2018 RA Fan challenge, part U to Z

My fifth and final set of answers to Guylty’s fan challenge! (Answers A-E here | F-J here | K-O here | P-T here)

2018 Fan A to Z

U. Have you added anything stupid/crackyhilarious to your fandom, if so, what?

Um… other than what I publish here on blog? Nope, don’t think so…

V. Your favourite fan artist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?

A “John” shrine from you, Guylty? You know, John Thornton, John Porter and John Proctor in one lovely little shrine… with candles. (Pity Harry Kennedy wasn’t a John…)

W. A promt of AU for a piece of fan art/fiction

Fan fiction prompt – sheesh, I don’t know. I hardly ever read fan fiction anymore. I would like to find a modern retelling of North & South, though. I remember reading one waaay back when but when I searched a while back, I couldn’t find the one I meant. So, if anyone can recommend a good modern retelling of North & South, please point me in the right direction in the comments!

North & South behind scenes

Fan art – I have no idea! I leave it up to the very creative artists…

X. Is there a fellow fan who got you into either delurking or convinced you to participate in the fandom?

No one fan encouraged me to delurk but reading other blogs did awaken the idea that I could do this blogging thing as well!

Y. Choose a work of art or song that reminds you of RA.

Several songs remind me of Richard, mostly songs used in some fave ‘vintage’ fan videos. I once blogged about those here: general Richard videos, North & South videos, Vicar of Dibley videos and Strike Back videos.

I think the most Richard-y of songs for me are: ‘Sexy Back’…


…and ‘Jungle Drum’

My favourite piece of art reminding me of Richard is a piece of fan art: the painting my mother once made for me of The Crucible, which I now also use as my phone cover & which was signed by Richard!


Z. A chaRActer headcanon you have?

I’m never quite sure what headcanon is, just looked it up…

Headcanon def

I guess my North & South fan fiction had the headcanon that Henry was jealous of John and tried to break him and Margaret up (but it didn’t work). That’s an old one, though. I don’t think I have that many chaRActer headcanons…

The end of the challenge!

That's all folks

It’s been fun again, thanks Guylty!

7 thoughts on “2018 RA Fan challenge, part U to Z

  1. V. Well, first of all, I am flattered to be mentioned here, Esther :-). Hehehe, a John shrine… That is such a good idea. For some reason I thought I had already done that, but no, I checked and I haven’t. On the list!!!
    W. Modern retelling of NS – funnily enough I just saw a tweet earlier on by Philippa Ashley who is now an established romance writer but started out with fan fiction after watching NS. I can’t find her retelling, but I researched and came across this: https://armitageauthors.wordpress.com/tag/north-and-south/ with a link to a retelling of the story set in WW2. I haven’t read it, so no idea what it is like…
    Thank you for picking up the challenge and writing about it. I had great fun reading your responses, Esther!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very curious to see that John shrine one day! 🙂
      Thanks for the tip on the WW2 story. It’s not the one I had in mind (the one I remember I think John Thornton was a property developer, but not sure) but it does make me curious. I will definitely check this one out!


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