A Valentine’s Day declaration of love

I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day – my husband and I say we prefer to show our love all year round, we don’t need V-day.  🙂 But on blog I felt I couldn’t quite ignore it, especially after I came across these very fitting Hugh Jackman gifs…

HJ Happy Valentine's DayHJ No I love you

So, a Valentine’s Day post it is. This means that, of course, one of my fave on-screen kisses ever by Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe needs to be featured here…


And Colin Firth declaring his love can not be ignored…

CF ardently admire and love youCF I like you just as you are

The kiss I have been most pre-occupied with in recent months needs to be included. Suits finally returns for it’s second half of season 7 at the end of March when we will finally, finally see what happens after this Donna & Harvey (#Darvey) kiss…

Darvey kiss gifDarvey kiss gif 5

However, for all these things, the true love in my life really is my husband. After last year’s V-day post I came to singing his praises in the comments there and now here, in its own blog post, I want to reiterate what I wrote then, for all to see…

Mr Esther and I have been together for 26 years now and this is the first picture of us as a couple, taken during the first weekend in February of 1992, just a week after we got together (Mr Esther was close to 21; I was close to 22)…


We were both in college at the time and from the very first kiss everything felt completely right between us. We’ve been soul mates, best friends and lovers ever since. In 1999, on our 7.5 year anniversary, we were married…

The declaration of love that I made in the comments last year still holds true today, even though we are really getting old and fat (these pics were taken last summer and 9 years ago respectively)…

I suspect I will always love this man from the bottom of my heart. Quoting from last year:

“No, Richard [Armitage or any other man actor crush for that matter] is in no way whatsoever a rival for my husband. I think even if I would know Richard in real life, who knows whether I could really love him in the romantic sense? He could be a Mr. Grumpy pants for all I know, or a work-a-holic who’s never around, whose life and career would possibly take precendence over me, etc. etc. I don’t share a 25 year personal history with Richard, I don’t have children with him, he isn’t the one who has helped me deal with losses and disappointments, he isn’t the one who supports me and leaves me free to be who I want to be, who nurtures me and encourages me, he isn’t the one who loves me completely as I am, warts and all, he isn’t the one who is there for me physically and mentally – my husband is all that and no one can replace that. And I hope I am all that to him. [It’s] a personal exchange. When my husband and I met I was already a fan girl of all sorts of movie stuff, with posters of faves all over my room, he doesn’t know better than that I am always in love with some actor or other and it never bothered him. Also, I find that the actors I love all seem to have a bit of my husband in them, so basically when I fall for an actor, I’m falling in love with aspects of my husband… Yeah, I’m so so lucky. 🙂”

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but today is as good a day as any to let my husband know yet again that I love him! Maybe when he reads this post it will earn me a surprise bouquet of flowers? Or at the very least an extra little caress and/or kiss, like these from the sweet movie Something New that Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan made in 2006…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

24 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day declaration of love

  1. Love your choices! And the cute photos! Thanj you for sharing!
    I’ve been married for… a quarter of a century this year – isn’t that unbelievable? Abd it’s not about Valentine’s day actually but at last it’s a good mark to remind me what I have.
    Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, I tried on a veil in the bridal shop but for some reason I felt it just didn’t suit me! I’m not a veil kinda girl with complicated hairdos to make them look good. I tried on some hats then and loved this one. 🙂 Made my hair easy is as well, all I needed was a good, short cut and voila… 🙂


  2. Ich freue mich für euch und hoffe, dass ihr einen schönen Valentinstag hattet. ❤
    (Herzerwärmend, deine Bild-Auswahl)
    Mein Schatz und ich haben uns zur Feier der Tages "Les Miserables" mit Herrn Jackman gegönnt.

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  3. Awww! Such a lovely and heartfelt tribute to you and your husband’s love! And your pictures were great. You were a stunningly beautiful bride–and a gorgeous gown! And your husband was quite handsome.

    For me, I always say that I married my John Standring–I just didn’t know it at the time, since we’ll be 30 years together this June and I have only admired Richard since 2010. Ha! My hubby is a tall, curly haired, big cuddly bear of a man. Sighhh!

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  4. janesteinmiller

    Your words are so sweet Esther, and your pictures are lovely. Old? 46 & 48? I think Richard would argue with you on that one. I know I do. This was a wonderful post Esther. It warms the heart, and brings a wide smile to the face. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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