Pictures of the day

I was getting dressed in the morning and looked at my David Bowie 2020 calendar and figured that the December image is my fave image of the calendar. I had my phone with me and just had to take a picture.

Later in the day Mini-me had a nice 17th birthday celebration…

… while the cat was less amused…

… and Junior was in party animal mode during dinner, despite being tired from work….

December 19th, 2020 was a good day.

17 years ago today…

…at 3.23 pm on a Friday afternoon, this treasure of a human being was born and enriched our lives. She’s about an hour young in this picture…

This tiny human being…

… has become so tall and grown up!

She’s had to deal with some tough issues already in her young life but has come out the stronger, knowing her mind and her heart better than I did at her age. I have loved seeing her develop into the young lady she now is – spunky, quick-witted, smart, with a big sense of humour and a soft heart. I’m curious to find out what she will yet become and I’m so happy to be her mama. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter!

Happy 60th, Colin!

Livia Firth shared this joyful birthday message this morning about her ex-husband (link won’t embed, so I’m sharing this awesome image as a screenshot). I love that there is still an affection between them…

I myself have loved Colin ever since the fall of 1995 (25 years ago!) when he graced my screen as the one and only Mr. Darcy.

Even getting to 60, he still is handsome, he still exudes warmth and intelligence, and he still has that something in his face that completely attracts me. He looks older and scruffy but still adorable in The Secret Garden that is out in cinemas now.

I think I need to go see this movie this week to celebrate his big day but also to celebrate having loved him for the past 25 years and still loving him. Happy Birthday, Colin Firth!

Happy Birthday, Richard!

Richard Armitage is 49 years old today! The message he sent to the fans is lovely, acknowledging the auction (yay! I won a shrine!) and all the fundraising done for his birthday.

Let me add my well wishes for a happy birthday and a good new year, filled with great projects and many happy moments, despite the difficult times we find ourselves in now. Cheers, Pro(o)st, L’Chaim (to life), Nastrovje!

As the joyful song in the clip above says: “Be happy, be healthy, long life! And if our good fortune never comes, here’s to whatever comes, drink l’chaim, to life!”

Richard Armitage lockdown birthday #49!

Servetus is doing her yearly charity donation thing for Richard Armitage’s birthday. This one also benefits LOROS. Have a gander and participate if you like…

Me + Richard Armitage

Happy birthday to Richard Armitage and many happy returns!

What a bizarre year. That’s pretty much all I can say. Just typing that much is tiring me out. I’m hoping for for energy after this class I’m teaching ends next week. I certainly wish all the best to Mr. Armitage — health, prosperity, interesting work, and so on.

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