April 3rd actors & me…

Today is the 96th birthday of Doris Day (and yes, she’s still alive, and I always really liked her!)

Doris Day

It’s the 94th birthday of Marlon Brando (but he is no longer living and I was never a big fan)

Marlon Brando

It’s the 60th birthday of Alec Baldwin (I’m neutral on him)

Alec Baldwin

And it’s the 57th birthday of Eddie Murphy (used to quite like him, not sure what he’s up to now)

Eddie Murphy

It’s Matthew Goode’s 40th birthday (oooh, I quite like him!)

Matthew Goode

And Cobie Smulders’ 36th birthday (I quite like the few things I’ve seen of her as well, especially How I Met Your Mother)

Cobie SmuldersAnd today is also my birthday (the 48th one) and just look how pleased I am with my own actor birthday gift!

RA & ES2Thank you for the meet & greet, Richard Armitage. 🙂


My own Calamity Jane @14!

My daughter turned 14 yesterday (sharing a birthday with my aunt) and while your child’s birthday is always special and brings back nostalgic memories of the day she was born, yesterday’s birthday may stand out a little.

Yesterday the kids had school and Mr Esther and I had to work. We were taking the second half of the afternoon off for her birthday anyway, but at noon I was called at work that I needed to pick up my mini-me from school right away! She had fallen, was in pain and needed to be taken to the hospital, I was told. News like that is always unsettling and as I had the car, I was the one who went to pick her up. Turns out she had tripped over a friend’s foot in the hallway on the way to class and had landed hard on her elbow. She was in quite a bit of pain and could barely move her arm. So, from school we drove straight to the Emergency Room at our local hospital. She was assessed and x-rayed…

… and in the end luckily nothing was broken! It is badly sprained, there may be a small hairline fracture which is difficult to see and it just needs time to heal on its own. So, she was sent home with an elastic bandage on her arm, that she can take off whenever she chooses to and paracetmol for pain management. Thank goodness it was nothing more serious!


This girl is a real Calamity Jane. She has been in and out of hospitals for incidents like this and other things more than I have ever been to a hospital in my life. She’s always tripping and getting into scrapes. I guess the clues we got when she was 18 months old were telling, when she was very enthousiastic about running around and she was tripping all the time, most memorably on her head on a pebbled path…

One of the worst accidents was when she fell through a glass door, cutting herself quite deeply; she had stitches in her arm and a bad cut on her leg and really was very lucky not to have been more severely wounded…


She was also in the hospital once for appendicits, her appendix was removed 4 and a half years ago…

There have been more accidents and scrapes where we’ve had to go to the ER with her, there have been stomach troubles, but luckily in the end things are never too serious and she gets away with it all pretty much unscathed. She has never before been hurt like this on her birthday, though. Her 14th birthday has now turned into an extra memorable one, I guess!

Luckily we got home again from the hospital by mid afternoon and were still able to celebrate in our decorated house (here our dining area)…


… there was hot chocolate with whipped cream and gifts…


… she finally got the desired Adidas sweatshirt and t-shirt she wanted so badly.

We had cake…

… and I took a picture of my daughter on her birthday chair with the photo collage mini poster I make every year for each of my children’s birthdays, following how they have grown over the years…


My little Calamity Jane is 14 now, not so little anymore and growing up! She had a tough year this past year but for the past few months, due to a new school and other help that has now ended, she has been so very much better. She is in a very good place now, I have my happy girl back again and the outlook for the coming year for her is good. So, despite this accident, this has been a happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Colin Firth!

He is 57 today! Here some pictures of him a little over a week ago at the Venice Film Festival. Very dapper in black and white…

CF sept 2017

… and doing the red carpet in the rain with his wife Livia…

Kingsman 2 will be hitting the cinema’s this fall, and although violent, I am looking forward to it! I had enjoyed the first movie more than I thought I would and as Colin Firth returns as a suave, now one-eyed, fighting machine, I am very curious to see it. 🙂

May we be able to enjoy you and your work for many years more, my dear Colin!

Birthday wishes with hugs & kisses

I have been at work all day, followed by a drinks after work get-together and dinner; I only just got home at a little after 10 pm. But I can’t let August 22nd pass without also commemorating my favourite actor’s birthday here on blog.

So… Happy 46th Birthday, Richard Armitage!

I haven’t been able to celebrate much online, but, over a beer, I confessed my admiration for you to my new colleagues (Who? The Hobbit?). I also told them it was your birthday today, showed them the picture I have of you & me at the Old Vic stage door that is still on my phone (it was unanimously admired)…


… and in my mind I toasted you with a beer! So, see? I didn’t forget you, even if it is close to midnight now as I type this.

I am sorry I can’t be more eloquent, but slightly too many beers after a long work day will do that to you… Instead, let me just thank you for being you and for bringing so much joy through your work. Best wishes and kisses and hugs coming your way!

May your Just Giving charities receive a butload of money in honour of your birthday (you have inspired a lot of fundraising efforts)! And may we all take pleasure in seeing all your new projects (and some older ones we haven’t seen yet hopefully as well) in the coming year!

Auctions Now On!!! #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

Guylty’s charity auction with unique Richard Armitage fan items has started today! It’s a #CelebRAtionWithPurpose on the occasion of The Armitage’s birthday and will benefit the Young Minds UK charity. Lots of great items to choose from, take a gander and bid if you can/want…

Guylty Pleasure

It’s that time of year again! Our favourite actor’s birthday is coming up, and as in previous years, I would like to follow Richard’s suggestion that we give to charity instead of investing money in a present for him. It is a lovely thought – both in terms of his followers wishing to shower him in gifts, as well as of Richard to channel those gifts into much-needed donations. A fundraising auction is the perfect middle ground – a #CelebRAtionWithPurpose, benefitting a charity with the proceeds, while honouring Richard’s suggestion. Added bonus: You can do good and get something material back in turn: fan items. Lots of winners – a charity, the birthday boy who is being honoured with donations in his name, a fandom to show its kindness, and generous auction winners who receive fan memorabilia in return.

The current charity initiative comes off the back of our combined…

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