RA Blog reunion day & hugs

Natazukii, over on Twitter, has organized a Richard Armitage blog reunion day for May 29th! That’s a cool idea, thank you for that, Nat. 🙂 It just became May 29th here in The Netherlands an hour ago, so off I go with my post before I head to bed.

Natazukii’s blog was one of the blogs I used to frequent way back when because I loved all her “Stick-figure Richard” drawings. At that time I didn’t interact or react on message boards or blogs but I did really enjoy reading them. I became an Armitage fan back in 2006 but I was a ‘loner fan’, lurking on the C19 message board, where a lot of Richard discussion was happening, on websites, a few other message boards as the fandom split into more factions, and later on blogs as they popped up. Those blogs inspired me to start writing my own blog around 6 years ago. Mine is not solely dedicated to Richard, never has been, but he still pops up a lot and still remains my favourite actor.

So, if you ask, what I’ve been up to, all I can say is that I’m still happily married, the kids are getting big (18 and 16 now), I’m still working (albeit from home during this Corona crisis) and I’ve also been happily blogging. I’m still an Armitage fan but I also love very many other things that I blog about. I’m a late bloomer, always have been, so when I did finally start to blog, many of the Armitage bloggers I’d been reading were starting to slow down or stop. I don’t devour as obsessively anymore as I used to but I’m still pretty caught up with all the Armitage news and I’m still keeping out of fandom bust ups when they do happen (and they’ve been happening since the early days).

So, with nothing really interesting to report, I thought I’d just send out some lovely Richard Armitage hugs instead. Here goes…

… and then look forward to reading the blogs today during this reunion thing. I’ll be working, but hopefully in the afternoon/evening will have time to catch up. Here’s to the good old days and to all the wonderful Richard Armitage bloggers out there who made me want to become a blogger too. Thank you!

RA as gestampte muisjes

What does that title mean, you ask? Just bear with me…
Richard Armitage is narrating some Chekhov short stories and there is a blurb about it with a video of Richard in the Radio Times. I missed this yesterday as I was engrossed in Paul Newman (forgot that he was such a good and mesmerizing actor until I saw him again a few weeks ago in Until they Sail with Jean Simmons).

Anyway, Richard Armitage in that Radio Times video was looking pretty good, all in white. Almost as soon as I saw it, something about it made me think of Guylty’s RA as Breakfast Sprinkles post and I realized straight away that I needed to add an addendum. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Richard Armitage as Gestampte Muisjes…

Gestampte muisjes translates to mashed mice (muisjes are basically sugared aniseeds and these are mashed sugared aniseeeds).

I zone out of audiobooks (sorry, Richard!) but it sure is fun seeing behind the scenes videos like this. I’d love to see the outside of Richard’s mini home studio as well as I still have some questions. For instance, is the studio inside a den (Rich mentions that word) or is it really, literally inside a cupboard? I still can’t quite make that out. Anyway, here are some more screenshots…

Yeah, looking at all those images together like that, I still think of gestampte muisjes!

An Armitage – Peck parallel

Andy Gotts posted new pictures of Richard Armitage from the photoshoot he did a while back. I really like these goofy shots and the lovely text that goes with it. Always good to hear that Richard has a no-nonsense attitude in these things.

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Fresh from my #Lockdown hideaway and a little something for the bank-holiday weekend…here are some unseen shots from the glorious barmy Armi #RichardArmitage. I thought I would just like to whet your appetites before the actual chosen photographs are worked on. Loved working with RA and he showed just what a pro he was. Many actors you need to work into their diary, and most need ’space’ before and after the shoot. Whereas the Admirable Armitage dropped by to the shoot on the way to the airport. Most of the shoot-proper is along the mean and moody vibe but I do enjoy making people gurn at my lens at most shoots. Many people hate the formality of a photo shoot, so if you get people to lark around it lets them drop their guard and be their real selves, BTW I recently binged watched #TheStranger on #Netflix. What a fabulous mini series (though I did guess what happened to the missing wife quite early on. The actress who played ‘the Stranger’ did a wonderful job too, I was hooked from episode 1. #RichardArmitage #ThorinOakenshield #TheHobbit #Spooks #Hannibal #TheCrucible #photography #celebrityphotographer #AndyGotts #oneshotgotts

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That first shot of the four with a lifted Armitage eyebrow gave me instant Gregory Peck vibes. Gregory also used to lift his left eyebrow and I always loved that; he did it quite a lot. Not going on an endless image search but from my own archive I found Exhibit A from Roman Holiday…

Roman Holiday (57)

And you just know that Peck is lifting his eyebrow (the one that’s away from the viewer) here as well in exhibit B while he’s amused and studying Audrey Hepburn…

Roman Holiday (111)

Exhibit C shows Richard and Gregory side by side, both of them with an eyebrow raised…

In the next two pictures Richard’s eyes are just huge! Not used to seeing them like that and the second one just makes me laugh…

The last picture of the four looks fierce and brings another little reminder of Gregory here. Not quite murderous like Gregory in The Omen but you don’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley…

It’s not the first time Richard reminds me of Gregory and I’m sure it won’t be the last. These portraits are different, surprising and I really enjoy them. Thank you for sharing, @drgotts!

Richard, Agatha and me

Rich is yet again busy with audiobook recording, this time in his at home studio. Apparently now he’s recording Agatha Christie’s first Poirot book. I know Hercule Poirot is Belgian, not French, but the striped shirt Richard’s wearing has a French vibe which suits Poirot. 🙂

2020-05-06 10_35_20-Richard Armitage op Twitter_ _I’ve been hard at work recording two beloved Agath

Maybe he should have introduced himself as Reeshar Armeetahzg.

This ‘good fan’ *cough* (I’m not a little child!) has perked up her ears at the mention of Hercule Poirot. Will he be narrated with a French-Belgian accent? Now that I might want to hear. Reeshar mentions that he will tell us something about a personal connection he has to Agatha Christie and I have one too which I can’t resist sharing here.

My father hardly read fiction, it was mostly non-fiction theology, religion, philosophy and politics for him. He did read Agatha Christie, however. In fact, I still have a few Agatha Christies on my bookshelf precisely because they belonged to my father and I can’t bear to give them away.


I’m not a huge mystery book reader but my dad encouraged me to read Agatha Christie and so I did and I enjoyed them. He especially loved Hercule Poirot and also the Hercule Poirot movies with Peter Ustinov. Ustinov will always be the definitive Poirot for me.


Will Richard reading Agatha Christie, and Hercule Poirot specifically, convert me to audiobooks? If my dad were still alive, I’d certainly invest in a Christie audiobook for him to see how he’d like it.

Thank you, Richard

I saw a Richard Armitage video clip on Servetus’s blog just now (thank you, Serv, for finding that!) that I just need to post here as well.  Richard, still with Uncle Vanya hair, speaking about working on Broadway, about how special that was for him, about the importance of theatre and about getting through this corona crisis.

It’s a short message, about his work but somehow also strangely comforting with his heartfelt words.

“The lights will come back on and we will be together again” and “For now be safe, be healthy and we’ll see you soon” were simple sentences that rounded off this little video perfectly. I wasn’t waiting or particularly hoping for a message from Richard during this corona crisis, but now that this message is here, I love it! This was exactly the balm I needed right now, today, this evening. Thank you, Richard, for cheering me up.