Happy birthday, Colin Firth!

He is 57 today! Here some pictures of him a little over a week ago at the Venice Film Festival. Very dapper in black and white…

CF sept 2017

… and doing the red carpet in the rain with his wife Livia…

Kingsman 2 will be hitting the cinema’s this fall, and although violent, I am looking forward to it! I had enjoyed the first movie more than I thought I would and as Colin Firth returns as a suave, now one-eyed, fighting machine, I am very curious to see it. 🙂

May we be able to enjoy you and your work for many years more, my dear Colin!


Birthday wishes with hugs & kisses

I have been at work all day, followed by a drinks after work get-together and dinner; I only just got home at a little after 10 pm. But I can’t let August 22nd pass without also commemorating my favourite actor’s birthday here on blog.

So… Happy 46th Birthday, Richard Armitage!

I haven’t been able to celebrate much online, but, over a beer, I confessed my admiration for you to my new colleagues (Who? The Hobbit?). I also told them it was your birthday today, showed them the picture I have of you & me at the Old Vic stage door that is still on my phone (it was unanimously admired)…


… and in my mind I toasted you with a beer! So, see? I didn’t forget you, even if it is close to midnight now as I type this.

I am sorry I can’t be more eloquent, but slightly too many beers after a long work day will do that to you… Instead, let me just thank you for being you and for bringing so much joy through your work. Best wishes and kisses and hugs coming your way!

May your Just Giving charities receive a butload of money in honour of your birthday (you have inspired a lot of fundraising efforts)! And may we all take pleasure in seeing all your new projects (and some older ones we haven’t seen yet hopefully as well) in the coming year!

Auctions Now On!!! #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

Guylty’s charity auction with unique Richard Armitage fan items has started today! It’s a #CelebRAtionWithPurpose on the occasion of The Armitage’s birthday and will benefit the Young Minds UK charity. Lots of great items to choose from, take a gander and bid if you can/want…

Guylty Pleasure

It’s that time of year again! Our favourite actor’s birthday is coming up, and as in previous years, I would like to follow Richard’s suggestion that we give to charity instead of investing money in a present for him. It is a lovely thought – both in terms of his followers wishing to shower him in gifts, as well as of Richard to channel those gifts into much-needed donations. A fundraising auction is the perfect middle ground – a #CelebRAtionWithPurpose, benefitting a charity with the proceeds, while honouring Richard’s suggestion. Added bonus: You can do good and get something material back in turn: fan items. Lots of winners – a charity, the birthday boy who is being honoured with donations in his name, a fandom to show its kindness, and generous auction winners who receive fan memorabilia in return.

The current charity initiative comes off the back of our combined…

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The funny thing…

… about my birthday (which is today) is that my real life friends and family never remember the name of Richard Armitage but they do remember that I love Colin Firth.  I received these two images today for my birthday, which made me happy. 🙂



It is YOUR birthday!

This second image ties in nicely with my previous “I love glasses” post as well. 🙂

And my little sister took me down memory lane with this little collage she sent me…


So sweet, it made smile! And then I realized: I’m really old now…

Daughter, aunt and sisters

Today is a special day in my family: on this 19th of December my daughter shares her 13th birthday with my aunt’s 80th birthday! My daughter and my aunt are always tickled pink by the idea that they share a birthday, which is so sweet, and for my aunt this 80th one is of course extra special. Family has come from abroad to celebrate her 80th, so the 13th birthday celebration we had for my daughter was delightfully extra busy as well this year.

Teenagerhood officially begins for my daughter today, although, between you and me, I think she started teenagerhood early. 😉 She’s a kooky, feisty and fun kid and I adore her…

This year she is into Christmas more than ever before and she walks around the house wearing that Christmas hat all day. 🙂 Every year on her birthday I think of the day she entered our lives and I am so happy to have her!

My daughter’s birthday party was on Saturday at my house and my aunt’s birthday party was yesterday, on Sunday, at a small venue. My aunt celebrated with a high tea, inviting her friends and us, her family (consisting of my mother, 7 kids, some in-law kids and some grandkids). My aunt never married or had kids, but she has us!

There were speeches and presentations for my aunt’s 80th and I made my small contribution as well. My contribution was dedicated to the close sisterhood my aunt and my mother (she is only a year and a month older) share. They are very different from each other but nonetheless have always supported each other through thick and thin. They call each other every day, albeit it ever so shortly, and really are very devoted sisters. Both my mother and aunt love movies, it is through them that my love for the movies was encouraged. So, when I think of these two sisters and link that to old movies, one song always springs to my mind. It’s from the 1954 movie White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney (the aunt of George). The song is called “Sisters” and I edited a video that I presented at the party on Sunday (FYI, the last shot I blurred for online use).

It gave the party as much amusement as it did me putting this together! What made this extra fitting was that, just like in these movie clips, the real life sisters were wearing matching outfits as well (my mother on the left, my aunt on the right)…


It was a busy, tiring but very happy and heartwarming weekend for us, made extra special because my two brothers and a nephew who live abroad could also be there.

Happy birthday to my very beloved daughter and my very dear aunt!