Richard catch up

I’ve been collecting some newer Richard goodies in a post, hoping to blog about them but never got around to it until now. This post has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks and I’ve been adding on, only now getting around to typing a few thoughts out properly and posting.

It’s been very busy here with work and family stuff and just general ‘lots to do’ moments. This means that I haven’t even made time in recent weeks to read up on all the blogs I normally read and comment on. I’ll try to pop in on more recent posts and read and comment there but don’t have the time to catch up on everything. My apologies for that.

Anyway, back to Richard: for my own reference and to celebrate that he still remains my favourite, I’m posting these Richard Armitage tidbits that I have collected over the past few weeks.

First off, the Geneva audiobook which includes a trailer…

I think I will have to wait until he makes the film because I really can’t do the audiobook thing. Ideally, I’d love to see a book in print of Geneva as well, I would totally read that.

Next: his production company has the TV rights to the Joy Ellis books. I haven’t read the books yet or heard the audiobooks, but I hear he may be perfect for the role of DI Jackman. In the promo he did for the audiobook a few years ago he already looked perfect. I think it’s time I started reading the books.

There have also been some nice looking premiere pictures for The Man From Rome, taken mid October:

The LOROS thank you, sent to Sonja a few weeks ago is really awesome:

And my favourite new Richard pictures come from the recent Hello magazine article.

The thing that jumped out at me in that interview is Richard saying in response to a question about being a hearthrob (yawn!): “I’m 51 – have you seen the state of me?” Yes, I have and it’s not half bad. It’s like a fine wine…

Another, more introspective, interview was published in the Sunday Telegraph.

See the thread here for the text of that article, thanks to Laura (@geekyhippyweird) on Twitter:

(Originally tweeted by Laura (@geekyhippyweird) on October 30, 2022.)

I’m not going into that whole shirt off malarkey – I have never ever liked anyone this much just because of what he looks like without a shirt. I mean, yeah, I like him without a shirt but it really is by far not the only draw. Anyway, there are two things that jumped out at me in this one.

First: that he ‘came out at 19’. I mean, it’s no surprise that he is gay but I think it’s the first time he’s ever said that so clearly and publicly like that.

Second: He says about his character Daniel in Geneva: “Daniel’s wife has all the glory. He’s had to accept that he’s pretty average. I can relate to that. […] I’ve never had that natural God-given genius, for instance, but when I was younger I knew I could become a fairly average cello player if I worked hard enough.” And, oh my, can I identify with those sentiments! I recall clearly that at age 15 this wave of clarity hit me that I would never be anything more than average. I got upset about it and I remember my older sister comforting me but that revelation has stuck with me to this day. It’s not self pity or a cry for attention, it’s just a basic fact of life and I have built my life around that: make it as good as I can with the not so very extraordinary tools that I have.

I’m loving all these new Richard goodies, they give me new and old things to churn over.

At home again

After nine very interesting and fun days in Israel, Mr E and I arrived home again yesterday at the beginning of the evening. I was back at work again today but have my Wednesday off tomorrow (and no appointments for my refugee volunteer work tomorrow afternoon, so it looks like I’ll have a complete day to myself).

I see now that while I was gone I missed a trailer for The Man From Rome! Just before I left, I had seen Mr Armitage as a priest with a gun in a poster. It feels so alien to me to see a priest with a gun, but then again an action star priest is unusual anyhow. I also remind myself that priests fighting isn’t a new thing – it’s been happening for ages between priests from different Christian denominations in the Old City of Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (where Jesus is said to have been crucified and buried). Here’s a nice little article about it in The Guardian from some years ago after another altercation. To avoid any further conflict, the key to the church is kept by a Muslim family, which has been the case for many generations of that family. Those fighting priests prefer to use brooms and fists over guns, though. Anyway, I saw the poster before my holiday…

… but I see that during my holiday I missed the trailer for this movie. When I click on the link to the trailer all I get now is a password protected private video that I can’t view. Bummer! Nothing from the man for ages and then the one week I am gone and completely out of the loop, I miss the trailer… Oh, well, at least some nice gifs have been made for me to enjoy…

So, I’m back again and will in due time catch up on blog posts that I missed. I have lots of pictures and stories to share from my trip and am debating with myself whether I should share all I initially intended to or just stick to a few highlights. Maybe I’ll just start and see how far I get… In any case, normal life is ready to resume again.

Richard up close

Apparently there was a little item on the Spanish news about the filming of The Man From Rome and someone on Twitter kindly provided a nice clip of that section…

Of course I went screencap happy as it has a few Richard gems that I just can’t resist sharing here. The loveliest of them all are these close ups…

Man, I love that look in his eyes at the beginning, that profile, those crow’s feet, that little smile… Yes, for that alone this little video is worth it. I even made a little gif…

There are more delights…

Such a nice little Richard gift, right before Christmas.

Richard behind the scenes

Two posts, one right after the other, in one day! What is the world coming to? I was going to include this in my last post but then I went on a tangent about getting Covid vaccinated and it didn’t seem to fit anymore. So, a separate little post where I indulge in a little Richard Armitage. This is the fun stuff.

Yesterday Herba shared (thank you!) a nice little behind the scenes interview with the Spanish actress Amaia Salamanca from The Man From Rome film set. The video also features some lovely images of Richard as Father Quart. It’s all in Spanish, so I don’t understand it all, but reading along with Spanish subtitles helped me get some of the gist of it. Of course, I also took some screencaps. I like this one especially:

But the other ones are nice too…

Looking good, Richard, despite the booboo on the head!

Right, enough procrastinating, off to do a little more work before my weekend really starts. Have a good one, everyone!

Oh my!

Yes, this is everything I hoped it would be!

Let’s focus on Richard specifically…

Looking at him as Father Quart during two hours or so in this movie will be pure joy!