#EarthquakeAid for Turkey and Syria

Guylty has organized an impromptu charity sale of Richard Armitage items to benefit the victims of the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. All details on Guylty’s blog HERE.

I’m reading this an hour after the sale has gone live and see that some items are already gone. I have donated some magnetic bookmarks to the sale…

… and as I type this, those have not all be sold out yet. So, if you are so inclined and can spare a small amount, pop on over to Guylty’s Etsy shop and pick an item or two to benefit the #EarthquakeAid. Thank you!

Meet cute Monday #4

One of the reasons I started blogging was that I needed to unburden myself in my enthusiasm for Richard Armitage. So, naturally, I need to inlcude some Richard in these meet cutes I am posting.

The first Armitage meet cute I am sharing is not only a meet cute between two characters (although, frankly, that meeting was not really cute) but it was also my own first time encountering Richard Armitage. I refer, of course, to Richard’s captivating portrayal of John Thornton in the 2004 BBC mini series North and South that I watched for the first time at the beginning of 2006. This means that I am posting this around the 17th (!!!) anniversary of me discovering Richard!

So, here it is: the very contentious meeting of Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe), the refined young woman from the south of Engand, and John Thornton (Richard Armitage), the rough-edged master of Marlborough Mills in the north.

My goodness, all these years on, the magnetic pull of Richard in this is still undeniable and he had such great chemistry with Daniela.

I still go back to North and South on occasion and re-watch scenes, especially from the final episode. It is still one of my favourite things Richard has ever done.

New interview

I’m only seeing this now, but apparently Richard has done a new interview about writing his audiobook Geneva. I don’t care much for Valentine’s Day and we never do anything to celebrate but as I’m seeing this today, I’ll consider it a V-day gift.

I haven’t watched this yet as it’s over an hour long and I’m at work but I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing the man speak again! I did take a little peek at the video to take a screenshot…

… and it looks like he is surrounded by chocolate! Yumm! I know it’s sound proofing but is this also in reference to what his voice sounds like? I like to think so. In any case, it looks like I will have a date with Richard Armitage on YouTube and some chocolate this evening after work.

Merry Christ/Richard-mas

So, yeah, I probably should have mentioned this earlier but it’s been quite crazy around here, so I haven’t been in the right headspace to do so. About a week or so ago I received the item I won in the auction of the 2022 December FundRAiser: the Thorin Oakenshield’s belt buckle necklace! It came in such a beautifully crafted box and it is perfect for discreet Richard Armitage fangirling. It’s really lovely and I’m very happy to be the new owner.

Not only did I receive this lovely Richard-themed Christmas item, a little over a week ago Mr E and I and two good friends of ours went on our yearly Christmas market trip to Germany. This time we visited Heidelberg, which is only 30 km south of where I used to live in the 1980s. We left on the Friday (the 9th) and spent two nights there, right in the center of the old town. My younger brother also came and met up with a good friend of his there but met us in the evenings. On our last morning (Sunday) we were even greeted with a dusting of snow, which made everything look even more magical.

On our way back, we also stopped by Heppenheim, where my dad used to work and where I lived for a bit with my family. We used to live in the yellow house in the first picture. The white house is the “Martin Buber Haus” where my dad used to work and where I have also worked in the little library that house used to have (I don’t know if it’s still there). The small town center/marketplace is only a minute’s walk away from the Buber Haus. It was really fun to get away for a weekend.

I addition to all this Christmas stuff, we also have Richard’s Christmas message which landed on Tiktok, and thankfully also on Instagram…

A few snapshots from that video. So cute to see him so happy and relaxed!

He suggests giving to Shelter this holiday season, supporting the homeless. Link is HERE if you are so inclined.

It’s been really busy and somewhat challenging of late, but these are definite highlights during this Chistmas/Richardmas season of lights.

Our Xmas Present for Richard is on the Way #DecemberFundRAiser

What a great end result for our December FundRAIser! The funds have been transferred to LOROS. Read all the details on Guylty’s blog below.

Guylty Pleasure

Hello! I come bearing glad tidings. The time has come to not only disclose the proceeds of our December fundraiser, but to also let you know that the deed has been done and the donation has been made. So the important bit first:

What a proud sum, so elegantly even 😉. How did we do that???? Well, here are the accounts for the fundraiser.

The auctions on eBay made a net profit of €2,103.35. The fixed-price sale on Etsy generated a net profit of €1,042.17. These are all net profits, i.e. the money that was transferred to me by eBay and Etsy. They already deducted their fees at source. (More about that below) We additionally received donations to the tune of €884.91. From the net profits of €4,030.64 we had to cover the postage costs of €575.81. These also include customs fees which I had to…

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