The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #DecemberFundRAiser

The fixed price sale for the December FundRAIser has just gone live. The announcement on Guytly’s site is HERE. Direct link to Guylty’s Etsy store is HERE.

I had a few placemats made for the occasion…

…lots of ’em, so they’re not selling out as quickly as some other items are, but in the 15 or so minutes since the sale has gone live, other stuff has already sold out, so take a gander quickly if you want to snap something up!

Modified to add a quote from Guylty’s text: “Note: Some items will be published in 2 batches. If you miss out on something that appears to be sold out, come back tomorrow morning when batch 2 goes live!”

The Richard magic mug

Guylty’s 2022 #DecemberFundRAiser has just gone live and it’s time to reveal the item that I have donated.

A few months ago, I came across an option to have your own personalised magic mug made and I thought, “Ooh, wouldn’t that be cool for some discreet Richard Armitage fangirling”! I couldn’t resist and had two made – one for myself that I’ve been using regularly and one still nice and pristine and new in its box. I’ve put the latter into the #DecemberFundRAiser auction on Ebay so that a fellow fan/well-wisher/Richardite can enjoy such a mug as well.

So the smaller box inside that bigger box that I showed in a blog post the other day…

… contains this mug! It looks like a nice and simple black mug…

…. but once you pour hot water into it, the magic happens and our Rich appears!

I chose three images for the mug (click on images to enlarge)…

As you finish your drink or the liquid cools down, the mug reverts to black again.

In recent weeks I’ve been using my own mug a lot for my cups of tea and am loving it. The mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe, so to keep the coating well, it needs to be handwashed. I’m sure Richard doesn’t mind being handled with care. My own mug did accidentally once find its way into our dishwasher but it luckily came out OK. So, it won’t explode or anything if you do so, but better not to. Richard deserves a long and sturdy life, after all.

You can bid on the new, unused mug HERE and I will send it out to the winner at the end of the week after the auction ends. Good luck to all bidders!

#DecemberFundRAiser – where did the time go?

Apparently it’s #DecemberFundRAiser time again! Seriously, where did November go? Life is busy here and for the second time in about 5 weeks I am felled by a flu! I’ve been testing like crazy the first time around and also this time around, but it doesn’t seem to be Covid, not this time and not last time either. I have a feeling I’m catching up on every form of the flu I missed out on during around 18 months of lockdowns. I’ve had my 4th booster Covid shot and a few weeks ago got a flu shot but alas I still got sick. Ugh. Hope it passes soon. This time around, unlike a few weeks ago, I don’t think I have a fever, so that’s something.

Anyway, with all that’s going on here in my real life and with illness, the time just seems to zoom by and I feel wholly unprepared (mentally that is) for it being December FundRAiser time again. The fact remains, however, that the time has come. All the details for the FundRAiser can be found on Guylty’s page HERE. The auction on Ebay kicks off on Sunday, November 27th.

My contribution to the Ebay auction is this Richard Armitage fan item in a box (to be unveiled on Sunday) accompanied by some sweets (typical Dutch stroopwafels and a few chocolates).

Wishing everyone happy charity auction bidding when the time arrives!

Modified to add tbat Guylty has put up some teasers in a new post HERE.

Richard catch up

I’ve been collecting some newer Richard goodies in a post, hoping to blog about them but never got around to it until now. This post has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks and I’ve been adding on, only now getting around to typing a few thoughts out properly and posting.

It’s been very busy here with work and family stuff and just general ‘lots to do’ moments. This means that I haven’t even made time in recent weeks to read up on all the blogs I normally read and comment on. I’ll try to pop in on more recent posts and read and comment there but don’t have the time to catch up on everything. My apologies for that.

Anyway, back to Richard: for my own reference and to celebrate that he still remains my favourite, I’m posting these Richard Armitage tidbits that I have collected over the past few weeks.

First off, the Geneva audiobook which includes a trailer…

I think I will have to wait until he makes the film because I really can’t do the audiobook thing. Ideally, I’d love to see a book in print of Geneva as well, I would totally read that.

Next: his production company has the TV rights to the Joy Ellis books. I haven’t read the books yet or heard the audiobooks, but I hear he may be perfect for the role of DI Jackman. In the promo he did for the audiobook a few years ago he already looked perfect. I think it’s time I started reading the books.

There have also been some nice looking premiere pictures for The Man From Rome, taken mid October:

The LOROS thank you, sent to Sonja a few weeks ago is really awesome:

And my favourite new Richard pictures come from the recent Hello magazine article.

The thing that jumped out at me in that interview is Richard saying in response to a question about being a hearthrob (yawn!): “I’m 51 – have you seen the state of me?” Yes, I have and it’s not half bad. It’s like a fine wine…

Another, more introspective, interview was published in the Sunday Telegraph.

See the thread here for the text of that article, thanks to Laura (@geekyhippyweird) on Twitter:

(Originally tweeted by Laura (@geekyhippyweird) on October 30, 2022.)

I’m not going into that whole shirt off malarkey – I have never ever liked anyone this much just because of what he looks like without a shirt. I mean, yeah, I like him without a shirt but it really is by far not the only draw. Anyway, there are two things that jumped out at me in this one.

First: that he ‘came out at 19’. I mean, it’s no surprise that he is gay but I think it’s the first time he’s ever said that so clearly and publicly like that.

Second: He says about his character Daniel in Geneva: “Daniel’s wife has all the glory. He’s had to accept that he’s pretty average. I can relate to that. […] I’ve never had that natural God-given genius, for instance, but when I was younger I knew I could become a fairly average cello player if I worked hard enough.” And, oh my, can I identify with those sentiments! I recall clearly that at age 15 this wave of clarity hit me that I would never be anything more than average. I got upset about it and I remember my older sister comforting me but that revelation has stuck with me to this day. It’s not self pity or a cry for attention, it’s just a basic fact of life and I have built my life around that: make it as good as I can with the not so very extraordinary tools that I have.

I’m loving all these new Richard goodies, they give me new and old things to churn over.

My happy place

Junior snapped these two pictures of me this evening…

… in my fave chair, with a cat at each side of me, after watching the Elizabeth Gaskell House interview with Sandy Welch about adapting North and South.

I’d love to hear Sandy Welch also speak about adapting Our Mutual Friend, Jane Eyre, and Emma and could have listened to her way longer speaking about North and South. After another busy day today at work, it was perfect to unwind with cats and Sandy Welch and North and South and a bit ‘o Richard Armitage on the side.