#Darvey magic: one million!

Almost exactly five years ago I made a Suits fan video called Bomb. It is set to Aloe Blacc’s song Ticking Bomb, a song that was also once used on the show and that I immediately liked. I made this video after the tenth episode of season 7 aired and Donna kissed Harvey out of the blue, surprising herself, Harvey and all the Suits viewers! We were left with that bombshell as a midseason finale and had to wait I think around two months, if not more, for that situation to be resolved.

All of my impatience and fangirl energy went into making a few ‘Darvey’ videos during that time of uncertainty (videos are all up on my Suits video page). Somehow this specific video must have gotten into some sort of YouTube algorithm and has become quite popular. I saw the numbers steadily rising when I logged in to YouTube Studio on occasion and recently the numbers have been rising so much, that I have now been following the progress of the views a little more closely. Today, the video hit one million (!!!!) views! (Click om image for larger view).

Here is the video itself:

That number is simply incredible to me, especially considering that it is blocked in the US and Canada, where I originally assumed most viewers would be. It is also viewable on Vimeo but gets nowhere near the high amount of views there (stuck on 241 there!):

There is no way that I could claim that this video has gone viral. After all, it’s taken almost exactly 5 years to get to a million views (and all my other videos are nowhere near those viewing numbers) but, by golly, it does give me a little tingle to know that so many people have apparently viewed at least some of it. I make no money whatsoever off these videos (I don’t have any copyright to the original materials used, after all) so I guess I’m helping make the copyright holders get richer. 🙂

A few more statistics about the video that I found in the video analytics, as averaged over the whole five years that it has been up on YouTube:

  • 47% of the viewers are female, 53% are male
  • The top 10 viewing countries: India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Peru and UK
  • 40.3% of viewers are between 25 en 34 years old
  • 79,2% of viewers watch the video on a mobile phone

Donna and Harvey, i.e. #Darvey, sure are magic all over the world, these numbers show it. Thank goodness they ended up together before the series ended.

I’m glad Darvey gets so much love. Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty sure knew how to bring those characters to life. Thank you to everyone who has ever viewed this video! Oh, and best thing for me personally? As much as I really appreciate them, it’s not necessarily the 1.000.000 views that make me happiest but rather the fact that on rewatching it, I still like the video and think it is one of my better efforts.

The fling list

The German blogger Die Singende Lehrerin has called for another blog challenge. I already participated in her Marry Me challenge a few months ago and figured this one would be fun as well. This time the challenge is to name 6 sexy fictional characters you wouldn’t mind diving into bed with. They aren’t supposed to be serious relationship material, just a bit o’ fun. This whole challenge is a little ‘thought expermiment’ as she calls it. So, it’s all about the character, not the actor, but for me the actor also very much helps with this thought experiment which means my thoughts mostly turn to characters portrayed by some of my favourite actors.

Before I get to my list, let me tell you that this is at the edge of my comfort zone as I am not a one-night-stand fling kinda girl in real life and so I never really think in those terms. In real life, if I’d want to dive into bed with someone, I’d want some longer-term potential attached to it and that transfers to my fangirl life as well. This doesn’t take away from the fact that there are some very sexy, fling-material characters out there that can also get into my head. So, here goes:

1- The first (and initially only) character that immediately sprang to mind was John Porter (Richard Armitage) in Strike Back series one, because well, someone so desperate for a lay to release some tension may be fun for a night and look at those arms – strong but not too much.

2- I really like but somehow don’t particularly fancy the actor Tom Ellis. However, his character Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series Lucifer might be a lot of fun to have a fling with, wings and all. He’s the king of flings and shows countless women a good time in bed, I suspect I could really learn something from him and have fun too…

3- Speaking of Lucifer, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) might be educational and fun as well for a little fling! I find her very beautiful, intense and sexy.

4- Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) in Suits before he finally came to his senses and chose Donna, just because he oozes sexy, and self-assuredness and knows how to show a woman a good time.

5- Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie) from Labyrinth, because of reasons I once posted about before. It’s the gaze and the…erm…long legs that would make me curious.

6- Last but not least: I watched this older series called Single Ladies a while back because D.B. Woodside was in it. It’s a bit like Sex and the City, which was OK but not a fave of mine and neither was this series. However, D.B. Woodside as Malcolm Franks, a rich playboy business guy with some shady deals but a good heart underneath, was very sexy. So, yeah, I’d pick him as well for a little fling-fun…

That’s it, that’s my (not really surprising if you read here regularly) list. If you, dear reader, have any suggestions/additions of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments or on your own blogs.

On an end note: the Marry Me challenge was far easier for me than coming up with this list of flings without longer-term potential. Maybe if I considered it more, I could come up with more, but for now, I’m quite happy and comfortable with my six flings.

The not complaining post

Just a short but sweet post today, not in the mood anymore for the complaining I was going to do about tendentious (e.g. about the British royal family) and/or navel-gazing (e.g. Dutch news) journalism or hating doing chores around the house (I swear, if I win the lottery, I will invest in a housekeeper) or the zero motivation I have for my job. Instead, I decided to finish another Suits video yesterday evening and today that I started weeks ago but then left alone for a while. I set the video to Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe, just because I like the song so much and images of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) popped up in my head when I listened to it again about a month ago when I was finishing my favourite Suits scenes re-watch. This is the end result which I think is not my best, nor my worst..

This afternoon, Mr Esther and I went on a little bike ride. It’s chilly but the sun was shining, so it was nice to be out like that.

Sunday evening now and I hate that the weekend is almost over. Picking up my son from a friend’s house in 30 minutes, then time for a relaxing hot shower and a feelgood movie to counteract the I-don’t-want-to-work-tomorrow blues…

Darvey and Alan Watts

So, the brown eyes obsession has had me re-watching bits and pieces of Suits and it made me realize that the last time I made a video for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht – him with the gorgeous brown eyes) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) was after that surprise kiss in season 7.

In truth, there are already so many awesome end of series videos out there that I didn’t think there was anything really left for me to add after season 9 ended. Then recently I happened upon a spoken piece by philosopher Alan Watts talking about falling in love, it was set to music, and instantly on hearing that images of Darvey (Donna and Harvey) sprang to mind which meant that this video begged for me to make it. It’s been ghosting around my brain for a few weeks now and I finally started on the video while waiting on Dutch election results this past Wednesday evening. I finished the video last night, somehow this one wasn’t so difficult to make. Again, no surprising editing skills or anything (don’t have the advanced software or editing ability), just a little story to be told…

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty really did awesome jobs with creating and portraying their characters. I loved the ending the creators of Suits gave to Harvey and Donna, giving them both such complete journeys and developments as individuals but also together as (finally) a couple. It’s time these two actors came back to my screen in one way or another…


I’ve been watching Suits bloopers and behind the scenes Gabriel Macht is apparently the one who cracks up most often. In one little behind the scene Sarah Rafferty calls him “chucklebutt” and while he’s chuckling you hear him say, “Sarah, stop it!” Here’s a gif of that moment (and a video starting at 5:37 mins here, it’s even better with sound)…

I made a few more Gabriel chuckling behind the scenes gifs (in the third gif he is trying to not laugh before he cracks up in the fourth gif, click on the images to see them a bit larger if you like)…

… and some dancing behind the scenes gifs, he’s got quite the moves.

And a couple more behind the scenes giggles gifs…

I just love the word chucklebutt, it seems very fitting for Gabriel, and I think I may use it as an alias somewhere, sometime should I ever need one online. Thank you, Sarah, for your quips! 🙂