Going through the motions

First day back to work in 2022 and it’s still really quiet. Nothing much happening yet at the university as it’s still the Christmas holiday and therefore also not much work. I’m sitting here in my usual spot at the dining table (we are all still in lockdown here), looking out and relishing the quiet while everyone else in the house is sleeping in. It’s even quiet outside, with the cars all frosty and the sun veiled behind a light, cloudy sky.

Fatigue kicked in yesterday, I think from that Moderna booster shot I had on Tuesday. Came home from my volunteer work at around 4.30 pm, went to bed and napped for two hours. I knew it would be quiet at work today, so I also slept in a bit this morning but here I am, at my work laptop, still feeling very tired and going through the motions of work. I’ve gone through e-mails and chats (there weren’t that many), have checked new service calls (none) and have read the latest newsletters (not that much news). I have a meeting at 1 pm and I think I will just take the afternoon off after that and go to sleep…

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the quiet, staring out the window, typing this and yes, also going through these pictures again. I know everyone has been sharing them everywhere these past two days but I can’t resist posting them here as well. May 2022 bring many more such lovely images!

Enough daydreaming now – back to figuring out what to pick up next at work. I’ve got to say that this slow start in the quiet suits me well, especially because I absolutely do not want to be doing this job at all. Fingers crossed that time will fly until my new job starts!

Multitasking and tug of war

The holiday season is definitely upon us, another weird year where we are half in quarantine yet again during the holidays. We’re working from home again, office Christmas parties are online again, and all restaurants, theatres, museums and non-essential shops are closed after 5 pm, at least until mid January. This Omicron Covid variant is looking grim as we still await our booster shots (my mother and aunt have had theirs, though, so that’s good).

So, office Christmas parties. There was an online work Christmas get together yesterday with a pub quiz but as there is much left to do before my daughter’s 18th and my aunt’s 85th birthday this weekend (on the same date!) and also for Christmas, I used the time to multitask. The Christmas shopping I have been ordering online is coming in now and things need to be wrapped, so while I was answering online pub quiz questions, I was also wrapping gifts…

Earlier in the week there was an online Christmas do for the volunteers at the Refugee Center where I work and, in between a full day of online meetings, I was able to use my lunch break to participate in that. Glad I did, it was fun. More fun than my regular work Christmas thing as it was more personal.

I spent yesterday evening working on a birthday video for my beloved aunt but when I watched it again this morning before work, the first half felt more like a funeral than a party. So, while working, I listened to all sorts of music on YouTube to figure out another first track for the video. I found a funny one and changed the music in my video during my lunch break. I used the first 3 and a half minutes of this…

As it’s getting quiet at work, I also pinched some time to finish the birthday poster for my daughter (with a small portrait picture for each year of her 18 years), as I do every year. I think I am now finally on top of things (except for party shopping which will happen tomorrow).

I’m really glad the Christmas holiday is coming up! I only have today, Monday and Tuesday to work and then I’ll have two weeks off. Bliss. My current boss and my new boss are caught up in a tug of war over me. My new boss wants me mid February, my old boss wants to hold on to me for a month longer (officially I have a 3 month notice period) and I’m just sitting back, watching it unfold as I simultaneously keep telling my current boss I’d also rather leave sooner than later. She’s so weird. Before I got the job she was encouraging me and saying how I should do all I can to follow my work-heart and now that I am, she’s holding me back. Anyway, it’ll work itself out. I’m starting to get into a Christmas zen mode, no use to to get worked up over things I can’t change.

Richard is getting his Christmas mood on as well, with his traditional call to give to a good cause…

I wonder if the message on the Just Giving page that he links to is also his Christmas message this year…

I hope he’ll still write a message more like he has done in previous years where he reflects on the past year. No pressure and time will tell, but it would be nice.

Anyway, it’s been really busy this week. On Wednesday I even had an insane amount of volunteer work to do at the Refugee Center that didn’t fit into the one afternoon I usually do and it took me all day. As my regular work is now starting to dry up, I’m quitting early today and I’m more than ready for the weekend to arrive. Back to single tasking and getting out of the way of tug of wars.

I did it!

As regular readers here may know, I have been very unhappy in my current job for quite a while. I work in an IT field now (Microsoft Office 365 related) and this field is very much in demand. So when I put some feelers out for other work, all I got is more of the same job within other organizations. Not what I wanted! I like where I work at now, I just really don’t like the job itself.

In examining my motivations and what brings me joy I found that what I really want is to go back into my original field, i.e. librarianship or to do something library related. Over the years I have tried to get back into the library world but with little luck as I have been away from librarianship for quite a while now, due to certain circumstances that came up in life and work. I settled for other jobs over the years (one or two of which I have also honestly enjoyed) but this time decided I would not do that anymore. This time I vowed to myself that I was only going to apply for jobs I really, really wanted and it turned out there weren’t many of those, especially not those that would seriously consider me an option. I was renegated to turning down weekly job offers (mostly via LinkedIn) for my current kind of work and applying to the few other jobs I was able to find in the fields I enjoyed more. I had no luck there for many months… until now.

About six weeks ago I applied for a librarian position at the university I work at but I didn’t get that. What I did get was a call from the manager of all the libraries, saying she liked my CV and letter and that she had another opening she hoped I might be interested in. Seeing the diversity of my experience she thought I might be a good fit. After several conversations and then formal interviews, the last of which was this morning, I actually got that job! I can’t tell you how stoked I am!

I’ll be a library coordinator (not manager, which is what I didn’t want to be) for the several libraries the university has. My heart has always been with libraries even though I haven’t worked in an actual library in 15 or so years. I still feel like I know libraries, I understand how they work, I generally love the kinds of people who work in libraries, when challenged to do something or change something in a library my brain starts firing and I come up with all sorts of ideas, I feel at home in libraries and after all the other things I have been doing, it felt like it was time to ‘come home’. The good thing is that the skills I have picked up in my other jobs can also be put to use in this job. I’ll be more of a generalist than a specialist, a (hands on) adviser more than a manager, which is exactly how I love it.

When I got home again today after my second interview and the assurance that I got the job, I was welcomed by an enthusiastic Mr Esther who immediately took me out for a nice lunch to celebrate…

Not sure yet when I can start this new job. Officially I have a three month notice period (!!) but my new manager and I hope that I can switch to this new job mid February. Fingers crossed! I know I need to get back to work again now, but I’ve been too excited to be of any use. Lucky for me, two meetings got canceled this afternoon and I have no deadlines to face today. Maybe now that I have told everyone and blogged about it, I can get my head back to my current work. But eeek! I got a new job that I hope will really be what I hope it can be! Life is suddenly looking so much brighter again.

The week’s successes

1- Earlier this week I heard that I was one of two people left for that job I had interviewed for but alas they picked the other person. The reason given was a good one, though, and because of that I was almost glad they didn’t pick me, because if they want that from me they are indeed not going to get it. I thought I was out of options for now but then got a call the next morning for a possible other job that has me really enthusiastic! So, fingers crossed people!

2- I fought for ‘my’ refugee getting a certain benefit and it has finally come through this week and boy does it feel good to have been able to help him!

3- I reported two fake Richard Armitage accounts that had randomly started following me on Twitter and they are both gone now.

4- Was back at the office again for a few hours yesterday. It was actually quite nice and afterwards I walked in the autumn sun to a nearby Starbucks and had my first chai tea latte again in ages! That felt good.

5- It’s Friday afternoon and relatively quiet at work. After this lunch break it’s one more online meeting, only a little more work to do and then I can start the weekend early (compensating for working a few hours extra on Wednesday). I love beginnings of weekends!

6- Last but not least: Richard Armitage in plaid is always a great idea!

Sources: Sammy on Twitter and RA Bulgaria on Twitter.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Good kind of Friday

Last week I realised that fall break is upon us and that I will be having a week off next week! I had already blocked the week off months ago and it couldn’t come at a better time.

I had a frank and open conversation with my boss this morning about all the shit that’s been happening, including feedback on how what she says affects me negatively. It’s out there now and we’ll see if she will again use this against me or not or if it will even change anything. In any case, I feel much lighter now that it’s been discussed and I’m ready for my break now.

To add to the ‘it’s a good Friday’ feeling – I was able to secure a good financial victory for my young man refugee this week, which had me really stoked. And then there is also the fact that I have bagged a job interview to be held via Zoom next week. Fingers crossed, people! When I get back to work in a week I want to say to my boss that I’ll be outta there.

Today (work) life is looking not so gloomy. Even the weather has cleared a bit and there’s some sun shining in through our dining room window where I sit as I work.

I’m all caught up with everything now, so I can finish early, which is a good thing before heading into a holiday. Time to quickly blog this, shut my work laptop and start my free week off. 🙂