My fan videos

At the end of summer / beginning of fall of 2017, I finally decided to watch Suits, after having heard good things about it. And I wasn’t disappointed, I was immediately hooked on this TV series! Who knew a show about corporate lawyers could be so fascinating? I had 7 seasons to catch up on and I binge-watched it during every free minute I had.

The central relationship on the show is the one between hot-shot top lawyer Harvey Specter and his protegé Mike Ross, who is extremely sharp but must hide from everyone (except Harvey) that he is not actually a lawyer. Another central relationship is that between Harvey and his kick-ass secretary Donna Paulsen. The Suits fan videos I have made center around the Harvey and Donna relationship (“Darvey”).

The last episode that aired in 2017 was a cliffhanger episode where Donna very unexpectedly kissed Harvey and that just begged to be captured in fan videos! At first I didn’t have time to source video clips but as I was so desperate to make a video anyway of ‘Darvey’, I used gifs I had saved to my computer instead. The quality of the images is not great (they are gifs, after all, and not real video clips), but it gets the message across.

I then caved and decided to source Darvey videoclips after all. Two months later I finished my first ‘proper’ Suits fan video. I used an awesome song that had also been used on the show itself, called ‘Bomb’. The video on YouTube is blocked in USA and Canada, so I’m sharing the Vimeo link to the video here…

Just a week later, I finished another video, set to a cover of the song ‘Crazy’…

… and another two weeks later the ‘Demons’ video followed…

And now there’s a time jump: it’s been 3.5 years since I made my last Suits video! I meant to make one after the awesome season 9 finale in 2019 but didn’t know what to make and so I let it rest. Then recently I heard this Alan Watts lecture set to music and images of Harvey and Donna sprang to mind and I just had to make this video…

And a (for now) a final Suits video set to Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe, just because I like the song so much and images of Darvey popped up in my head when I listened to it again recently.

Even now, one and a half years on, I’m still really glad that Donna and Harvey got their happily ever after.

On my Miscellaneous fan videos page, there is an ‘Esther” video which also has our Suits stars in it. Check it out, if you like!

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