I wish I looked this good traveling…

So, the Korean fans did actually meet Richard Armitage off that plane and boy, did Richard look good coming off a long flight like that! Does he sleep, hydrate, meditate, put on face masks, what? No selfie he makes does him justice (he always looks off to me in them), these pics from the Korean fans do do him justice – Rich looked good! I know these have been shared everwhere already, but just to keep a record of it on my site as well, here are my faves that I came across…

These are from Babappa on Twitter, I cropped them a bit (click on pictures to enlarge):

Or these from qkrxhRod on Twitter. Especially love that first one:

And these from shine_71reen on Twitter are cute too. That little smile…so nice…

Or these from Veloce

He looked relaxed, pleased, I loved the longer hair and stubble, even the white shirt looked fine. The thank-you-to-the-fans picture he posted afterwards was sweet (albeit a selfie)…

RA Seoul 2019-0704 arrival thank you

… and a nice little addition to the great pictures of him arriving in Seoul. Thank you fans in Korea for sharing your treasures! This made a fangirl’s heart happy. 🙂


Meet Richard off a plane!

Apparently Richard is flying from Paris to Seoul right now (that little Korean tekst in the Tweet apparently translates to: “I am looking forward to meeting you”):

… so I did a quick google search and found this:


He should be landing in about 3 hours time. Anyone want to meet him off the plane? 🙂

So, it looks like this scifi Korean project really is a go. Curious to hear more of what this is all about… Until then, here’s that picture in close up that he tweeted:

RA plane Paris-Seoul July 3rd 2019

Somehow it feels like something is missing from his nose, like he should be wearing glasses like he did on a plane 2 months ago…

RA on a plane 2019-0502

In any case, kinda fun that he shared where he’s at right now and we fans can picture sitting next to him on a plane and chatting with him. 🙂

Aaaaand… we’re off!

Last night was the last evening Mr Esther and I spent with our kids this year, so we had a mini family New Year’s Eve celebration with the traditional “oliebollen” which are served for New Year’s here, some bubbly wine and sparklers…


Today we all set off in different directions. Mr Esther and I left at around 11.30 am for Hamburg, the kids left at around 3 pm by bus and train for my older brother’s home town. They are spending the night there so that tomorrow morning early my older brother can drive his daughter, my kids and my younger brother to the airport. Off to London they go!

After two stops we arrived at our hotel in Hamburg at around 5.45 pm. Mr Esther has been feeling a little off today and that got worse on our drive up to Hamburg. He’s feverish, so this evening we’re staying put at our hotel.


Hopefully Mr Esther can sleep it off somewhat so that he feels a little better tomorrow and we can start exploring Hamburg a bit.

I expect to not be online much tomorrow, so I’m wishing all of you a good New Year’s Eve now. Have fun celebrating, not celebrating, sleeping, whatever it is you want to do and talk to you all again in 2019! 🎇

Düsseldorf and Gasometer

So, this past weekend I went to see Suzy from the Silverbluelining blog. We e-mail and text occasionally, we’ve seen each other a few times, she’s been to my house (Suzy, I just checked it was two years ago!) and this time I went to visit her. I travelled by train to visit her, which was only a little over 2 hours – not bad! It was beautiful setting off on Saturday morning…


… and a few hours later Suzy met me off the train in Düsseldorf. We walked around the city for a while, did a little shopping, had some Käsekuchen (yumm!) with our tea and coffee, did some sightseeing including going up the Fernsehturm (the TV tower) and had a late lunch at a Lebanese restaurant which was delicious. Here some images of Düsseldorf (click to enlarge)…

Late in the afternoon we went on to Suzy’s house, which is not far from Düsseldorf. She has two adorable pet rabbits hopping in her back garden!

In the evening we went to the cinema to see A Star is Born (not dubbed in German but shown in English, yess!) with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Those two together, especially on stage, had great chemistry together.


The movie is tragic (if you’ve seen the older versions you may know that) and is even better than I ever expected it to be. Everyone’s on about Lady Gaga, and she really was good in this, but Bradley Cooper really knocked this one out of the park! From the trailer you could think that this is a lovely romantic, uplifting movie, but really it isn’t like that… it’s a tragedy.

When the movie finished, everything was deadly quiet in the cinema for a little bit before everyone started getting up. I think Suzy and I weren’t the only ones swallowing away lumps in throats and wiping away tears…

After sleeping in on Sunday we went to the “Gasometer” in Oberhausen to see the exhibition “Der Berg Ruft” (“The Call of the Mountain”). The Gasometer is an old storage center for gas which is now used for exhibitions.

The exhibition was all about mountains, the charm and adventure, the nature, the people climbing them and living near them and the animals. The photo prints were huge and absolutely gorgeous! We took lots of pictures but could easily have taken more.

There were gorgeous pictures of mountains (seriously, click on the images to enlarge!)…

… and here’s Suzy (on the right) looking at one of the beautiful mountain photos…

Berg ruft (8)

Photos of mountain nature…

… and I am always most fascinated by people. So many beautiful images and portraits!

The exhbition of photographs was set up on two floors in the round. On the third floor they had this sculpture of the Matterhorn mountain (between Switzerland and Italy) hanging upside down, suspended from the ceiling, like this (not my picture)…

Matterhorn im Gasometer Oberhausen

You could sit or lie down on the stairs surrounding it and slowly see different lightshows light up the mountain…

There was a large mirror underneath it where you could see the reflection of the top of the mountain. Here are Suzy (on the right) and I (on the left) taking pictures of ourselves and the mountain reflected in the mirror.


We also went out to the top of the Gasometer to take a look at the view…

… then headed back to Suzy’s house for a home cooked meal followed by a lovely walk in the woods not far from her house.

I also got to meet Suzy’s two grown up sons – it was nice meeting the handsome young men behind the stories. And I even got to pet her younger son’s pet gecko!


At the beginning of Sunday evening Suzy accompanied me back to Düsseldorf where I boarded a train back home again.

A nice little tidbit: see what both Suzy and I have on our handbags!


Guylty’s RA pins are a standard feature on each of our bags and a lovely little reminder of the reason why we met in the first place: Richard Armitage! While he is the reason for us meeting and while he was discussed a little, most of our talking was about many many other things. It was really fun to catch up with each other like that, it was a lovely weekend.

Ganz lieben ❤️lichen Dank für das wunderschöne Wochende, Suzy!