Half a century

It was a bit of an odd day to be in Corona-isolation as today was my 50th birthday! I’m never one to do a huge celebration, all I really want is my little family around me and so they were. Yet even on such a small scale and in isolation it turned out to be a very special day!

It started with well wishes streaming in on my phone in chats and on Facebook (I never go on there anymore, so am always surprised at how many people even remember me on there) and then my husband giving me some lovely flowers…

I worked for about an hour and then took the rest of the day off as planned. Not going into all the details of the day but my surprises from family and friends included some cards with lovely messages, a festive brunch, phone calls, the delivery of a small magnolia tree with beginning buds on it, cake, more flowers, and we table grilled for dinner.

Mr Esther and I also took the time to go out for a walk; the weather was a little chilly but gorgeous!

Mini-Esther surprised me with a new hairdryer I desperately wanted which has a bluish/purple (my fave colour) accent on it and Mr Esther jr. got me a big bottle of Baileys that I love!


Mr Esther got me a beautifully gorgeous ring with 5 small sapphires, one for each decade. The ring has a personal inscription and I wear it together with my wedding ring now. The family moment we shared when I received this ring will be etched in my heart forever.

I feel so very blessed with such a loving family, lovely friends, a roof over my head, steady jobs and good health. On to the next 50…

(Home)work & Gregory Peck

Mini-Esther had math homework to do while I was working today. Messy table and all but it was nice having a little company. She hates math, needed a little help here and there. Not that I know anything about math (it’s always been my worst subject, Mr Esther’s worst subject too, so Mini-Esther is biologically challenged when it comes to understanding math) but I could at least help her understand the questions.


And last night I watched Gregory Peck, Diane Baker and Walter Matthau in the pyscho-mystery movie Mirage from 1965. It’s quite a good mystery about a man with amnesia trying to figure out why he’s being chased. I had seen it before soooo many years ago but remembered nothing about it except this part where he’s convinced that there are several sub levels in a building that he can’t find anymore. It’s viewable on YouTube here, should it take your fancy. Peck sure remains a joy to watch! Still love the man after having first seen him some 38 years ago or so! I took a ton of screenshots. Of Greg alone…

…with Walter Matthau, who is awesome in his own right and I felt had a special bit of magic with Greg…

… and with Diane Baker…

So, yeah, those were just about the highlights of the last 24 hours. It’s also the end of my little break now, back to work again for another hour and a half or so.

Making the best of longer isolation

Our prime minister, Mark Rutte, gave a press conference yesterday and all measures that had been taken to combat the Corona virus have been extended from April 6th till April 28th. To quote the statement:

“The extension means that sports facilities, establishments serving food and drink, childcare centres and other locations will remain closed until 28 April inclusive. Schools will remain closed until at least the end of the May school holidays. The ban on events still applies until 1 June.”

It’s all getting more and more grim.

Total number of confirmed cases: 12,595 (+845)
Total number of confirmed cases who are or were admitted to hospital: 4.712(+722)
Total number of reported deaths: 1.039 (+175)
The number of patients admitted to hospital and the number of deceased patients reported in the Netherlands are increasing less rapidly than would have been expected without measures in place. The province of Noord-Brabant seems to have moved past the peak of new hospital admissions. Hospital admissions are still increasing in Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Gelderland and Limburg.

We live in Zuid-Holland so we’re still getting the worst in this part of the country. It’s no surprise that the measures have been extended and, listening to the press conference yesterday, chances are that the measures will be extended even longer after that date. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve got to say that with all the criticism I have had in the past of our PM and his policies, I do feel like he is handling this crisis very well.

So, at the very least, we have another 4 weeks of this isolation thing to go… I am extremely grateful that Mr Esther and I both have steady work and a steady paycheck. Not everyone has that luxury and very many don’t have work they can do from home but this stay at home thing is not a holiday either like many in (social-)media do seem to suggest. So many ads and social media posts giving well-meant advice to combat boredom and I keep on thinking, “Really? Is no one else working except for hospital & care staff, grocery store staff and Mr Esther and I”? I really don’t have time to read 10 books a week, watch 20 Netflix series, do full time meditation retreats and play indoor games all day (even if I do have a day off work today). I’m not so much bothered by boredom, rather I am affected by restriction. Our world is large in virtual life but very small and confined in real life. And even then I am lucky that I have a good home life, a good internet connection, am healthy and not lonely.

I hope all these measures to stay at home will help stop the spread of the disease, I hope that all healthcare staff and all other people that work so hard to keep everything going get through this unscathed, I hope that all those who are now not able to work or fear losing their jobs and businesses stay well, I hope that those who have difficult at home lives or no home at all come through this alright and I also hope that in all this darkness we can also try to see some light now and again. With so many people here and around the world getting sick and dying, and these economic problems looming, and our home lives and contacts being restricted, life can be a little demoralizing. So, for me as a cup half full sort of person, I’m tyring to make the most of the little things, like enjoying a geriatric 15 year old cat in the sunshine in our back garden…


…or taking a walk with my home office colleague while keeping our distance from others…


Our black cat is happy that we’re home all day as it means she can always find someone to stretch out on (mostly on my daughter who, by the way, is bored)…


… and faithful reader Squirrel sent me this picture of her son which made me smile and that she asked me to blur and share on my blog. She says, “My son is creating 3D printing masks at home, in his narrow student studio, during spare times.”

Radagast son1

And last but not least, sharing a gorgeous Richard Armitage in Uncle Vanya image might help a tiny bit as well with cheering up. It’s topical too, as he is a doctor.

20200327 RA in Uncle Vanya2

If Dr. Astrov really were a good doctor, I’m sure he’d say, “Take care of yourselves and each other!” and I second that. Here’s to making the best of at least another 4 weeks in isolation.


Tea break…

… in my home office…

20200331_114218_resized (1)

I have this Roman Holiday tea set that was sitting decoratively on a shelf but I figured, what use is a tea set if you never use it? The tea cups are a bit small for my liking, so I prefer my cat-cup that can hold a whole lot more tea, but the plates are perfect for a piece of carrot cake! It was yummy.

My view right now shows that the sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside.

20200331_115250_resized (3)

I should really go outside for a lunchtime walk but that means I have to get out of my pj bottoms and the Muse t-shirt I slept in and have to get dressed.

20200331_115856_resized (1)

No time for that because I have another video call at 1 pm. So, here I am on my lunch break, blogging instead about tea and cake and t-shirts. I think I’ll go have a sandwich now with my home-office-colleague. What another riveting day in Corona isolation it is!

Home office during Corona

Just finished another video-conference-call this morning. This is the background of my dining room my colleagues have come to know.


I also wear special glasses for looking at a screen and I keep on brushing the hair out of my eyes. Guess I will need to cut those bangs myself as the hairdressers are closed and I suspect will be for a while. And oh my goodness, only when I see myself on screen like that (almost every day) do I realize how many grey hairs I already have! I have considered colouring but it’ll just be too much work keeping that up and actually I don’t think it looks too bad. It does mean that I’m growin’ old here and it’s visible.

Anyway, third week of isolation here has started. I was out and about a bit on Saturday, fulfilling my mother’s need for some entertainment but keeping my distance, but it all feels so weird. Stayed in again yesterday, had some fun looking into old David Niven movies (I can’t recall anymore how I got to David Niven but it’s been fun!) and ordered pizza in the evening with the delivery guy keeping his distance while dropping off the pizzas.

Over 10.000 confirmed cases in The Netherlands now with close to 800 deaths but it looks like the measures are working and the increase in contamination is levelling out a bit. Tomorrow we will hear whether or what extra measures will be needed or whether the measures can be decreased. Alas, I don’t think the latter will be happening. There is a real fear here that we don’t have enough emergency care beds available for the still awaited peak in Corona cases. Some care is already being shifted to Germany (thank you, Germany!) as they have offered help in providing emergency care. I wonder how long that offer can stand, though.

After the first two weeks were quite mad with work, things have settled a bit, thank goodness. Work and home life does get muddled more now that we’re all home so much. For instance, this morning, an irritated Mr Esther jr because printing paper has run out, Mini-Esther feeling like she can’t escape all those conference calls we do, a call from my mother because some family drama is unfolding on our family chat group that I hadn’t seen yet. The good thing is that I get to kiss my home-office-colleague (Mr Esther) a few times during the day, so that’s something!

So much for another Corona crisis day report. Gotta stop procrastinating and get back to work now.