Congrats, Richard!

He has hinted at it but now it’s apparently almost done: Richard Armitage has written a book!

He’ll be going to Switzerland in July, to Geneva I presume, to finish it – I wonder when and for how long? Should he happen to be in Lausanne at the beginning of August, I’ll be there for a day and will be happy to meet him… 😉

Anyway, the Audible page that Richard refers to in his tweet gives a little synopsis of the story…

“Nobel prize winning scientist Sarah Collier heads to an important conference in Geneva with her husband Daniel. But while there being lobbied by corporations for their support she begins to experience confusing contradictions and lapses of memory…
A dark psychological thriller for fans of Before I Go to Sleep and The Woman in the Window, written and performed by Richard Armitage.
©2022 Richard Armitage (P)2022 Audible, Ltd

I am still not one for audiobooks, so I really hope this will appear in print as well. I hope this new Daniel will fare better than the last Daniel Richard was involved with…

The sentence “she begins to experience confusing contradictions and lapses of memory…” makes me think of gaslighting, just as Charles Boyer did with Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 movie Gaslight.

Will this Daniel be the baddie? Or will he be Sarah’s rock? Although I’m not really one for reading psychological thrillers I am curious about this one, due to the sole fact that Richard has written it. For him I will brave this genre. Congratulations Richard on writing and publishing a book!

Popping up with Richard

I’m a bad Armitage fan right now. Still haven’t gotten up the courage to see My Zoe yet and I admit to not minding so much that Richard is relatively quiet on social media. So much happening on social media these days that it gets exhausting to follow and him not being around so much is almost bliss – one less thing to occupy my mind with. Now Richard has popped up again and this time it’s not someting I want to ignore, so here I am, popping up as well with a blog post.

So, Richard Armitage is now promoting again, this time the audiobook of selected Chekhov tales he is reading. Yeah, really not interested in another audio book, but I do like seeing a new picture of our Richie again…

The image was used in a recent NME interview called “The Soundtrack of my Life” which was published yesterday. Not too revealing an article but a fun enough read.

He really is of my generation with his Abba and Eurythmics and Queen memories/choices. Imogen Heap I have heard of by name, listening to that song he shared I don’t think I need to hear more, it’s not for me. His Tina Turner story intrigued me as I remember wanting to go and see her as well during that tour but although I liked Tina Turner I was never a real fan and in the end felt it was too expensive. I thought I’d check the tour dates to see when Armitage would have been in Amsterdam to see her but according to Wikipedia she did her Dutch concerts in Arnhem not Amsterdam! Memory is a tricky thing, even for Richards. Maybe he stayed in Amsterdam, which is about an hour and a half away (or a little less) from Arnhem. That last video he shared of that Icelandic band’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest was awesome. I had seen part of it before, never the whole thing, and it just cracked me up.

Then yesterday evening another item appeared about Richard being in an Empire podcast. My brother had come by unexpectedly, so I chose him and a nice cheese evening instead of the podcast…

Richard still wasn’t a priority during the day today when I decided to spend it finally finishing my Audrey Hepburn in World War II book (post on that will be forthcoming). This evening after dinner I finally did make some time and listened to the podcast. I skipped ahead till I got to the Richard bit at 1 hour and 10 minutes.

So, the man is in New York. Lots of audiobook and Chekhov talk that were mildly interesting to me (I’m sorry, I just can not get hyped up about audiobooks!). I liked the latter part of the interview better when chat turned to other things. I really liked that little stage door story of when he realized that Toby Jones had played Dobby the house elf. Until this evening I too hadn’t realized that Toby had played Dobby.

I could identify with the getting fat and grey at 50 comment, because that’s what’s going on with me, but I somehow don’t think that will happen with him just yet. He commented on being semi-introverted and slightly anti-social, so that going into lockdown was alright for him (alone I wonder?) and with that too I can identify. He mentioned about staying off social media (yeah, noticed that) but that it was maybe time to come out of hiding now. The tombstone epitaph that he thinks would be fitting for him saying, “He was fully committed” – yeah, I can see that too. There wasn’t that much new in this interview but it was nice hearing him speak again.

A nice little Armitage distraction, but now it’s back to other things again for the rest of the evening, here in our garden with a little outside fire burning and a glass of white wine. The son is out, the daughter is watching a movie in her room, the husband is reading and I am tryping this…

… while I listen to the two little hedgehogs that live in our garden waking up and moving around in the undergrowth. Mr Esther was able to take a picture of them 3 days ago…

I think I may go back to Anthony Andrews land again when I sign off here. Been in that land for a little while now, ever since I posted about him in that fictional crush challenge I did…

… or I may pick up another book again. Needs to be a good one because I had quite some frustration with the Audrey Hepburn one and I don’t want to be frustrated again. Enough chat for now. Over and out

RA as gestampte muisjes

What does that title mean, you ask? Just bear with me…
Richard Armitage is narrating some Chekhov short stories and there is a blurb about it with a video of Richard in the Radio Times. I missed this yesterday as I was engrossed in Paul Newman (forgot that he was such a good and mesmerizing actor until I saw him again a few weeks ago in Until they Sail with Jean Simmons).

Anyway, Richard Armitage in that Radio Times video was looking pretty good, all in white. Almost as soon as I saw it, something about it made me think of Guylty’s RA as Breakfast Sprinkles post and I realized straight away that I needed to add an addendum. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Richard Armitage as Gestampte Muisjes…

Gestampte muisjes translates to mashed mice (muisjes are basically sugared aniseeds and these are mashed sugared aniseeeds).

I zone out of audiobooks (sorry, Richard!) but it sure is fun seeing behind the scenes videos like this. I’d love to see the outside of Richard’s mini home studio as well as I still have some questions. For instance, is the studio inside a den (Rich mentions that word) or is it really, literally inside a cupboard? I still can’t quite make that out. Anyway, here are some more screenshots…

Yeah, looking at all those images together like that, I still think of gestampte muisjes!

Richard, Agatha and me

Rich is yet again busy with audiobook recording, this time in his at home studio. Apparently now he’s recording Agatha Christie’s first Poirot book. I know Hercule Poirot is Belgian, not French, but the striped shirt Richard’s wearing has a French vibe which suits Poirot. 🙂

2020-05-06 10_35_20-Richard Armitage op Twitter_ _I’ve been hard at work recording two beloved Agath

Maybe he should have introduced himself as Reeshar Armeetahzg.

This ‘good fan’ *cough* (I’m not a little child!) has perked up her ears at the mention of Hercule Poirot. Will he be narrated with a French-Belgian accent? Now that I might want to hear. Reeshar mentions that he will tell us something about a personal connection he has to Agatha Christie and I have one too which I can’t resist sharing here.

My father hardly read fiction, it was mostly non-fiction theology, religion, philosophy and politics for him. He did read Agatha Christie, however. In fact, I still have a few Agatha Christies on my bookshelf precisely because they belonged to my father and I can’t bear to give them away.


I’m not a huge mystery book reader but my dad encouraged me to read Agatha Christie and so I did and I enjoyed them. He especially loved Hercule Poirot and also the Hercule Poirot movies with Peter Ustinov. Ustinov will always be the definitive Poirot for me.


Will Richard reading Agatha Christie, and Hercule Poirot specifically, convert me to audiobooks? If my dad were still alive, I’d certainly invest in a Christie audiobook for him to see how he’d like it.

Richard Armitage therapy

The new second series of Castlevania has started on Netflix…

… but as much as I love Richard and Richard’s voice (and his world-weary humour in voicing Trevor Belmont), right now is not the time for me to watch this. I feel a little… I guess I could call it unbalanced at the moment. Nothing I can’t deal with, I just need a little time to settle myself again. There’s some unsettling family stuff right now and I think I’m going through some beginning stages of menopausal stuff and every time I turn on the news and I hear something from the US, it depresses the shit out of me, the latest being this ridiculous caravan fear-mongering thing. Trevor Noah expresses it much better than I can in this video.  Anyway, suffice it to say, my mood really isn’t the best of late. So, yeah, watching a possibly good but bloody and dark vampire series is not something I can mentally handle right now. I will in time, itching to hear Richard in this, but not right now.

Speaking of hearing Richard – there are so many audiobooks he’s doing now, I can’t and won’t even try to keep track. I think I am (by now famously) known for really not enjoying any audiobooks, from Richard or anyone else. Still love that he does them but they’re not for me. So, yeah, I’ll be skipping all these too. What I do love are the images that have popped up surrounding the audio books releases. This one yesterday was very nice…

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-11-01

… but this one from a few days earlier, with Richard holding a Philippa Gregory book he narrated, is one I just love! This image prompted a fun series of white t-shirt shots from Nellindreams over on her blog, by the way.

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-10-29It’s a pretty staged photo but I love how relaxed Richard looks with a book in his hands and the friendly look he gives us through the camera lense. He looks like he was caught reading and now seems to be inviting us in to join him. I like that.

Then, for Halloween, Richard shared this selfie of himself…

RA selfie 2018-10-31It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a fun Armitage selfie. ✅ Approved!

And today I saw this image (tweeted yesterday by the man himself)…

RA selfie 2018-11-02

… and I think this may be one of my fave Richard Armitage selfies ever! He is recording Castlevania season 3 now and is apparently very excited about the guitars in the recording studio. The glee in his face and eyes makes me think: someone give him a good, fun rock musical to do!

Where audiowork by Richard can’t really cheer me up right now, these images most definitely can, which is why I just had to capture them all together in one blog post here. Oh, alright, and these also cheer me up…

Richard Armitage smile and laughter therapy is always good. It’s part of the getting me settled again process. 🙂