This and that

Just a few bits and bobs before I disappear into the world of TV or movie fiction. It’s been a very busy week at work and I need to relax the mind somewhat before I head for bed.

It’s just after 10.30 pm here and dusk has set in but it’s still light outside! I love long Dutch summer evenings. Picture below was taken at 10.20 pm (and yeah, the grass desperately needs mowing)…

We had a hot day today, the weather is supposed to break with rain and thunderstorms tonight and cool off somewhat tomorrow.

In other news: my younger sister was feeling very ill with a high fever. She went in to the hospital this evening where she was diagnosed with (a new variant of) Covid. She’s been vaccinated and boostered and still feeling so ill, poor thing. She is thankfully home again and on extra strong meds to bring the fever down. Let’s hope she gets well soon! They say the next Covid wave is on the rise here. This pandemic remains serious business.

In more cheerful news: Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathy will star in a new comedy pilot called Seasoned based on the fun videos that their son posted of them on Mandy Patinkin’s Twitter account during this pandemic. The show will be written by their son and his partner. I loved their pandemic videos that gave a light-hearted glimpse into the daily lives of a couple that has been married for a long time. So, now it will be made into a show.

I hope the show can hold on to the charm of those videos and won’t be overkill. I’m really curious to see this when it gets made.

Lazy Sunday and Colman in colour

Mr E and mini me were out and about somewhere this afternoon, sitting in the sun at a cafe, sipping ice tea and eating calamari.

Junior played handball today, injured his leg and was resting on the couch, surrounded by cats…

As for me, I was holed up in my room until the end of the afternoon while awaiting the results of my Corona test that I took this morning. Turns out it’s negative and all I have is a bad cold. Such a relief! Now I don’t have to worry about Mr Esther (who has asthma) getting Covid from me.

While lazing away in my bed this Sunday afternoon, I re-watched a little Bridgerton season 2, which I have really enjoyed. Looking at Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and his lush brown hair and beautiful brown eyes (I LOVE brown eyes) made me think of Ronald Colman (yes, I know, yet again, he’s never far from my thoughts these days…) and I wished so badly that there would be more Ronald Colman in colour pictures and films out there. He had brown eyes and lush brown hair too, although I have never actually seen him with lush brown hair in colour.

Ronald Colman seems to exist almost only in black and white. The few glimpses of him in colour, from late in his career when he was in his fifties and sixties, are already fascinating, but not really clear enough. He only made three colour films and even candids of him are all black and white.

I took some screenshots from his first colour movie, Kismet from 1944, when he was 53 but the quality isn’t great and there’s so much make up messing with the Colman look. However, it is the first glimpse in colour of his warm brown eyes. For most of the movie I don’t really like his look but Colman in that black outfit, salt and pepper hair and with those warm deeply brown eyes is quite something. He should’ve looked like that throughout the whole movie and not just at the end.

His warm brown eyes are also seen in his last two films that he filmed in his mid sixties. His final film from 1957 was called The Story of Mankind (a bit of a weird one where he advocates against the devil at a tribunal to keep humanity alive) and shows some of his brown eyes, but never quite close-up enough…

The sun does shine nicely into his brown eyes in a cameo in the 1956 David Niven version of Around the World in 80 Days but he’s very much in costume there and the moments we see him are over all too soon.

I have searched for other Colman in colour images but there just isn’t much out there. There’s one with his wife Benita, also from the early 1950s, I think.

But mostly I only find colourized pictures of old black and white photos.

Especially the first two photos give a bit of an idea of how heart-stoppingly handsome and charismatic he must have looked in real life / colour. The dark hair and warm brown eyes certainly contributed to that. I wish he’d been able to do far more in colour. A girl can dream on a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening…


Mini me has been self testing a lot because kids at her school and also in her football team have been testing postive for Covid these past few weeks. Some football matches have even been cancelled. Yesterday she came home from school sneezing and with a bit of a throat ache, so in the afternoon she did an at home test. Sure enough, she tested postive for Covid which was today confirmed by an official PCR test.

We were already feeling that it was only a matter of time before this came to our house and it turns out we were right. Mini me has been keeping her distance, we have self tested here today as well and so far it all remains negative for the rest of us. We are all vaccinated and have had our booster shots so as long as we don’t have any symptoms, we don’t need to quarantine. We are being extra careful, though, with distance keeping (I cancelled my visit to my mother today), hand washing and using our masks. Fingers crossed that mini me is symptom free again soon (she already seems better than yesterday) and that the rest of us don’t get infected. Can this stupid pandemic be over already?

Back into a full lockdown

A new Covid wave (our fifth wave) is hitting The Netherlands now. The fourth (Delta) variant wave is going down but Omicron is radically on the rise, which means a fifth Covid wave has already started. A full lockdown here is now deemed necessary with this newest wave as Omicron is more aggressive than other variants have been. We’re listening to a last minute press conference right now, announcing this. Everything is closing down: all non-essential shops, schools, theatres, museums, restaurants (only take away or delivery will remain possible) etc.

This afternoon we had a nice high tea at a restaurant with my inlaws to already celebrate mini-me’s birthday (which is tomorrow). We did high tea instead of dinner because restaurants already had to close at 5 pm.

We were able to do this little party just in time, as of tomorrow this would be impossible. When will this Covid nightmare end?

Covid, vaccines & Dunbar

We’re back to working from home full time again. Partial lockdown is in effect here as new Corona cases soar to an unprecedented high and deaths are rising too, although thankfully those numbers are not as high (yet?) as they were last year…

People are desensitizing to it and becoming complacent. I understand that no one wants to hear the same news anymore, over and over again, or yet again more cases and hospitals getting crowded and deaths. Being tired of that news doesn’t mean it’s all gone yet. Covid 19 is still here, whether people choose to ignore it or not. And something can be done about it too, to get rid of it all: vaccination!

Junior has a cold now, nothing bad, just a stuffed nose, he feels fit otherwise. He did an at home test yesterday which was negative and, just to be safe, he won’t be going in to work today and has just gone out to have an official test done. Hopefully it all stays negative. I’m really proud of him for being so responsible about it all (and he’s double vaccinated too) but can 15% of the grown up population that is not vaccinated really continue to hold the 85% hostage who have been vaccinated? I want this thing to be over! Vaccines have already killed off diseases, why can’t Covid be one of them?

This week the news came that Rockmond Dunbar, whom I love on 9-1-1 and have loved on The Mentalist as well, has been written off 9-1-1 because he refused to be vaccinated. Warning: spoilers about his final episode can be found in this breaking article about the situation. I know very little about Dunbar but I am so disappointed that someone who can play such a lovely, warm, empathetic character on the show should refuse to be vaccinated like this in real life. In the show during season 4 he is glad to finally get a Covid vaccination while the already vaccinated first responders Bobby and Athena look on, and yet in real life he won’t have it.

Apparently he is “not an anti-vaxxer” but the religious and medical exemptions he asked for were reviewed and declined, which says to me that his reasons for not vaccinating are just not good enough. Sigh. It’ll be a long time before this Covid nightmare will end, I fear.

So, for me, it’s back to working from home full time again. I’m actually glad to not have to go into the office all the time but a little travel (I went to the office once a week these past few weeks) does break the monotony somewhat and I welcomed that. No more of that now. All that sitting at a table at home and typing often makes my hands feel cold so I invested in these…

… and hope that this partial lockdown will indeed help reduce the further spread of Covid while I type away on my work laptop. I’m already vaccinated, all I can do now to stop further spread is be careful and stick to regulations. And also say: please, get that damn vaccine!