Sea Wall & my London mini-break

So, I was in London this past weekend. The reason for going was that a close US friend of mine was visiting London with her family. Although I chat with K, and my other US friend A, a few times a week (we have a chat group), I hadn’t actually seen K in the flesh in 7 years! As she was relatively close by, I couldn’t let the chance of meeting up with her pass me by.

I flew in to London on Friday afternoon. After 3 hours of delays (ugh!) I finally made it to my brother’s apartment in Hampstead, just enough time to drop bags and freshen up a little before heading to The Old Vic theatre to meet up with Hariclea there.


We went to see a short one-man, one-act play called Sea Wall, starring Andrew Scott (of Moriarty in Sherlock fame). Once we all entered the theatre, there he was pacing around on stage, looking around and waiting for everyone to be seated. I shot a quick picture, you don’t see much detail on it, but you get the idea of the set up…


I don’t know how he did it, but without any announcement or anything, he just seemed to be looking around, the whole audience fell quiet and he started talking. Even from up where I sat, you could see the expressions on Andrew Scott’s face quite well. Shows you what an expressive actor he is! Andrew Scott plays Alex, who is telling us about visiting his father in France for a holiday. He speaks of his father and his wife and his daughter and just by him telling us all about them and the love he feels for them and telling us about the place they are at, you get this vivid image of what it must be like and of what life is like for him. He speaks with humour but there is an underlying restlessness and a foreshadowing you feel of something deeper and darker. The darkness becomes apparent at the end and yes, breaks your heart.

I really liked it, and thoughts and images have been popping up in my mind long after the half hour play ended. Pretty special stuff! I don’t know Andrew Scott very well, I only know him as Moriarty, but he has a long list of credits in the theatre. Hariclea was telling me how absolutely mesmerizing he had been in Hamlet last year and I can almost picture that! Andrew Scott is a great actor and I really need to see more of his work!

Hariclea had brought a theatre-loving friend of hers along as well and the three of us went on to have dinner in a nice little Italian restaurant close by afterwards. It was a lovely evening in great company!

Saturday was filled with great company as well, as I finally got to see K again and her husband and two teenage kids. We spent the day at the British Museum, then went on to Covent Garden and in the evening met up with my brother for dinner in the Soho district. My brother suggested we have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho (apparently they’re a small chain) serving Vietnamese ‘street food’ and we were not disappointed; it was good!


After dinner we dropped the teens off at the place K was staying at and we four adults went on for some drinks and a chat in a pub across the street (just in time to see Germany score their amazing 2-1 victory goal against Sweden in the 95th (!!) minute in the Football World Cup). I can’t tell you how great it was to meet up with K again and it was fun to see her meet my brother, whom she only knew through my stories but now got to meet in the flesh. I so wish I could see her, and my other dear friend A, far more frequently!

Sunday morning I slept in and then had a small late breakfast in the garden chatting with my brother in the sun before we went to pick up his daughter (my niece) from her mum’s place. We got back and the three of us had a lovely lunch before I had to hop on the bus to the airport again. Time really does fly by so fast when you’re having fun!

I just love being in London. I’ll be back again next year at the latest, as I promised my daughter she & I would go there for a mama-daughter weekend (I had a mama-son weekend there last year, it’s her turn next). I was thinking of going in May but with Brexit, who knows how easy it’ll be to enter the country as a EU citizen? Maybe we should plan it sometime before March 29th 2019 but then the weather will be more iffy and cold than in May. There was a huge Brexit demonstration in London last weekend


…and while we didn’t go there, I did see people aftewards here and there wearing anti-Brexit badges. I so wonder how an EU national’s enjoyment of England will be affected after March 2019…


A tweet a day…

Ever since the result of the EU referendum in Britain, Richard Armitage has been tweeting daily and you can just feel his outrage at the result. Here, I’ve put them all together so far (click on images to enlarge):

I very much share his sense of rage and disappointment (see my last few blogposts) and can not believe what I see unfolding before my eyes: the collapse of a nation! The PM resigning, markets falling, opposition in disarray, campaign lies unmasked (call me jaded, but I do find it hard to fathom that anyone really believed such a promise that the NHS would really get 350 million a week after Brexit), no plans for the future, a society in upheaval with xenophobia and the generations pointing fingers at each other, an EU that wants the UK to leave already and the latest bomb is that Boris Johnson, who led the nation to this precipice, has too abandoned ship! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pleased that (for now) Boris Johnson will not be prime minister, overjoyed, in fact! I hope this ruins his political career forever, because such a turncoat and deceiver should never be allowed in power, but good golly, I had not thought him to be so dastardly that he’d just leave the whole mess he made to everyone else… OK maybe he was forced out by Michael Gove who, by the looks of it, doesn’t sound ideal either. But then, in my eyes, no Tory leader would be. Not even sure about Theresa May… but, it’s not my choice…

I could ramble on and on about this for ages, but what I really wanted to express is that I have never experienced Richard Armitage like this, so openly sharing his political thoughts. He has dropped some hints before as to where he stands politically, but never has he been so outspoken as he has been in the past week…and he hasn’t deleted his tweets either! For this issue I guess he doesn’t care about any opposition or potential bashing. The man is really sticking up for this, and I’m loving it!

Also, never before have I seen my Twitter timeline so full of political reactions to his tweets! In addition, I find that his political views are so very close to mine, which of course pleases me, and his anger and disappointment mirror mine exactly. I know some people must be thinking ‘enough with the negativity!’ and even I find myself thinking that sometimes, but then I get angry all over again (like when the Boris bomb hit yesterday) and when I turn to twitter, there Richard is, expressing my anger or surprise in his way! This is such a huge, momentous issue, it can not just be brushed aside by thinking ‘oh, we must stop being negative now’.

Yes, we need to be constructive and just deal and make the best of it but when you are so against the outcome of this vote, it is very difficult. Somewhere  in my mind I can see my 2 year old self throwing a temper tantrum on the floor yelling “but I don’t want Brexit!” (OK, this is not me, but my son throwing one when he was two)…


And yet, we do need to move on. Even if Brexit were to be overturned, things will need to change and a new equilibrium needs to be found. Europe also needs to move on, it needs to address the anti-Europe sentiments, and I hope something positive can be built from it. I also hope this collapse is a deterrent to the Le Pens and Geert Wilders (far right Dutch politician) and also Trumps in this world, but I fear it isn’t… there are still many more skirmishes ahead… and I wonder if Richard will comment on those too.

Just one more thing! Or two..

I know I said I would stop talking politics, but then I came across this video just now (apparently already made in April) and it is the most brilliant thing ever! It spoofs one of my favourite Monty Python sketches from The Life if Brian called “What have the Romans ever done for us?” In fact, we love that sketch so much, I got my husband a T-shirt of it last spring…

Romans t-shirt

The video stars Patrick Stewart, whom I also love. It’s called “What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?” and it’s truly brilliant!

Maybe if the Remain campagne had focussed more on what Europe does actually achieve, on the positive things being in the EU brings, the outcome of this referendum could have been different? Who knows… but videos like this going viral may have helped.

Two more reactions I’d like to add…

A blog called “Viceandvirtueblog” posted what I thought was a very good reaction on the Brexit vote. The author challenges the claim that this vote is a ‘class war’ or that it is ‘a victory for the common man against the establishment’. She argues that the outcome of the referendum was based on a campaign of fear and hatred that went largely unchallenged and on people believing the lies they were served. I won’t paraphrase all she has to say. If you’re interested, take a look at her piece “A cry against anti-intellectualism”.

And finally, as a David Bowie fan, this tweet from the actor Paul Bettany struck a chord with me. 🙂

Ok, done with political blogging for now… let’s see how long I can last…

“Absolutely no cause for alarm”

Something about this whole Brexit campagne made me think of this brilliantly funny John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin (3 members of the Monty Python team) sketch…

I want to snap out of the glum and Monty Python is always a good idea…

Right, that’s it. I need to stop relating everything to Brexit. This blog is all over the place, but even so, it isn’t meant to be too political. For my own sanity (and the sanity of those reading) I  will try to let go for a bit and just hope for the best! My mind needs a rest…

Musings on Brexit… thoughts from a cinephile

Interesting summary on the FlixChatter movie blog on what Brexit can mean to the film industry! The “worst morning ever” clip that is included in this blog post very much illustrates how I feel after this vote – and made me laugh too.

FlixChatter Film Blog


We’re living in such volatile times. I checked Twitter just before I went to bed last night as the votes were pouring in for the EU referendum, not certain whether Britain will remain with European Union or leave. I woke up to this…

BrexitVote per BBCnews

So the United Kingdom isn’t all that united after all, and clearly there’s not much unity in European Union. I’m not a UK citizen, but I am a citizen of the world who love European cinema including British cinema, and before today I don’t really separate the two. I find it impossible not to care about the result of Brexit vote. Obviously there’s significant economic impact to the world as a result, but given this a film blog and I’m not well-versed in economic nor politics, this is just my two cents as a cinephile.

I think this Deleted Scene from 500 Days of Summer kind of sums…

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