The Anne billboards

Very busy here of late and in the evenings not in the mood for mystery show The Stranger, even if it has Richard Armitage in it! Mr Esther and I have seen the first two episodes this past weekend, but since then he and I have not had the energy or time yet to watch the rest together. Mr Esther isn’t quite convinced yet but curious enough to watch at least one more episode. Even though it does look good, this sort of thing isn’t normally my genre, so I really need to be in the mood and even Rich can’t quite entice me yet. He will, though, and I will watch in time! Until then I am avoiding most The Stranger blog posts in order to avoid spoilers.

As I’m not posting about Richard or The Stranger, I was looking at some of my draft posts and saw this one sitting there. I’d been collecting some Anne with an E billboard images over the last few weeks and have added on a few more this evening. So an Anne post it is!

Yes, I am still following what I can and tweeting here and there in my own effort to get the wonderful Anne with an E renewed. Other fans have been way more active, though, and some of them have been crowdfunding to get billboards up with the renew Anne with an E message! The first one went up in Toronto some weeks ago.

Showrunner Moria Walley-Beckett was in Toronto when that billboard was up, she went to visit it and actually hugged it!

Next up was the fan-funded billboard in Times Square in New York City that was up for a few days. Moira Walley-Beckett was pleased with that too…

… as was Cara Ricketts who plays Mary on the show and went to see it…

Melanie Nicholls-King, who plays Bash’s mum Hazel, also went to see the New York billboard, totally pleased and on board with the renew Anne with an E message.

In addition to New York, new billboards went up again in Toronto.

Lead actress Amybeth McNulty, who happens to be filming again in Toronto with none other than director Megan Follows who played Anne in the 1980s TV series…

AB McNulty Meg Follows

… went to see the Toronto billboard for herself together with two supporting cast mates.

They came across some fans in Toronto and posed with them too.

Yet another billboard went up in Toronto again a few days ago…

And the latest billboards went up today in Phoenix, Arizona, at a mall, apparently separately sponsored by a fan.

Besides the billboards, there’s also a petition to save Anne with an E which is up to over 168.000 signatures. On Twitter the hashtag #renewannewithane is up to almost 7 million (!!) tweets!

There is no reaction whatsoever from Netflix or CBC to all of this. Where at the beginning cast and crew and Netflix and CBC were big on announcing that Anne had ended, now they are completely schtum and the words ‘final season’ have not been used anymore. Cast and crew are liking renewal tweets and billboard tweets but they say nothing else. I hope this means that things are happening behind the scenes. Alas, Netflix hasn’t answered my question about renewal, so I don’t know…

… but I’m sure hoping the silence is a good sign!

Deadpool & Anne of Green Gables

Yeah, sounds weird but there’s a reason these two are mentioned together. A week ago actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted about Anne with an E needing to be renewed:

I’m not a fan but when I see Ryan Reynolds in something I like him, he’s a huge name and having his endorsement has made the Anne fandom giddy with excitement. What I loved best is all the Deadpool movie references that are being made in picture edits. I haven’t seen Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool yet, even though my son tells me I should, but I am planning to in time. Amybeth McNulty, who plays Anne, apparently enjoyed the endorsement as well…

And fans didn’t fail to respond. Some of my fave picture reactions:

There were also some final episode ones that I enjoyed, but I didn’t want to spoil those here.

Today singer Sam Smith tweeted about loving Anne with an E.

Will that result in Sam Smith / Anne fan videos? I’ll check out YouTube soon and see. 🙂

Anne with an E season 3 on Netflix

I opened my e-mail this evening and found this message awaiting me:

AWAE season 3 e-mail

I’m slightly shocked Netflix is actually promoting this because they haven’t really done much promotion-wise as yet. Also, in the e-mail it says ” Season 3, 3rd January” but not “Final Season” like it says on the actual Netflix page…

AWAE netflix

Does that actually mean something? Season 3 was the best Anne season yet, this Netflix trailer gives a little glimpse…

… and I am still tweeting every day in the hopes that it gets renewed for at the very least a season 4. Here’s still hoping! In the meantime I am going to listen to the newly released soundtrack of Anne with an E on Spotify (after a good night’s rest, that is. It’s after midnight and I need to get some sleep…)

Bring Anne home!

The phrase “BRING ANNE HOME” is trending worldwide on Twitter right now…

Bring Anne Home.png

…after last night’s devasting news from showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett that Anne with an E will not be renewed!

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🧡 A letter to our fans: Thank you so much for your tweets, hashtags, DMs, emails, letters, and messages. You have overwhelmed the internet and us! We heard your voices loud and clear (as did CBC and Netflix) from all around the world and we are so grateful for the generous outpouring of passionate enthusiasm for our show. We couldn’t feel more honored, humbled, and deeply moved. As hard as it is to face letting go of things we love (and we’ve loved this journey of making ANNE WITH AN E as much as you have loved watching it) there is just no way to revive ANNE WITH AN E anywhere at this point. It will not happen. So now we need to love all that exists of it and hold onto the joy and hope and wonder the show brought to all of us who worked on it, and all of you who watched it. And when you have a longing for Green Gables, know that you can return to it and it will always be there for you. ANNE WITH AN E will live forever in our hearts – as will you, our beloved fans 🧡Your Kindred Spirits, Moira and Miranda 🧡🌿🦉🦊 #AWAE #annewithane #saveannewithane #didourbest #wetried #renewannewithane #foreverandaday #kindredspirits #greengables #loveislove #anneclan 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

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I love you so much for trying so hard and fighting a fierce fight with your big hearts and beautiful souls. You are a force of nature. Look at this amazing artwork inspired by love for ANNE WITH AN E!! I mean, I am amazed and so grateful. I have been moved to tears so many times in the last few weeks… so many, many tears. This is my child. I birthed her, I helped her grow, I cherish and adore her. AnnE means everything to me 🧡 Please know that we fought, too. We tried to change their minds. We tried to find a new home. We tried for a finale movie… We tried our best. “Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.” LM Montgomery said that. Either way, we tried 🧡 Art and Commerce is never an easy marriage. I often find it inexplicable. This is one of those times. But it’s impossible to argue with words like Economics, Algorithms, Demographics, etc., etc. But those words and others like them are the reason why the Networks don’t want to continue. And we didn’t find a taker anywhere else 🧡 I know you’re upset and disappointed, sad and angry — I completely understand — because our beloved AnnE has been snatched away. If there was something more to do I would do it 🧡 So now you know what I know. I guess this is a tragical romance after all. But then again love is love is love is love is love. And love is not lost when it is nurtured. We will always love our Anne with an E. We will always love Green Gables with our whole hearts and everything it stands for. They can’t take that away from us 🧡 I love you so much. Thank you for fighting and loving my AnnE as much as I do 🧡 Artwork by @emeriart and @luztapiaart #annewithane #awae #family #kindredspirits #foreverandaday 🦉🧡

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Tweeted my disappointment last night when I found out about it…

In Moira’s first post, the sentence “There is no way to revive Anne with an E anywhere at this point” gives rise to the hope that maybe if we keep fighting, it will be able to be revived at a later point? Apparently Lucifer fans were faced with smilar messages and the show got renewed after all a while later. So, is there still a glimmer of hope somewhere?

In her second post Moira mentions that it’s impossible to argue with words like Economics, Algorithms, Demographics and those words and others like them are why the networks won’t continue the series. The networks say this before Anne season 3 (the strongest season so far!) has even aired on Netflix! This really confounds me! Moira also says “Art and commerce is never an easy marriage” but why does that mean that commerice always has to win over art? I truly hate that.

Artists Luzatapiaart

Luztapiart Anne not today

… and Emeriart

Emeriart Anne keep fighting

… have already brilliantly risen to the occasion with their protest-art. I know that me writing and tweeting about this gets old, but I can’t help myself, I so fervently wish for the 4th season as well. So, here I am (in a hotel room during a weekend away!) adding my voice once again to the campaign to #renewannewithane, even now with so much hope lost…

Anne with an E – fave protests

I’ve been collecting some Anne with an E social media protests over time that I really like and thought I’d share them here. I still can’t believe they only gave us something like 12 hours to bask in the glory of that wonderful finale and then everything came tumbling down with the announcement that the show was being cancelled. That really was a huge dampener on very high spirits just as everyone was already getting excited for a next season. So, yeah, I’m still disappointed and still fighting for this renewal myself. Hence this post!

When the whole outrage over the cancellation started, Amybeth McNulty who plays the lead role of Anne on the show, tweeted this. It showcases some really cool Anne fanart that makes even more sense when you see season 3. I love these too.

Just before the cancellation was announced a fan who also drew some of the art above, made her own version of the title sequence to Anne with an E, featuring her own art. It’s really cool!

Just like Anne tries to console Marilla here, I too hope everything will turn out right in the end and that we will get that 4th season at least (preferably also the originally planned 5th):

There is an episode in season 3 with a protest action and I love how fans have used images from that to protest the Anne with an E cancellation. 

The following tweet features stills from the season 3 finale episode that has Gilbert (played by Lucas Jade Zumann) sprinting through the streets. A silly play on the sound of his name, such a dad-joke in a way, but it has me chuckling every time.

I also like this one, a map that shows how diversely spread the Anne with an E  fandom is. And yes, I placed my pin on it too. (Oh, I  see the map doesn’t open for me anymore, maybe it does for you, the reader?)

Marilla being just as angry as I feel about the cancellation:

More fanart, this time liked by Moira Walley-Beckett, the showrunner!

For the first time ever, I have been watching videos on YouTube of people reacting to watching episodes of Anne with an E. That’s a whole new world to me, but this little video of this guy’s reaction to episode 10 (he’s I think the most prominent Anne– reactor) followed by a small video edit of the show made me laugh. Contains SPOILERS!

I also really liked this mini-edit of Anne contradicting everything she said about Gilbert by her actions in the season finale. Again: SPOILERS if you watch this!

This show also showcases diversity.  Black people are introduced into Anne’s very white world, as are native Americans, people who are gay play an important role and in the season 3 finale there was a deaf-mute young lady playing a small role that was apparently meant to be fleshed out more in season 4. Yes, a season 4 is so much needed!

And one of the things that really cracks me up is that every time CBC Television (the channel that cancelled the show along with Netflix) posts something on Instagram or Twitter, most responses are all about “#renewannewithane”. I’m sure it gets very annoying to those running the CBC social media accounts but it still makes me laugh.

2019-12-05 13_43_10-2019-12-05 13_40_36-CBC Television (@cbc_television) • Instagram-foto's en -video's2019-12-05 13_39_13-CBC (@cbc) • Instagram-foto's en -video's

Someone addressing that issue in the comments to a specific tweet 🙂 :

Another really fun thing is a video someone made, sort of re-capping the protest until now, and it’s pretty accurate! I don’t know who this shaking hands guy in the video is, must be from some show, but this is brilliantly done. I especially love the snub at the end.

Last but not least, I came across this on Tumblr yesterday, which made me grin as well, so I tweeted it. No spoilers in this little funny video, taken from season 1:

I’m sure there are far more good and fun protests, these are just a few of the ones that struck me as I came across them. The hashtags for renewal have been tweeted over 8 million times by the last count I saw:

The cast, crew, production company and the channels have been extremely quiet of late. I hope that means that the fans are being heard and a renewal is somehow being considered behind the scenes. I guess the mood in the fandom can be summarized as follows:  

Fingers crossed for that renewal. I still remain hopeful.

#renewannewithane, #saveannewithane