Christmas part two

So, Christmas is always two days here in The Netherlands. Christmas Day on the 25th and what is Boxing Day in the UK is called “Second Christmas Day” over here.

Traditionally, we celebrate Christmas Day with my in-laws. Mr Esther is an only child, so it’s only the 6 of us. The in-laws came over in the afternoon of the 25th and stayed for a nice low-key but festive dinner that Mr Esther prepared (he enjoys doing that way more than I do)…


Yesterday, the 26th and Second Christmas Day, we always celebrate with my family at my mother’s apartment. I have loads of brothers and sisters and only one of them and his kids couldn’t be there, they’re in Israel. The rest were able to come, even my brother and niece who live in London. So it was pretty busy with my mom, my aunt, 6 siblings with 2 partners and a friend, and 7 nephews and nieces. My mom always starts with reading a passage from the bible and a little speech, this year it was about having compassion for others.


My dad is still very much missed and was also commemorated…


We then celebrated Christmas with a few gifts and everyone had brought something to eat for a buffet dinner. There was music and dancing and a lot of jolliness…

… and within no time my younger brother J spawned an idea: he wants to take my two kids (17 and 15) and my other brother’s daughter (14) to London to stay with my third brother D and his daughter (also 14) over New Year’s! D and his daughter were totally up for it, and after checking flight info it became clear that this idea was very affordable. So, within an hour of the idea being born, a flight for four was booked to London and the four of them will be staying at D’s around New Year’s! This means that for the first time in 17 years Mr Esther and I won’t have a New Year’s Eve with our kids… that makes me sad but at the same time I am also thrilled that they are going on this mini adventure with my brothers! Great cousins and uncles bonding time.

The upside is that Mr Esther and I can go off and do something on our own. So, we booked a hotel in Hamburg and will spend a few days there around the New Year, just the two of us! I’ve only once ever very briefly passed through Hamburg before, know little about the place but am told it’s a fun city. Now we’ll get to see for ourselves. If it’s going to look anything like this, it’ll be cool!

This Christmas break keeps on giving. Perfect respite after the shit time I’ve been having at work. I hope to be so filled up with joy and happiness that by the time I return to work, I will be energized again and maybe things will feel a little lighter.

My family knows me well…

My Christmas gifts this year…

Chocolate, Baileys whiskey cream, a bell-shaped umbrella that I have wanted for eons but never got around to searching for, breakfast cereal bowls I have coveted, a 2019 Monet calendar to replace a current art calendar in my bedroom, and Mr Esther surprised me with this…

I don’t think I knew such a thing existed! 🤣 Not sure how to colour these…

Maybe I can experiment with Richard Armitage make-up looks? In any case, I love that Mr. Esther likes to feed my inner fangirl. 😍

My Christmas is very merry so far, starting out with a lovely Christmas Eve dinner yesterday with two friends of ours who came over (we table grilled).

Hope your holiday is good too! 🥂

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been dropping by to read here over the past year, you all make this blogging thing extra worthwhile! From one of my absolute favourite Christmas movies, let me share this…

… and I am rehashing last year’s Richard Armitage / Colin Firth Christmas greeting again this year, because I like it so much. 🙂

BoE Holiday greeting 2017

Happy after-Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or anything else you may or may not celebrate! Sending all my love out in the world to you all!

RA Christmas message & Ocean’s 8

Richard Armitage has tweeted his latest Christmas message. In case the tweet disappears at some point, here’s the full text (click on images to enlarge):

My first thought? “Aw, bless, it’s a gospel according to Richard again!” I like to hear from him but this message gave me mixed feelings. It felt preachy to me and seemed vague in areas, it made me want to ask him what he meant exactly in certain passages. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, I often get that sense of “what is it you are saying exactly?” when he writes one of these longer messages. Also, I wasn’t too fond of the ‘setting rules’ bit, I’m not a child that needs to be taught how to interact socially. Urging everyone to be good to each other and donating to charities is a beautiful thing, setting rules (often taken as gospel) is quite another. However, as always, I do feel Richard’s good intentions and warmth shining through. He’s a really good guy at heart and I love that. His desperation over the state of the world shines through as well in this message, a desperation I feel as well… in that sense I feel connected to him. I just wish he was a little less preachy about it all. Actually, reading this message makes me feel a little like Richard himself in this The Vicar of Dibley image…

DIbley wedding

… a little exasperated at what the preacher has to say, but still happy enough, and let’s get on with it, shall we? My fave thing I learned from his message this year is that his phone pings every time a donation is made. 🙂

Anyway, moving on: we have a new trailer for Ocean’s 8 with quick glimpses of Richard here and there:

I’m really liking it and for the first time I am really getting curious about the movie now. Such a great cast and I’m talking about the women here! Richard is a lovely added bonus. 🙂 I also like the poster:

Oceans8 poster

I’m starting to look forward to this one: great women and Richard thrown all together into one movie, it should be fun!

Miranda - merriment

Bring it on!