My kind of workspaces…

I woke up at 10.30 today (I’ve been sick and at home for the past two days) and when I checked my phone for messages and a quick glance at social media, I came across a few real gems. I mean, seriously, how beautiful is this? Richard Armitage posted this himself on Instagram.

RA Innovation Cathedral 20-9-2019 (02)

The beautiful church window, the look on Richard’s face, the hair and 3 day beard, the relaxed body, I just love love love this image. It’s instantly become a new favorite Richard image for me. He also shared the following image via a message on Twitter:

RA Innovation Cathedral 20-9-2019 (01)

He’s at the Innovation Cathedral in Newark, which is a Presbyterian church that was derelict and has now been refurbished as an Audible office / workspace. I only found that out after googling and reading this article and this info on Audible’s page which also includes a link to more interior pictures. I for one would love to work in such a space.

And then one of the actors I like in Hallmark movies, Paul Greene, posted this image via his instagram:

Paul Greene sept 2019

He’s filming a Christmas movie now and this is a picture from the set. I love this image too with the messy desk and the globe and old books and the glasses and the closed laptop and then Paul’s pensive look.

These pictures are all very different from my ‘workspace’ now, which is on the couch in my living room. Is this the universe telling me to get back to work? I think I’d rather go and take a painkiller for the headache I feel instead and take it easy. 🙂

Back into the swing of things again?

Looking at my inbox I realize I have not been around much on blog and on other blogs for the past month or so! It’s pointless to try and catch up on all the old posts of my fave bloggers that I have missed, it would just take up too much time. So, I’m jumping in on posts from a week or so ago and I’ll take it from there…

Where have I been you ask? Well, right here, but very busy. I am now 2 months into my new job, I am enjoying it very much but it’s also extremely busy! So busy, in fact, that I have been in talks about needing another person there with me to share the load. Luckily my direct managers also see that, so we will be working towards a solution. I’m still so glad I made the choice to leave a toxic situation at my old job and find this new one. So far, no regrets there! I’ve also been busy with family stuff, so by the time I get to down time, all I want is to put my mind to rest and not think too much.

During that down time I have been ‘Hallmarking’ again (i.e. watching Hallmark movies), because those are easy movies to watch that don’t make you think too much. They tend to use certain actors over and over and I am becoming quite knowledgeable, in any case about the actors I tend to like in these movies. I feel a ‘fave Hallmark actors’ post coming, we’ll see if I can find patience to actutally write about it. The ones that have preoccupied me most lately are Paul Greene…

Heart of a Fighter

… and Paul Campbell…


They both have these gentle, warm, friendly ways about them with humour (Campbell’s humor seems a little more dry than Greene’s) and they’re easy on the eyes without being too flashy.

Anyway, that was a little side-track from the sorry-I-was-absent message. I know I always said I would not put any rules or restraints on my blogging. I blog when I can and when I want to and if that means not blogging for a while then that’s fine! Having said that, since starting this blogging thing close to 5 years ago I have rarely been this quiet and inactive and it does feel a bit weird and like I should apologize for being so silent. Let me just tell you: it’s not you, it’s me! And I hope I’ll get back into the swing of things again more, although I hate to promise anything.

Back to daily life: my foot is still really sore (just now hobbled out to the garden to take these pictures)…

… so I’m working from home today. Cancelling two appointments has freed up a little time to write this post. 🙂  For now I think I’m back and I hope to see you around, also on the other blogs I read.

Smiles of the week

New jobs are exhausting! The amount of information and complexity of issues and getting to know the people and trying to get a feel for the place with its (unspoken) rules can be somewhat overwhelming at times. But I can also safely say it’s been good, the people have been very nice to me, they have waited to start certain projects until I’d be around and I feel welcome. A new manager started the same day I did, had a talk with her yesterday, and she feels worlds removed from being a micro-manager, which is excellent news. Two or three clients (internal colleagues) who were frustrated because no one got back to them on certain issues (due to someone else leaving and there being no back up) were made happy by me because I was either able to solve something for them or at least able to listen to them, promising to look into the problem. I worked on Wednesday because they wanted me along for a work field trip, so I changed my day off to today without any micro-manager giving me shit about it. Heck, even the view from the 10th floor where I work is good! This is the view from the elevator hallway…


Yes, first full week at my new job has been exhausting but good, which makes me smile!

But there were more smiles. Richard had a lovely little Twitter exchange promoting his The Lodge movie…

RA Chills1RA Chills2RA Chills3

… which means that for 3 days now this has been singing around in my head…

I’ve never been a big Grease fan (I know, sacrilege!) but I do like this song, not bad having that in my head and making me smile. 🙂

Another smile this week is the new second-hand car we bought and picked up on Wednesday, late in the afternoon. We had a guzzler for a car that could pull our caravan and, strictly speaking, we didn’t need it anymore, as we don’t have the caravan anymore. So, to make things a little cheaper for us (gas, taxes and insurance) and to be a little more environmentally friendly, we bought a hybrid Toyota Auris. My daughter had been with us when we bought the car 10 days ago but she was in Berlin with school for the week, so it was only our son who was with us when we picked it up.

The car has a ‘panorama roof’ (just glass, you can’t open it, but wonderful for gazing at the sky and daydreaming) which my son fell in love with. Yeah, the rain couldn’t take the smiles away.

Of course, the big smiley news is the news of Baby Sussex being born. Yes, Harry and Meghan have a son named Archie, who was born earlier this week. Pictures of the happy couple with baby were shared, which is worth a smile of its own…

… and Harry was in The Netherlands yesterday for the Invictus Games which are apparently coming to The Hague next year. Het got a little onesie from Prinses Margriet (former queen’s sister, our king’s aunt)…

However, the best part was the jacket he was wearing during a short bike ride, which also said “I am daddy”…

Harry daddy

Yeah, big time smiles for that one as well!

Early this morning my daughter came home from Berlin (they drove through the night)…


She’s been exahusted, napped through most of the day, and she is out now with Mr Esther, giving the new car a little exercise. 🙂

And finally, Simon Baker. After The Mentalist ended I lost touch a bit with what he’s up to and while he does have Instagram, he doesn’t post that much on it. But he did post this today. My first thought was: “oh my, he’s looking so good”! And that smile, he has one of the best smiles I have ever seen on anyone. Then I looked closer and see that his Mentalist co-star and the person he ends up marrying on the show, Robin Tunney, has reacted to his post…

SB Insta1

… and then a short little exchange follows in the comments…

Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if these two meet up and take cute pictures together? A sort of happily ever after, after The Mentalist? Ah, the memories this brings back!

I’m totally up for a reunion with some pictures for the fans. Here’s living in hope!

First day

First day at my new job today. I was welcomed by a colleague who showed me around, introduced me to people and showed what was what on the computer. My new colleagues even placed a “Welcome” card on my new desk…

Someone just left the organization so I have inherited her workplace at the window!


It’s high up too, on the 10th floor, with a view over the city I work in…


I’ve been made to feel welcome, have not been micro-managed and the desk space is great; it’s been a very good first day. Hope this is a good sign for things to come. 🙂




Today was my last day at work. On my way home on the train today, I saw this tweet show up on my timeline:

This, exactly this, is the reason why I quit this job – I just don’t want to waste my energy on toxic people and especially not on toxic micro-managers.

Yesterday my coworker, who quit the same time I did, and I brought cake and fruit for the whole office (we did this yesterday because there were lots of people present; Wednesdays are always very quiet office days, so cake-Tuesday it was):

Farewell cake

The Dutch line in black at the top says “Thank you for the collaboration!”, because the job hasn’t been all bad. 🙂 I don’t know what my boss thought of the cakes, he was in meetings all morning, but the cakes sure were a hit with many other colleagues who saw them. So much fun to do!

I handed in my work laptop and work phone at 5.30 pm this afternoon. Tomorrow I have one more e-mail to write (I only realised on my way home today that I had forgotten to do that) and that e-mail I can send from home when my head is a little clearer. After that I’m finally all done with this job and these managers I’ve had to endure. Tomorrow evening there’s a farewell dinner for my colleague and me, my boss is not invited. I’m going to miss my cool coworkers but I am still very happy with the choice I have made. I’m very tired from working so hard to finish everything and I’m also very relieved this chapter is now closed. I’ll have two weeks off now before I start my new job. Off to greener pastures!