Darvey and Alan Watts

So, the brown eyes obsession has had me re-watching bits and pieces of Suits and it made me realize that the last time I made a video for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht – him with the gorgeous brown eyes) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) was after that surprise kiss in season 7.

In truth, there are already so many awesome end of series videos out there that I didn’t think there was anything really left for me to add after season 9 ended. Then recently I happened upon a spoken piece by philosopher Alan Watts talking about falling in love, it was set to music, and instantly on hearing that images of Darvey (Donna and Harvey) sprang to mind which meant that this video begged for me to make it. It’s been ghosting around my brain for a few weeks now and I finally started on the video while waiting on Dutch election results this past Wednesday evening. I finished the video last night, somehow this one wasn’t so difficult to make. Again, no surprising editing skills or anything (don’t have the advanced software or editing ability), just a little story to be told…

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty really did awesome jobs with creating and portraying their characters. I loved the ending the creators of Suits gave to Harvey and Donna, giving them both such complete journeys and developments as individuals but also together as (finally) a couple. It’s time these two actors came back to my screen in one way or another…

8 thoughts on “Darvey and Alan Watts

  1. Spoiler! But of the best kind. I never managed to get beyond season 3, but I always liked the Darvey possibility that was simmering between those two. Maybe your video will now be the push that I need to finish *Suits*?

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    1. I didn’t even think to put a spoiler warning on this one, as it’s been a year and half since it aired. Oops.

      So yeah, they do get together but if you’re still in season 3 there’s still a lot of shit to unpack and happen between those two and a lot of growing to do… it doesn’t actually happen until the end of season 8…

      On a side note, speaking of season 8, I really missed Mike in season 8 (and Rachel too but mostly Mike), by the way. He returned for a few episodes in the final 9th season, thank goodness.
      Replacement lawyer Samantha never really did it for me and neither quite did Alex (not gonna explain, if you ever get there you’ll see 🙂). I did like that they gave Robert Zane (the father of Meghan Markle’s character Rachel) more to do in season 8, him I liked.

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  2. Great video Esther I too stalled in S3 but am looping back to finish it with Lucifer too
    Mike got on my nerves so I’m hoping to get to know him better
    I love Darvey though ❤️❤️And I’m all fit happy endings 👍🤗


    1. If you don’t like MIke, you maybe never will, although he does show more of his social conscience in later seasons, more than Harvey has, really.
      If you’re still in season 3, Darvey will still be going through a helluva lot (disagreements, distance, other relationships) before they can attain that ending. That makes the ending all the more worth it, though. 🙂

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      1. Yes that’s what I was thinking and I love Darvey from the get go
        Mike just isn’t my cup of tea as a character but I always try to finish what I started and Suits is well written with a happy ending!


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