At last…

… spring seems to be here. Finally, after what feels like endless weeks of grey and rain and cold, the sun and the warmth seem to have arrived today. After work I went out without a coat and wore a skirt and my beloved Birkenstock slippers (my preferred footwear between May and September) for the first time this year.

Already I can feel my mood lifting. It also helps that vaccination efforts are going well here and now I too finally have an appointment for my first jab on June 6th. Our Corona cases are falling, as are hospitalizations and deaths, and things are slowly opening up again. Now with the sun finally coming out again as well it feels like things are starting to look up again.

The weekend has begun

Another bike ride this afternoon after work as the weather is starting to improve again.

It felt like winter here the past week with hail and snow showers, I just hope that we can now really start welcoming the spring again. It’s good to feel the sun on my face and I’m glad the weekend is here.


The ‘Mach’ Was’ theme this time around is to do something with snowdrops (in German “Schneeglöckchen” – such a sweet word!). “Easy!” I thought as I had seen one in our front garden. That snowdrop had been trampled but I figured I’d find others around everywhere. Alas, I did not! For the past few weeks, during every walk, I kept my eyes peeled to the ground in the hope of finding some snowdrops. Last week I finally found a remnant of the last few snowdrops…

… but mostly I found daffodils and hyacinths and even the first tiny daisies…

… but no more snowdrops! Spring has started here, leaving the snowdrops of the end of winter behind.

I figured I should find something more constructive to contribute to this challenge than not finding any snowdrops so I did a little online search and found this video…

For once my ‘Mach’ was’ contribution has something to do with actually making something. However, I’m not a crafter myself, I never have been and I have no patience for it, but this does look like something that is quite easy for someone else to make. So, happy snowdrops crafting, should you be so inclined!

Winter to spring in a week

A week ago, my husband was skating on the ice and it was -6 degrees Celsius, today it’s +16 degrees Celsius and it feels like spring! Mr Esther and I were sitting without coats in our front garden where our cat came to visit as did a ladybug. I was leaning forward, fiddling on the phone and inadvertently took a selfie mid chat and decided to share it as well, as it shows the nice blue sky through our tree.

What a difference a week makes!