Happy 2020 from Frankfurt!

Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, Mr Esther, my mini-not-me daughter and I spent strolling through the center of Frankfurt. Mini-not-me is tired of Mr Esther’s and my preference for older looking towns, she wants to see modern skylines and buildings and such, so we stuck to the newer part of town. We all especially liked the Zeil shopping mall.

One store called Saturn stocked an amazing collection of cd’s and dvd’s, the likes you rarely see in The Netherlands anymore, where streaming online and digital copies are I think overtaking the cd and dvd collections. Mini-not-me found a collector’s item BTS cd + booklet she really wanted and I was amazed at how many classics were to be found on dvd. I took a trip down memory lane from when I lived in Germany in my teens, when we used to watch these shows on TV as a family (and bought myself an old Rock Hudson & Sidney Poitier movie I’ve never seen before)…

We strolled some more, then mini-not-me and I returned to the hotel for a rest as mini-not-me has been battling a flu, while Mr Esther went to the historical museum.

Our experience last year in Hamburg had taught us that it would be good if we reserved a restaurant for New Year’s Eve dinner. A few weeks ago we had called a few restaurants and finally found a spot at an Italian one that we thought would be nice. On the phone at the time they told us they only served a special standard New Year’s Eve menu and we said fine and didn’t think anything of it. When we arrived at the restaurant at 7 pm we felt slightly under dressed as it all looked fancy. We were welcomed with champagne…


…  they only served wine per bottle (not per glass) and the courses started coming. There were six (!) courses in all! Halfway through the evening we figured out the actual standard menu price per person (hadn’t thought to ask beforehand) and as the fancy courses started coming we figured it would probably cost a pretty penny. We were right, it did cost a pretty penny, probably close to what our hotel stay was costing us. Oops! Honestly, though, we just laughed it off. Our own fault for not asking more details in advance and the dinner and all the courses (mostly marine-themed) were absolutely delicious! We figured, what the heck, we’d just enjoy it and that we did. It was long, though, we sat there for close to 4 hours!

We then walked down to the river and crossed one of the bridges to the other side of town (just outside the main party area, an area that was too busy for us to want to brave). A lot of fireworks were already going off but we found a nice spot at the end of the bridge, near police and security, where we felt safe enough to stand and enjoy the fireworks that were already lighing up some of the Frankfurt skyline.

Then at midnight all hell broke loose with people setting off their fireworks. Seriously, I think I have rarely stood in the middle of such a mighty fireworks explosion before.

I made some gifs from the small video I made, you’ll just have to imagine the deafening noise along with it!

It was a little scary but also exhilirating and beautiful at the same time, despite the air polution and the garbage. The atmosphere was festive and not grim, which was also cool. Things calmed down relatively quickly, I found, and we were back in our hotel rooms by one am.

This morning we slept in a bit, took it easy at the hotel after breakfast and then in the afternoon, in glorious albeit cold weather, we walked down to the beautifully reconstructed Alte Römer area. We first went to the river hoping to secure tickets for a Main river cruise at the end of the afternoon (the website had said the cruise was also available on Sundays and Feastdays), only to find that there were no cruises on New Year’s Day. And yes, the trash in the picture was trash from the night before. Wow.

We then visited the cathedral where Mr Esther had hoped to go on a guided tour only to find that the tour had been cancelled for the day. Oh well, we enjoyed looking around anyway and Mr Esther was able to photograph some coats of arms as well (his hobby is heraldry).

We walked through the Alte Römer area…

… but couldn’t find many cafés open for tea and cake. We finally did find the café at the Hauptwache open (closer to the modern part of town) to round off our afternoon. We had another little hotel rest after (mini-not-me is still not feeling great), then dinner at an Italian fastfood kind of place (cheap, compensating nicely for the evening before) and then went on another evening stroll around town.

Tomorrow we head back home again. Our son, who’s been at home working and celebrating New Year’s with friends, has also come down with the flu, poor thing! He’s never ill and I hate that we’re not near him while he’s feeling bad. He did go in to work today but left a bit early and is now crashed at home. Luckily he is free tomorrow and can hopefully recuperate a bit. And apparently I mind him being on his own more than he does. 🙂

Before we leave tomorrow (or really, later today – I see it’s 1 after am now!) we want to go up one of the towers for an overview over the city (also closed today). Despite stuff being closed it’s been a great few days and it was nice having mini-not-me to ourselves for a bit. She really liked Frankfurt, by the way, and says this will be a trip she will always remember fondly. That makes my heart very happy in this new year. We’ve started 2020 well (despite illnesses) and I hope you have too!

19 thoughts on “Happy 2020 from Frankfurt!

  1. Esther all sounds fabulous and all three of you deserved a fancy dinner with six courses
    Think of it as capping a wonderful day and a special celebration last night! I loved Frankfurt! Such a vibrant city!! So happy all three of you could spend time there!
    Safe journey home and I hope your son and daughter feel better. She seems to love your and your husband love of travel so perhaps she’s more like you than you thought! You’re pretty awesome too!!! 😘❤️

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  2. Servetus

    What, no grüne Soße? 🙂 Don’t Sicilians eat mostly fish / seafood on NYE? Or am I mixing that up with something? Anyway, I also like that church although the Römer area is heavily reconstructed after bombing. Sounds like you had a great time. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, I did see grüne Soße on the regular menu but it wasn’t on the New Year’s Eve menu. 🙂
      Yes, the Römer really is heavily reconstructed. When we were at the cathedral we saw pictures of the devastation and also in a book Mr Esther bought. Looks beautiful now!

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  3. Happy new year, Esther! I hope the flu won’t take that long and you’ll all be well soon! Die you bis those “Dalli-Dalli” and “Wetten dass”- dvds? 😀 I own the “Unsere kleine Farm”/”Little house in the prairie” dvd box…😘
    Good to read you’ve had a nice Time at “Mainhattan”!

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Servetus

            In the 00s, Deutschlandradio rebroadcast old episodes of some of his radio shows on Sunday mornings (the one I really enjoyed was Allein gegen alle). I found him really interesting and read his autobiography (had to buy it “antiquarisch,” which was chilling (it’s amazing how people find the courage to keep on surviving in circumstances like that). I would totally buy a Dalli Dalli DVD, although I only saw bits of the program on YT.

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            1. Yeah, but it’s a game show. No matter how interesting the man, I’m not sure I’d want to see repeats of a game show. I am intrigued by that autobiography, however, so I may look into that!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Servetus

                Well — dad watches Game Show Network almost non-stop now in exchange with a few other things (the news, a show called “American Pickers”), and I’m slowly getting used to it. He most loves re-runs of Family Feud. I suppose it doesn’t speak well for the practice that he has dementia, but apparently there’s an audience.

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  4. squirrel.0072

    C’est grâce aux expériences positives ou négatives, qu’ils acquièrent seuls, que nos grands enfants se libèrent de notre tutelle. Mais ce n’est pas toujours de tout repos.


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