addition to the signed pages, I used the title page, my own ticket to the play and that textile quote collage to fill the frame. This is the end result and I’m quite pleased…

I may yet decide to get another frame because this one, along with the red background, looks a bit dated, but then again Dr. Astrov is all about wood, so it does seem somewhat fitting in a way. In any case, I’m very pleased to have that quote collage to complete my little framed Uncle Vanya collection! Now finally those signatures are not hidden away anymore.

So, yes, I’ve been having my own private #RA50Auctions afterparty and it’s been fun. I’m also already getting ideas for the Christmas auction, if there is to be one…

Party on seems a fitting sentimemt.