Gabriel Macht – I am my beloved’s…

In my previous post I wrote about finally watching Suits and falling in love with it! I haven’t been able to get enough, re-watching bits and pieces, but mostly catching up on the actors in it and I have especially zoomed in on Gabriel Macht who plays the role of Harvey Specter. I really like the development his character has been going through during the 7 seasons of Suits so far and I admit to finding him quite sexy!

So, as I knew nothing about him, I’ve been delving into him and I find that he is happily married with 2 children. When I saw a picture of his wife, I thought she looked extremely familiar. Turns out she’s an actress as well, called Jacinda Barrett, and she was in the second Bridget Jones movie as the colleague of Mark Darcy who Bridget is jealous of!

She also had a small role as a brief love interest for Harvey on Suits, where I bet he got a great kick out of being able to flirt with her and kiss her (I only found out that she’s his wife after I had binge-watched the whole show).

Delving into him I find that Gabriel is besotted with his wife Jacinda and she with him. It makes me think of this line, which was also the theme my father had used for my wonderful wedding to Mr Esther 18 years ago…

They’ve been married since 2004 and, as I have commented before here and here as well about Colin Firth and Simon Baker, I just love love love seeing a man happy in love with his wife like that! He is in love with his kids too. Gabriel’s instagram account is filled with pictures such as these:

In an interview I saw with him on YouTube he answers a question about the relationship between Harvey and Donna on the show. In real life Gabriel Macht is very good friends with Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna, they have been close friends for 20 years or so.Ā  The interviewer references this friendship (at 23 minutes in to the video) and says “the Donna from the show who’s his best friend in real life.” Gabriel corrects her and says “My best friend in real life is my wife.” This is greeted by awwws in the audience and I admit to feeling that ‘aw’ as well! That, and other things I’ve been hearing him say and reading about him, make me really like Gabriel Macht!

Now, maybe more than ever, I hope things can work out for Harvey and Donna on the show. Someone made an awesome fan video about Donna and Harvey and the cliffhanger we are left with till the beginning of 2018…

… and it would be cool that when Suits ends at some point, Donna and Harvey can have what Gabriel and Jacinda seem to have (and what Mr Esther and I have šŸ™‚ ). Should that be where the story arc ends for Harvey, his character will have made a huge development from the beginning of the show. I for one would love this.

12 thoughts on “Gabriel Macht – I am my beloved’s…

  1. How many seasons of the show have you watched at this point, Esther? All of it? I was completely sucked into it for seasons 1 to 3, and then it kind of lost its shine for me. I think we never even finished season 4. Somehow the premise of the show kind of became old. That said, I really enjoyed the dynamics between Mike and Harvey, and the sizzle between Donna and Harvey is extremely interesting, too.

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    1. I have seen them all, yes, and am now extremely impatient for the second half of season 7 to air! They are shooting it now.

      If you’ve come that far, season 5 really is worth a watch. It’s a game changer for Donna & Harvey who fall out with each other (heartbreaking stuff) and for Mike who gets arrested in the second half of season 5!

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  2. I think I like him much better now that I’ve seen pics of him with stubble! And the whole family man vibe too. I guess his acting is so good that I could only see him as the smooth deal maker.

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    1. Yes, on seeing him as a smooth dealmaker! There is something there in his eyes, though, that caught my attention. He is so smooth on the show, it made me wonder about him in real life. Turns out that in real life he is very different from Harvey. He says the only thing he has in common with Harvey are his looks and that he can be Harvey-ish when dealing with people who invade his private time with his family. Yep, he is a good actor. šŸ™‚

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  3. He seems to be a really nice guy and I like his wife too!
    Oh and I am with you on the impatience re the second half of season 7!!!
    I would love to see Harvey with Donna but I also like his current girlfriend so I am a bit torn now…..and I am really curious how they’ll deal with Rachels storyline because I think Megan Markle leave the show very soon

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    1. He really does seem to be a nice guy. There is a familiarity to him, to his face, that makes me feel like I know him personally from somewhere. I can’t describe it, it’s like he could be someone in my family or someone I once met long ago and enjoyed being with… it’s weird and I’m trying to understand why it feels like that. He’s Jewish (although I don’t know if he’s observant), maybe that somehow resonates with me? A while back on his instagram he shared a picture of him visiting Israel as a child, maybe I met him in Israel when I was a child living there? I don’t know what it is, but he feels very familiar to me…
      As for Harvey and Donna – I think he is projecting Donna onto Paula a bit. Donna was his sounding board and now that she isn’t quite that anymore, he turns to Paula. I also really like Paula, but not necessarily for Harvey.
      And oh my,. yes, I’m so curious to find out how the Rachel thing will go! I sort of hope that Meghan Markle can continue acting and have her own life/career even if she should marry prince Harry (there’s very little chance he will ever ascend to the throne after all), but I guess that would be ‘not done’ for her continue acting when/if she becomes Harry’s wife.


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