And a graduation as well…

Not only was it our son’s 19th birthday today…

This evening we also had my daughter’s secondary school graduation ceremony. Socially distanced, so only two people from the same household were allowed to come. That meant sadly that our son couldn’t attend and the grandparents couldn’t either, but at least Mr Esther and I could go.

The director of mini-me’s school section gave a speech, the school principal had taped a video speech and then after that every graduating kid got their own little speech from the class mentor. Our daughter’s speech was about her being very lively with her ADHD and how that didn’t keep her from getting very good grades. Mini-me is going on to higher level secondary education and the teacher commented on how that should be no problem whatsoever for her. She also added that mini-me is easy and fun to talk to.

After all the speeches for each kid, the diplomas were signed and we had to leave again; mini-me was guided onto the red carpet, of course.

We of course had to celebrate such a day, so we went out for dinner afterwards at an Argentinian restaurant my son had picked out for us to eat at. We sat in a nicely secluded, socially-distanced corner and had lovely food.

It was a good end to a festive day.

19 today!

My baby boy (oh, I still remember the day he was born clearly) …

… is a young man who is just as tall as his father now…

I love to see the young man he is now becoming, he’s a good one. 🙂 Happy 19th birthday, boefje!

Half a century

It was a bit of an odd day to be in Corona-isolation as today was my 50th birthday! I’m never one to do a huge celebration, all I really want is my little family around me and so they were. Yet even on such a small scale and in isolation it turned out to be a very special day!

It started with well wishes streaming in on my phone in chats and on Facebook (I never go on there anymore, so am always surprised at how many people even remember me on there) and then my husband giving me some lovely flowers…

I worked for about an hour and then took the rest of the day off as planned. Not going into all the details of the day but my surprises from family and friends included some cards with lovely messages, a festive brunch, phone calls, the delivery of a small magnolia tree with beginning buds on it, cake, more flowers, and we table grilled for dinner.

Mr Esther and I also took the time to go out for a walk; the weather was a little chilly but gorgeous!

Mini-Esther surprised me with a new hairdryer I desperately wanted which has a bluish/purple (my fave colour) accent on it and Mr Esther jr. got me a big bottle of Baileys that I love!


Mr Esther got me a beautifully gorgeous ring with 5 small sapphires, one for each decade. The ring has a personal inscription and I wear it together with my wedding ring now. The family moment we shared when I received this ring will be etched in my heart forever.

I feel so very blessed with such a loving family, lovely friends, a roof over my head, steady jobs and good health. On to the next 50…