Fictional crush challenge – day 6

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) from Star Trek – The Next Generation. I thought I didn’t like science fiction but then I met Mr Esther and he loved watching Star Trek so I gave in and watched with him. Yes, he’s responsible for getting me hooked on Captain Picard. The captain was badass, yet fair and noble, and his baldness was inexplicably sexy, as was Patrick Stewart’s voice – oh, how I still love that! Every time the intro came on I asked Mr Esther to stay quiet and turn up the volume so that I could savour Picard’s delectable voice saying: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Yes, I admit to having watched the above clip at least a dozen times before this post went live, with the sound turned way up on my headphones and my eyes closed when the captain speaks, so that I could savour Captain Picard speaking in my ear over and over again. I don’t do audiobooks, not even Richard Armitage ones, but for Captain Picard I might be able to make an exception. Maybe it’s the combo of the voice and that awesome music but to this day my insides crumble when I listen to Jean-Luc in that intro.

We have yet to watch the new Picard series that has been made…

… and we will do so pretty soon, I think and hope.

Fictional crush challenge – day 5

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

As I get to day five of this challenge, I realize I am way too chatty to post these crushes without explanations. This one gets an explanation too.

This is Dr. David Ratcliffe (Brett Climo) from the Australian TV series The Flying Doctors which ran from 1986 to 1992. David arrived at the beginning of season 5 and I didn’t want to like him when he first came on. He seemed generic and I felt was only brought in as a cute face for the women to fawn over but he really grew on me and became one of my fave characters. I was therefore also duly traumatized when he was killed at the beginning of season 8. I had not seen that one coming at all. I have all the episodes and re-watched that one recently for the first time in years – it still brought tears to my eyes! The show was really starting to flounder at that time, so I guess he did leave at the right time.

David was also the first character that inspired me to write fan fiction. Nothing typed, it was all handwritten in a notebook. I didn’t know it was called fan fiction at the time, I just wanted David to find someone to love. He was unlucky in love on the show and I wanted to correct that. So, I wrote a story about a young writer fleeing a scandal (I can’t quite remember what scandal) at home in England and flying across the world to Australia. She tours the Outback and becomes ill (or maybe has an accident? I can’t recall that either). David is her doctor and as she recovers she comes to love the town of Coopers Crossing where the Flying Doctors are situated. She tries to deny her feelings for David but decides to stay anyway, finding a job (I want to say in the town library that I think I invented), all the while hiding her past from the townspeople. Of course along the way she also becomes great friends with Kate and Geoff, a couple on the show that I ‘shipped’ really hard (also an unknown and I think even still uninvented term at the time). I don’t think I ever finished the story but in my memory it was awfully good. I must still have it somewhere…

Anne with an E wins five CSAs!

Anne with an E won 5 Canadian Screen Awards last night! I’m especially pleased with Dalmar Abuzeid winning because he just gives such a stand out performance as Bash…

His journey has been heartbreaking in season 3 and happily by the end of the season he seems more at peace. Dalmar deserves every award he gets for his portrayal of Bash! I have a very hard time picking my favourite Anne with an E character but from the moment he graced the screen at the beginning of season 2, Bash has been one of those favourites.

On a side note: an award should have been given to baby Delphine for being the cutest baby on a TV show ever…

I’m also very pleased with the cinematography win, because the cinematography is truly beautiful on the show.

Here are some examples (worth clicking on the images to enlarge):

Best costumes also won…

… which is also wholly deserved because the costumes are beautiful! There is a little video about that on the CBC website but I can’t embed it here so click on this link if you’d like to see a little two minute video about the costumes and the details that went into making them.

There was an award for best original music (also beautiful!)…

… and for best production design, also awesome because everything has been built and made with so much scope for the imagination (to quote Anne herself)!

There’s a 2 and a half minute video about that as well here. In fact, there are many more behind the scenes videos for season 3 that show all that went into making the series. Watch them all here if you like.

Of course Anne should have won many more awards (there were 17(!!) nominations) but I take what I can get here and even being nominated is very cool. 17 nominations and 5 wins is quite something and also a testament to the quality of Anne with an E. So, my congratulations go out to everyone involved with making such a great show!

We are now 6 months into the cancellation and I still can’t grasp why. A season 4 is sorely needed! So, please, please, renew Anne with an E someone…. anyone…

Fictional crush challenge – day 2

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

When I was 9 years old I had two abridged, youth version books of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre which I loved. The one had details in the story the other didn’t have so I used to read them both and I read them often. One of the abridged books had drawn illustrations and the other had pictures of the 1973 BBC TV mini series in it. I developed a crush on Mr. Rochester and studied those photos extensively, picturing the character of Rochester with this face. It would be at least another 25 years before I would finally actually see the 1973 adaptation.

I have seen many more Rochesters besides Michael Jayston since I first read the abridged book and later the original version.

Orson Welles, George C. Scott, Timothy Dalton, William Hurt, Ciaran Hinds, Toby Stephens, Michael Fassbender, Felix Hayes, Tim Delap. And hmmmm, as I type this the day before it gets posted and look over at the couch to Mr. Esther (who is sporting his ‘corona beard’) he gives me Mr Rochester vibes as well, i.e. the bearded version as portrayed by Hayes and Delap for the National Theatre.

Anyway, each of these Rochesters brought to life by actors had their pros and cons and I don’t have the patience to go into all of that now, it would take too long. Suffice it to say that my fascination with Mr. Rochester, warts and all, remains intact to this day.

‘Unorthodox’ and back to work

Covid-19 quarantine at home has started its 5th week now and today it’s back to the new normal of home-working life again after a few days off. Easter is done and dusted, we didn’t do much except have nice brunches on both Easter days (here in The Netherlands the day after Easter Sunday is also a day off and is called Second Easter day), the kids went out to play basketball yesterday (just the two of them) and Mr Esther and I went for a nice walk. Yesterday I also watched the four episodes of Unorthodox on Netflix about a 19 year old young woman who leaves her ultra-orthodox Jewish life and arranged marriage in New York and flees to Berlin (of all places, where she is also confronted with the Nazi history of the place).

I really enjoyed watching this, so much food for thought, and binged two episodes in the afternoon and two in the evening. The lead actress Shira Haas – wow! – she deserves an award. All the actors were really great in this! It all felt very authentic to me, probably because it was based on a true story and I loved that large portions of this were Yiddish-spoken. It’s a mini series of four 50 minute or so episodes, so should you have some time on your hands, I can highly recommend this! It really stuck with me and is still sticking with me today in my thoughts when I need to be focusing on other things for work. I just finished two hours of video meetings and a lunch and am now back at my laptop with no motivation whatsoever to write up that little report I promised.

Working in my dining room does have some perks (took these pictures earlier today while playing around with my work laptop camera): when I look up and move my head slightly to the left I see this…


…and when I look to my right is see this…


OK, so have I procrastinated long enough? I really need to get back to work again to that report and a hundred other things (and stop thinking about Unorthodox).