Music in a deaf world, part 2

Six years ago I briefly blogged about a French movie called La Familie Belier about a hearing girl in a deaf family who wants to spread her wings and become a singer. It was a beautiful movie, although a little uneven in deciding what it wanted to be – a comedy or a drama. There was also some criticism of the film at the time in that the couple who played the girl’s parents were hearing actors. Still, I really liked that movie (even though I haven’t seen it again since I saw it at the cinema years ago).

Yesterday I watched an American remake of the movie, called CODA (which is not only a music term but also stands for ”child of deaf adults”); it came out two months ago on Apple TV. This time the family was portrayed by deaf actors. The most well known is Marlee Matlin (Oscar winner for Children of a Lesser God) who played the mother. The father was played by Troy Kotsur whom I know as a guest actor on Sue Thomas FB Eye, starring his wife Deanne Bray. The actor playing the deaf brother, Daniel Durant, is new to me, as is the lead actress who plays the main role of the hearing daughter Ruby (Emilia Jones).

In the French movie the family were cheesemakers, here they are fishermen in Massachussets. While the story is roughly the same, this movie struck me as far less uneven. I absolutely loved it. Excellent performances from the lead family and it turns out that Emilia Jones is an English actress. She not only had to learn the American accent but she also immerseld herself in American Sign Language. She was 17 when she filmed this two years ago, absolutely amazing. I was also quite blown away by Troy Kotsur as the father, he has such depth and when he tries to understand his daughter near the end of the movie, the tears started to flow. Also Marlee Matlin and Daniel Durant show such depth, I loved them too. Like in the French movie, the end was achingly touching here as well.

Apparently Marlee Matlin was the first one cast and fought for the husband and son roles to also be filled by deaf actors. I’m glad she did that, these actors are a revelation. Here’s a trailer:

I did have some minor criticisms, like the end montage maybe wrapping things up too neatly for the family and the music teacher never quite convinced me. However, the core performance of this family of four completely made up for that and yes, I will definitely go back to this movie again.

The fall has come

Earlier in the week we took a little walk in the woods where everything still looks quite green but you can see the leaves are starting to turn…

Last night we had stormy weather and it continued to be windy and rainy today. I’ve been busy the past two days with a job interview and volunteer work but today Mr Esther and I decided to make a day of it for ourselves. Well, more of an afternoon, really. We went to the beach of Scheveningen (Den Haag) where the North Sea was restless. It was quite a beautiful sight seeing the waves come in roughly. It looks quite peaceful in that first picture but it really wasn’t. There was a lot of foam coming off the wild waves.

When the rain came we went inside for a drink of nice, warm tea and then after we walked on to the pier, pelted by wind, watching the waves crash below us.

I was just about warm enough in my thinner spring and autumn coat but have now also dug out my winter coat, I’ll be much more comfortable in that now that the weather has turned chilly and fall really seems to be here.

New phone & filters

I just renewed my two-year mobile phone contract a little early (was due at the beginning of the new year but the offer already came in now, so I went with it) and with that comes a new phone. I didn’t really need a new phone for myself but as my father-in-law’s phone could use replacement, I decided to order a newer one after all so that my current one can go to him.

That also means a new cover (why don’t they ever make phones in standard sizes?) was needed. About time too as the old cover was fading and I had to keep it all together with staples (you can see the staples alongside John Proctor on the right edge in the following image).

New phone arrived yesterday and is installed, my new cover arrived today (with the same The Crucible painting by my mother that I’ve had for 6 or so years now and never grows old) and I’m happy as a clam that it looks so good…

The new phone also has some filters on the camera. I’ve never used filters before but decided to try them now for the first time…

I look weird, myself and yet not myself, although I’ve got to say I’m quite partial to the following autumn beard and sunglasses look. I was instantly reminded of this Richard Armitage selfie. See the similarities?

Shape of glasses and beard (without the leaves) are quite the same. I could be his bearded dwarf sister!
(Modified to add this video about dwarf women…)

Anyway, fun to have a new phone although I’m not sure I’ll ever use those filters again. Most of all I’m just happy it works pretty much exactly the same as the old one (I had a Samsung and stayed with it), that it still has Richard and Anna Madeley in The Crucible on the cover and that my Angry Birds 2 advanced score is still intact.

Oh my!

Yes, this is everything I hoped it would be!

Let’s focus on Richard specifically…

Looking at him as Father Quart during two hours or so in this movie will be pure joy!

Good kind of Friday

Last week I realised that fall break is upon us and that I will be having a week off next week! I had already blocked the week off months ago and it couldn’t come at a better time.

I had a frank and open conversation with my boss this morning about all the shit that’s been happening, including feedback on how what she says affects me negatively. It’s out there now and we’ll see if she will again use this against me or not or if it will even change anything. In any case, I feel much lighter now that it’s been discussed and I’m ready for my break now.

To add to the ‘it’s a good Friday’ feeling – I was able to secure a good financial victory for my young man refugee this week, which had me really stoked. And then there is also the fact that I have bagged a job interview to be held via Zoom next week. Fingers crossed, people! When I get back to work in a week I want to say to my boss that I’ll be outta there.

Today (work) life is looking not so gloomy. Even the weather has cleared a bit and there’s some sun shining in through our dining room window where I sit as I work.

I’m all caught up with everything now, so I can finish early, which is a good thing before heading into a holiday. Time to quickly blog this, shut my work laptop and start my free week off. 🙂