Sentimental journey

When did the baby…  become the young man?

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14 years ago today my son was born. I always get a little sentimental on his birthday, thinking back to his birth and how it all happened.

In the morning I think, “ooh, this is when the contractions were really starting to come” and “this is when the midwife came to check on my progress” and being disappointed at how little it seemed after all that effort. As the day progresses I think, “this is when we went to the hospital” and then “this is when I was allowed to push but the baby got stuck” and as we near the very end of the afternoon I think “this is when he was finally delivered by emergency c-section and I was conscious and he was well!” After the delivery they laid him in DH’s arms and said I could touch him but I was drugged because of an epidural and couldn’t lift my hand! They then put him in an incubator right next to me to keep him warm until we were ready to leave the operating theater, with my husband and I studying him, very much in love. Once back in the hospital bedroom, when the epidural finally wore off, I was finally able to hold him… He made me a mother and my life has never been the same since, I am grateful for every moment!

So here he is now at 14, going through ups and downs, but turning into a sensitive, fun, smart and lovable young man. In only a few years more he will be finishing school and going off to college… And still, every year I so clearly remember the day he was born. I remember trying to watch the Wimbledon singles women’s final on TV between contractions (on a Sunday, the final had been delayed by a day due to rain) to help distract me a little. Venus Williams won. I remember how the whole week before July 8th the weather had been so very hot and then, when the weather finally broke, the birthing process finally started. I say finally as I was a week past my due date. It rained on his birthday and it has rained almost every 8th of July since (today included)! I remember that first night alone with him in hospital, after my husband left for home very late in the evening and the nurses left the room. He was lying in a little bassinet right next to my bed and I kept on staring at him, trying to imprint this new little face into my brain, a face that is now so very familiar to me.

I know it’s a cliché, but where has the time gone?


23 thoughts on “Sentimental journey

  1. A lovely post. Thanks for sharing such a lovely memory.


  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.(They do grow up too fast.)


  3. “Sunrise, sunset … ” but seriously, what wonderful stories. The raising of children is a precarious enterprise and you deserve congratulations for making it this far!


  4. It’s amazing how clearly one remembers the days when one’s children were born. And how the baby always remains such – even when they have grown to be young men and women. Congratulations to the birthday boy and to the mother for getting through the past 14 years 😉


  5. So touching… I really loved your post.
    You know, we have a lot in common for my daughter was born the same day…14 years ago…
    ( 8/07/2001). I wrote nothing about her or this day, yesterday but I am also feeling sentimental..
    Congrats from Agnes (Aly’s mum^^).

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  6. What a beautiful post! The way human memory works is fascinating. We can’t remember a phone number one minute after hearing it, yet things that happened over a decade (or a half-century) ago are crystal clear. Congratulations to both of you 🙂


    • Thank you! Yeah, funny how memory works. I have similar vivid memories of when my daughter was born and also of my wedding day. It’s the big moments, eh? And sometimes also the little ones…

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  7. Happy birthday to your son! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the lovely memory of your son’s birth day. As Moms, those days are precious to us. My sons are quite a lot older than 14 (my baby just turned 38), and I remember the details of the days leading up to their births vividly. And always with a wistful smile. Where has the time gone, indeed!

    My grandmother told me, right after our oldest was born, that she remembered the days each of her children were born. (She had five!) Maybe part of the reason we remember the details so well, besides the love we hold so deep in our hearts, is so that we can annoy and embarrass them when they get older? *chuckle* (I quite like that part of being a Mom. 😉 )


    • Ah, yes the embarassing aspect, I love that! 🙂 My mom did it with me and I sure as hell do it with my kids too. Such fun! So far my kids like hearing about when they were born, but then again, I have never told the story in company of their friends… yet… 😉

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  8. Mir geht es wie Dir! Und mein Großer ist jetzt 18, im nächsten Jahr geht der irgendwo auf die Uni oder ins Ausland – O Graus!
    Ging alles viel zu schnell!!!


    • Ja! Mein Sohn is fast so lange wie ich jetzt, er fängt jetzt schon an mich “Kleine” zu nennen (und ich bin 1.71 m). Ja, die Zeit fliegt… Es ist aber auch richtig schön zu sehen, wie sie so langsam selbständig werden. Mein Herz zerbricht zwar, aber trotzdem wäre es Toll, wenn meine Kinder mit 18 (oder vielleicht 20) sich auch entschliessen ins Ausland zu gehen. Du hast etwas richtig gemacht wenn Dein Sohn sich zuversichtlich genug fühlt, um alleine in de Welt zu ziehen…


      • Ob ich alles richtig gemacht habe, weiß ich vielleicht in 10 Jahren 🙂
        Aber bei uns ist es genauso, inzwischen bin ich die Kleine unter lauten großen Männern, was aber auch ein schönes Gefühl ist!

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  9. Oh sorry, I forgot: Happy birthday!!! To your son and you! 14 years and a lot of challenges will come 🙂


  10. What a lovely post! And it is continually amazing to me how the years seem to fly past. Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your son. (He’s very handsome, BTW!)


  11. […] year I think back to the day he was born and wonder where the time has gone? He is a very social, warm and fun young man. Sure, we do go […]


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