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So, I blogged about using the Pink song Trouble for a video I made and how I first got to know that song through watching a Richard Armitage fan video way back when I first became a fan. That made me think of other ‘vintage’ Richard Armitage videos which I used to love watching all the time. News about Richard was less abundant in those days and the only way to get my fix (other than rewatching North & South and such) was to watch these videos over and over. So, here are some of my favourite Armitage fan videos that I remember from the early years when I first was a fan, way before The Hobbit was ever even in the picture! Some of these old videos are still absolute gems.

The first one that springs to mind is the Sexy Back video. It still is absolute genius and was extremely popular!  My favorite bit is the Harry Kennedy tooth sparkle at 3:24. 🙂 Two more sequels were made, but nothing could beat that first video for me!

The vidder, Heathra, made another good one a few years later called Womanizer.  By then Richard was getting more prolific in Robin Hood and Spooks, but no Strike Back yet.

Then there was Revolution which referenced the Armitage Army and mentioned C19, the board many had headed to after the BBC discussion board crashed after North & South. That board is still up and running!

I used to love the videos made by ‘Delicate Blossom’. Seriously, go through those older videos on her YouTube channel, so many good ones there! One of my faves of the relatively early ones was this one:

There was a video called Bad Case of Loving You by Elvira Sweeney, who was also a prominent vidder:

And an I want candy one by another vidder I liked called Spikesbint:

I also remember a vidder called “Damaris” who made cool videos  but I can’t seem to find her videos on YouTube. I do have some of her videos downloaded on my computer but as they aren’t mine, I don’t think I can share them here. Trust me, they are fun too! There was a website dedicated to Richard fan videos where you could download the videos you liked. I see that the RAfanvid page is still there, but it doesn’t look active anymore and I’m not sure the downloads still work. Still, it was a good resource to me at the time. As there were so many good videos out there, I didn’t even consider making any of my own and I still don’t do Richard videos… unless someone will give me access to clips… 😉

Ah, memory lane! And I didn’t even go into the early North & South videos which I also watched endlessly. Maybe that’s something for another post, we’ll see… a girl’s gotta do something in this Armitage-hiatus to keep her spirits up, right?

26 thoughts on “Armitage vintage videos

  1. Fanvids were actually the first source I turned to when the Armitage bug bit me. Or rather – it was one particular fan video that hit me so badly in the heart that it (the heart) was lost to Gisborne forever… (I even bought the music it was set to, eventually, although it really is not the sort of music I usually like… Similar happened with HeathRA’s Sexyback – although my favourite is version 3.)
    Thanks for the compilation – really nice stuff, and I agree, those vidders produced great stuff!

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    1. After the rush of the first 2 or so years, watching fanvids has been intermittent for me. The Guy thing never really took off for me… I liked what Richard did with Guy but the show just annoyed me too much to like it, so during the Guy (and Lucas) years I was less into watching fanvids. Strike Back brought me back for a little while and there were a few Thorin vids I liked, but I have watched very very few over the last few years.


      1. Hehe, I never watched the show in full. I saw the Youtube clips of RH and fast forwarded to anything that did not include RA :-).
        But I have to say that fan vids are not entirely a replacement for watching the source work. I like the creativity of the video artists, but more so the work of the actor himself 😉


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  3. Mein Sonntag morgen ist bisher sehr amüsant! Leider kann ich das letzte Video wieder mal nicht sehen (verflixte gema) 😦 aber zum gucken gibt es hier ja genug 🙂
    Mein Lieblingsvideo ist dieses hier:

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    1. Ooooh, die Musik! Das ist eines meiner Lieblingslieder von Muse! 🙂 🙂
      Ich habe sehr wenige Guy videos geguckt, die Serie hat mich irritiert. Nach den ersten Folgen habe ich erstmal nicht mehr geguckt und gewartet bis ich die Folgen selbst im Besitz hatte, so dass ich mir nachher nur die Stücke angesehen brauchte, wo Richard drin war. 🙂

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      1. It’s funny but embarrassing even she says things like that she likes him. I’m like but your happily married mum, which her and my dad just laugh at.


        1. I can totally sympathize with her – I’m very happily married too but also love this guy… 🙂
          Others have fave soccer players or sports teams, I have Richard Armitage. 🙂

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          1. Haha, my mother is happily married, but it is funny when she says things like this. My Nan is also amusing when talking about old movie stars. For example, she describes Paul Newman as a real dish. Guess I forget she was young once.

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