About me & contact

Want to know more about me? Here goes:

I’m Dutch, live and work in the Netherlands, but grew up in Israel and Germany;
I’m very happily married to my soulmate & the love of my life;
I’m a working mother, I have a son and a daughter born at the very beginning of this 21st century and I try to blog whenever inspiration strikes;
I have two cats;
I have a cool family (as in parents and siblings);
I speak 3 languages fluently but my favourite language is English;
I have loved Richard Armitage ever since I saw North & South on DVD in the spring of 2006;
I have loved Colin Firth ever since he appeared on my TV screen in the fall of 1995 as Mr. Darcy;
I love Roman Holiday, it’s the movie that made me fall in love with movies;
I loved Gregory Peck when everyone else loved Duran Duran and Wham;
I love all things Jane Austen;
I hold a very special place in my heart for David Bowie – heroes live on forever;
I have two absolute favourite books: To Kill a Mockingbird (which I first read at 15) and Jane Eyre (which I first read in simplified form at 9 and later in my teens “properly”).

This blog is about all these things that I love and more. I could write about politics and the environment and real life troubles and although I sometimes do, mostly I don’t want to! So, I guess this blog can be viewed as escapsist in a way. On the other hand: movies, tv shows, books, Colin Firth and Richard Armitage are real, aren’t they?

Should you want to contact me privately, you can do so via e-mail at: bookestherblog@gmail.com or via the form below.

9 thoughts on “About me & contact

    • Er…. OK, I’ll try this. 🙂 Not sure how soon I can do this (pretty busy today in any case). Question: do I have to nominate the 5-11 bloggers? Won’t they already have done this? I don’t want to burden anyone else and as I’m new to all of this I don’t know that many bloggers…


  1. Esther, it’s meant to be fun and to learn a little bit about fellow bloggers. Definitely not meant to pressure you. I nominated you as a compliment but only do it if you have the time and inclination. I think I had my first nomination for two weeks before I got it done 🙂

    I had a hard time finding people I knew who hadn’t already been nominated so I think it’s fine if you skip that part. If you just answer the questions we’ll learn a little more about you. If you search the tag “Liebster Award” you’ll get to know some of your fellow bloggers a bit more.


    • Oh, I don’t mind answering the questions, they sound fun! Just a little iffy on nominating others. I will definitely check out the Liebster award tag…. Thanks for the nomination, Richardtreehouse. 🙂

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  2. Just to poke in here, I also just answered the questions. I was delighted to be nominated, but like a few others, bloggers I would have nominated, already were tagged- so answer the q’s and have fun if you fee like it.


  3. Esther, lieber hier und auf Deutsch als unter dem aktuellen Blogbeitrag, den ich nicht verwitzeln möchte: du fragtest doch mal nach dem Drehort in den Ardennen. Sah gerade das hier auf Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikaelaZaharia/status/595640068708130816


    • Danke, danke, danke! Ich gehe auf Untersuchung aus. Glaub nicht, dass ich dahin kann (ich sehe, dass es im Süden von Belgien ist – mindestens 3 Stunden fahren und wenig Zeit im Terminkalender) aber wer weiss… 🙂 Auf jeden Fall herzlichen Dank für diese Info!!!

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