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So, yeah, I like to make fan videos. It’s just a fun little hobby that I finally confessed to in this blog post. They are nowhere near as glossy and glamourous as many great fan videos out there, but they’re fun to do and my way of celebrating the shows they are about. Sometimes I make a few videos in a very short period and at other times it can take ages and ages before I make another one again. I source all clips myself, so it takes time and I don’t do it for many shows. Even though I have a YouTube page, I also wanted to collect all the videos I have made here on my blog, so I can write about them a little bit more – hence this fan video corner. 🙂

I use free Windows Movie Maker software for making the videos. This is what it looks like when I’m busy working on a video (in the old Movie Maker, I now use the newer Movie Maker 2012 which is fine too):


All these videos (some with a little background to go with them) are accessible here on themed sub-pages. If you’re interested, click on the images below and take a gander. 🙂

Warning: all videos and the video pages contain possible spoilers for the shows!

Scarlet Pimpernel Anne with an E thumbnailsuits2 missfisher1 mentalist2 call-the-midwife aptchlbd  silent-witness2 pb-signatureHaven icon Obamas hands miscellaneous

For viewers from Germany: some videos may be blocked for you. If that is the case, I’m so sorry! I do have a Vimeo account, so if you wish to watch a video that you can’t see, let me know (via the form at the bottom of the About me page or via e-mail: and I may be able to upload it there.

Disclaimer: All videos are made for non-proft entertainment purposes only!

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