Ingrid Bergman, a life in pictures

I love Ingrid Bergman. I discovered old movies in my early teens and during that time also Ingrid Bergman. Gregory Peck was my favourite actor; Ingrid Bergman, along with Audrey Hepburn, became my favourite actress. From the age of 18 or so I’ve had a Casablanca poster on my bedroom wall. I stuck Casablanca pictures on it when I first had the poster and the image is fading somewhat now but I don’t have the heart to replace it… The frame is now also being filled with other assorted pictures, it’s become a very special thing on my wall…

Casablanca poster

A few weeks ago I was flipping through channels and caught the beginning of a documentary on Ingrid Bergman’s life and was sucked right into that. Her four children were also interviewed for that documentary. One of her children is the actress and model Isabella Rossellini and at the end of the documentary a book was mentioned, edited by Isabella, about the life of Ingrid Bergman in pictures. I wanted it and ordered it and it arrived yesterday! Big heavy book with such treasures! I can’t resist and want to share some of the beautiful photos here (courtesy of my phone camera).

The cover of the book…

Ingrid Bergman 01 - title

Ingrid’s childhood. She lost her mother when she was was 2 and her dad, a photographer, when she was 13. Picture with her mother…

Ingrid Bergman 02 - baby

Childhood pictures taken by her dad…

Ingrid Bergman 03 - child

She got married to a Swedish dentist (he later became a brain surgeon), Petter Lindstrรถm, when she was 21. They had a daughter together. Ingrid Bergman as a teen and on her wedding day…

After her success in a Swedish romantic movie called Intermezzo, the movie was to be remade in Hollywood and so off she went there at the end of 1939, at the age 24…

Ingrid Bergman 06 - Arrival Hollywood

The US Intermezzo film also starred Leslie Howard of Gone With the Wind fame…

Ingrid Bergman 07 - Leslie Howard

In 1942 she made Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart, a movie I absolutely love!

Ingrid Bergman 08 - Humphrey Bogart

Her career really took off after that, she made a few movies with Alfred Hitchcock…

Ingrid Bergman 10 - Alfred Hitchcock

One of those Hitchcock movies, Spellbound, was with Gregory Peck in one of his early roles…

Ingrid Bergman 09 - Gregory Peck

She even won her first Oscar then (pictured here with actress Jennifer Jones) for a movie called Gaslight.

Ingrid Bergman 11 - Oscar - Jennifer Jones

Her marriage to Petter wasn’t a happy one and in 1945 she met the photographer Robert Capa; they had an intense affair (unbeknownst to the world). Apparently he and a friend knew she was staying in their hotel and dropped her a funny note that Ingrid kept for the rest of her life…It reads like this…

Subject: Dinner 6/28/45
To: Miss Ingrid Bergman
Part 1: This is a community effort. The community consists of Bob Capa and Irwin Shaw.
2: We were planning on sending you flowers with this note inviting you to dinner this evening – but after consultation we discovered it was possible to pay for the note and flowers or the note and dinner. Not both. We took a vote and dinner won by a close margin.
3: It was suggested that if you did not care for dinner, flowers might be sent. No decision on this has been reached so far.
4: Besides flowers, we have a lot of doubtful qualities (this is a direct quotation from Capa)
5: If we write much more we will have no conversation left, as our supply of charm is limited
6: We will call you at 6:15
7: We do not sleep
Signed, Worried.

Ingrid Bergman 12 - letter Robert Capa

Ingrid, intrigued, chose the dinner… ๐Ÿ™‚

A few years later, at the very end of the 1940s, Ingrid scandalized Hollywood and the US (she was even denounced in the US senate!) when she fell in love with Italian director Roberto Rossellini (man on the left in these pictures) while she was still married to Petter. She left Petter, stayed in Italy and wasn’t able to see her daughter for some years.

Ingrid Bergman 13 - Roberto Rossellini

One of the pictures in the book, taken on the Via Appia in Rome, reminded me of a picture I took of my daughter while we were visiting the Via Appia ourselves 7 years ago…

Ingrid and Roberto had 3 kids together – a son and twin daughters.

Some nice laid back pictures of Ingrid in those years…

Ingrid Bergman 16 - down time

By the second half of the 1950s the marriage with Rossellini broke down. She came to visit the US and was welcomed back…

Ingrid Bergman 17 - back in US

She also spent time with all 4 of her kids together…

Ingrid Bergman 18 - with her four children

But she didn’t film in Hollywood, she chose to film in Europe instead. With Cary Grant (a good friend of hers whom she had also filmed with in the 1940s – excellent Hitchcock movie called Notorious) and Anthony Perkins (from Psycho fame).

She also won her second Oscar during that time, for Anastasia, which Cary Grant accepted on her behalf. I love this set of pictures of her…

Ingrid Bergman 20 - portrait

…and I think this following one is now one of my fave pictures of her ever!

Ingrid Bergman 21 - door

She fell in love again, this time with a Swedish theatrical producer called Lars Schmidt. They were married for 17 years (1958 to 1975) and were apparently friends until her death.

Ingrid Bergman 23 - Lars

In her later years she made a movie in which her daughter Isabella had a small role as a nun…

Ingrid Bergman 24 - Isabella Rossellini

She won her 3rd Oscar for her supporting role in the 1974 movie Murder on the Orient Express. She also worked with Swedish director Ingmar Bergman (almost the same name!) in 1978…

Ingrid Bergman 25 - Ingmar Bergman

She died in 1982, on her 67th birthday, after battling breast cancer for many years. This was the last official portrait taken of her in 1982…

Ingrid Bergman 26 - Last portrait

Ingrid Bergman was a woman who took a very distinct path in life and followed her heart. She wasn’t perfect but she lived life with a passion, breaking some conventions along the way. She was a great actress and I have fallen in love with her all over again through this book! So far I have only just looked at the pictures in this book and the pictures I have shared here are only a tiny selection of all that is in it. I still need to read the texts that go with the pictures but boy, am I already happy that I purchased this!

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    1. Yes, I was struck by the resemblance to her mother as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Isabella has traits of her mother too. In the documentary I saw on TV I found that the oldest daughter from Ingrid’s first marriage even sounded a bit like her mother. Can’t see that in these pictures, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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