Richard has been busy!

I gather that at the end of Berlin Station season 2, Daniel (Richard Armitage) and Esther (Mina Tander) basically walk off into the sunset together…

Daniel & Esther BS s2 end (1)Daniel & Esther BS s2 end (2)

I have had no inclination to watch season 2 of Berlin Station yet, but Richard walking hand-in-hand with an Esther is a lovely image now in my head. 🙂

This finale coincided with a storm of Richard selfies on his instagram account on Sunday, which were a joy to see…

2017-1203 RA selfie 32017-1203 RA selfie 12017-1203 RA selfie 2

It felt a bit like Richard was saying goodbye to Berlin Station. Forever, I wonder? The latest news is that Berlin Station has been renewed for a 3rd season but this hasn’t been a fave show for me, so Richard in a 3rd season of Berlin Station is not essential in my book. I never really loved the first series but maybe I’ll think differently after I actually watch season 2? Not sure when I’ll brave watching it…

Also on Sunday, Michelle Forbes posted a lovely selfie of Richard and her on her Twitter:

2017-1203 RA MF selfie

Then on Monday yet another selfie on Richard’s Twitter account, hinting at a new narration project…

2017-1204 RA selfie

… which on Tuesday turned out to be the character of Wolverine that Richard is voicing in a Marvel podcast series! This made me chuckle, as the man has been mistaken for Hugh Jackman before and now the connection is even closer.  Yep, I can picture it…

… even though we’ll probably never see Richard actually looking like Wolverine. I have always liked Wolverine, I’ve seen all the movies except for the last one, Logan, which I hear is the best Wolverine yet and I still want to watch it. I think it’s really cool he’ll be voicing Wolverine but, as it’s again an audio-only performance, I doubt whether I’ll ever have the patience of sitting through a whole podcast series of this. I can sit through part of it, though, if it becomes widely available. We’ll see…

Then yesterday, on Wednesday, came the news that Richard is doing another audiobook called The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

This has me very curious even though it is, yet again, audio work only. I don’t do audiobooks and I am even less likely to listen to an audiobook with such a subject matter. I can internalize what I read in a book better when I actually read it as opposed to listening to it and with such a subject matter I’m not sure I can bear hearing it in another voice than the one I have in my head. Yet, this subject matter is one close to my heart and I’m very curious to know what Richard will be doing with the material. So, this is one I may actually try out…

The man has been busy, so much Richard news in just a few days! The last news-high before a Christmas-lull? For now, I am enjoying seeing Richard in Christmassy red. I just love this image, the warm colours and the warm little smile on his face.

2017-1206 RA reading Tattooist Auschwitz (3)

I look forward to more new Richard Armitage projects in 2018, with him filming Julie Delpy’s My Zoe movie next, I think!


Snow day!

Except for a few cold days here and there, it has been a mild winter so far. This morning, however, has felt like the first real winter day – we woke up to a white world, covered in a layer of snow. Not that deep but it’s there!


Apparently it will all be gone again tomorrow, so my husband and I took the chance to take a walk in the snow through our neighbourhood…

I also saw this Hugh Jackman Instagram post this morning…


… and know exactly how he feels. 🙂

The Oscars 2015

Every year, for many years now, I stay up all night to watch the Oscars live on TV (ceremony starts at around 2 am here and ends at around 6 am!). For the past 5 or 6 years a close friend of mine comes over to watch it with me. We take the Monday off work and after breakfast/lunch at around 1 pm she heads home again…


Ever since my early teens in Germany ‘discovering’ Hollywood I always wanted to see the Oscars. It was a celebration of film and I could ogle actors in ‘real life’ – but more glamorously. Yes, there’s always criticism about the choice of nominations and who wins and the awards show itself and the speeches and who wore what and looked stunning/awful and in the grand scheme of things I do realize it is fluff and not so important. But it is fun and I like fun! I could never watch the ceremony then, it didn’t air on any channel we received. In later years in The Netherlands it occasionally aired somewhere on a channel somewhere and then some years I couldn’t find an airing of the ceremony anywhere, to my great chagrin. Only in more recent times have I been able to watch regularly on a paid cable film channel that opens up for free on Oscar night! And so, maybe 10 years ago or so, my all-nighters began and I could finally see for myself on a regular yearly basis what everyone was writing about.

Watching the Oscars also means that I like to see at least some of the movies nominated. I don’t go see them all, just the ones that really interest me and sound good to me beforehand. I had seen The Imitation Game and loved it. Last week on a Wednesday afternoon, while my husband was working from home, I was able to catch the very last screening in our local cinema (on my own, with just 4 other people present in the room!) of The Theory of Everything. Yes, excellent performances by Eddie Redmayne and for me, especially from Felicity Jones! I wanted to blog about that as well, especially about Felicity, but I was too busy and then this past week I have been ill (hence the Oscar post only now and not 3 days ago).

Felicity Jones - Jane HawkingWow, I so would have liked for her to win an Oscar for playing Jane Hawking! So strongly acted and culminating in the heartbreaking  scene near the end at the break up of their marriage. Beautiful, understated, so well done!

David Oyelowo - Martin Luther King

Then on Sunday evening, before my all-night Oscar party, my friend and I went to see Selma. The name “Selma” is special to me and I love that it is now also associated with a good movie! For me, it was not the best movie of the year (somehow The Imitation Game touched me more, but that may be because that story is less known) but, boy, was it solid and good. And especially David Oyelowo was excellent! That man has been robbed for not being nominated for his role in Selma!

This year the Oscar viewing was a bit different – I didn’t have to stay awake after the Oscars to get the kids up and off to school as they have the week off. And they decided they wanted to watch the Oscars as well with my friend and I! So, kids had gone to bed early and we woke them up about an hour before the ceremony began (just after 1 am!). They watched some of the red carpet with us and then the ceremony as well. My husband gave up at around 3.30 am and went to bed but the kids, my friend and I watched till the end. It was so nice having the kids do this with us, although I suspect they were more fascinated by the staying-up-through-the-night aspect of it all than by the actual Oscars thing. 😉

ThiEddie Redmayne Oscars year I didn’t have so much to really root for. I would have slightly preferred Cumberbatch to win over Redmayne but did love that Redmayne had won and his joyous acceptance of the award. I really like Julianne Moore but I was rooting for Felicity Jones. Loved that The Imitation Game received one vital award (adapted screenplay – and the wonderful speech that went with that!) but wished they could have received more. I loved the speech the winner for best foreign film gave (Polish film called “Ida”) and how he went on talking through the music and the disarming honest humor in that speech. I couldn’t join in the Birdman fuss as that film isn’t out here yet I don’t think… and that’s where my gripe starts…

This was mostly about films no one the-hobbit-Thorinhas seen! Granted, I love small films and feel they deserve awards like these, but a little more recognition for a blockbuster like, oh, The Hobbit would not have been amiss! I think people are so used to the wonders of Middle Earth that it isn’t considered special anymore… I really missed The Hobbit in all this…

As for the show itself – Neil Patrick Harris didn’t do it for me as a presenter. I so much preferred last year’s Ellen DeGeneres and some years before that: Hugh Jackman, who had really surprised me at the time! Harris delivered some nice jokes – only to undo each and every one of them after the punchline with a little grin!

I really liked the song “Glory” from “Selma” that won the Oscar – very powerful performance on Oscar night with John Legend, Common and a gospel choir to back them up! And then the most surprising performance of the night and real high point for me – when Lady Gaga did that The Sound of Music medley! I mean, yeah, I knew Lady Gaga could sing – but like that?!? Wow!

Lady Gaga - Julie Andrews 2 Lady Gaga - Julie Andrews

And then Julie Andrews came out and hugged her and said “Dear Lady Gaga… thank you for that wonderful tribute, it warmed my heart”… my goodness, goosebumps and the best 5 or 6 minutes of the whole show for me!

So, yes, thereColin-Firth-Oscar was little for me to get excited over on the awards front this year (unlike 4 or so years ago when Colin Firth won – I was over-the-moon then! Still so happy about that, that I need to share a picture on the right here). And yet, this still was a memorable Oscar night for me: there was the Lady Gaga surprise and Julie Andrews, there was sadness at missing The Hobbit and, most memorable of all, there was the sharing of this Oscar night with my kids for the first time!


Ellen DeGeneres does it (and I even retweeted that one during the Oscar ceremony in February this year!), President Obama does it, the Pope does it, Pierce Brosnan does it, Hugh “The Wolverine” Jackman does it in the woods, even a macaque monkey does it (playing around with a wildlife photographer’s camera).
 38ad6-edg2bselfie f19be-obama2bselfie  c641f-pope2bselfie ab17c-pb2bselfie3eed2-hugh2bselfie 10e8f-mac2bselfie

And now Richard Armitage has joined the rank of selfie picture takers and has posted one of himself on Twitter. Almost too handsome to be true, right? I enjoyed the other selfies, but this one truly does something to my insides…