Resignation letters

I am so behind in blogging world, but I didn’t want to miss another ‘Mach Was’ and I see the deadline is today! The latest theme posted by Die Pö is to do someting with post / mail. I didn’t have any inspiration until now… As I have been in full on resignation mode of late, I have been occupying myself somewhat with resignation letters. I even helped my colleague P with hers a little bit (she and I are leaving on the same day!). She and I went the serious route with our resignation letters but I came across some fun ones, short and to the point, online. I very much understand the sentiment in these. 🙂 I don’t remember the sources, but here is a collection:


And I’m thinking maybe my colleague and I should do something like this when we leave:


Followed by this…

HJ MF JA dancing on Graham Norton.gif

The dance doesn’t have anything to do with post, but I thought it would end this post on an extra cheerful note. 😉


My face is an open book

So, last week I told my two bosses that I am quitting my job and after that I e-mailed my resignation in writing to upper management, them and HR. In that e-mail I told them, as diplomatically but clearly as possible (thank you Mr Esther for helping edit the text!), why I am quitting my job. The bosses were clearly not amused by the text and micro-manager asked to speak to me. Mr Esther coached me to not be goaded into a fight, but to sit back and allow silences to fall where they may. The talk went something like this:

MM (Micro-Manager): A plan needs to be made for transferring your tasks to someone else.

Esther: Naturally (silence)

MM: Of course, we don’t know yet who will be taking over your tasks, we’ll have to get the team together to see who can do what, also in light of P who will be leaving as well (P just gave notice as well today! 🙂 ). We also need to look at the tasks left vacant by D who left last week. You need to make manuals, so others can know what to do.

Esther: Naturally (silence).

MM: I want this to end on a positive note.

Esther: Naturally. I don’t want to burden my colleagues with unfinished business if I can help it (silence).

MM: Also, I wanted to get back to the e-mail you sent to the top manager and HR.

Esther:  Silence

MM: I didn’t appreciate it that you sent it to HR like that, writing out your reasons for leaving. People start talking from that. The impression has been created that you leaving is all my fault.

Esther: Silence

My face, in the meantime, was doing stuff like this:

MM: (backtracking a bit): Of course, you have every right to state your reasons for leaving… And it’s up to you who you send the e-mail to.

Esther: Silence

MM: I just want you to know I have the best intentions.

Esther: I don’t doubt your intentions.

MM: Maybe I didn’t handle everything right but the fact is only 3 of you from the 12 had problems with this…

Esther: Silence

MM: … and it is your choice to leave.

Esther: It is.

MM: There was no policy to get anyone to leave. I didn’t come here with the intention of thinning out the team.

Esther: Silence

MM: It’s a pity this happened this way, I came in with the best intention and just wanted to change things for the better.

Esther: I am sure you did. But if you find something is wrong, it would have been a courtesy to discuss the problem with the team instead of coming up with unilateral rules out of the blue that make no sense. Within the team we are all grown professionals and like to be heard and solve any perceived problem as a team.

MM: They were more like guidelines instead of rules.

Esther: Silence

MM: When I started here, you and the other two never gave me a chance. I just wanted what was best for the team. Everyone agreed it was necessary to have a team leader and no one else has a problem with me.

Esther:  Silence

MM: You said a while back that you found my management style oppressive. I am sorry you felt that way, it was never meant to be that, I want to have a good relationship with my team.

Esther: I thought our initial meetings were alright, even if we didn’t see eye to eye on everything. Then you wrote up a report of our meeting for the personnel files and instead of it being a two-way representation of what we spoke about, as you promised, it was a top-down authoritarian report. Then, when I commented on it, it came back even more authoritarian. So no, that style did not fit me. After that you started hounding D and her contract was suspended due to faux ‘policy’ reasons and I didn’t feel comfortable here anymore.

MM: D was pregnant and tearful, so it was difficult to speak to her and explain to her why it was always clear that her contract would not be extended..

Esther: Sceptical, no-such-thing-was-ever-clear-look

MM: … and we had to keep on postponing our meetings with her because she couldn’t handle it. Maybe we should have shared with the team more openly why her contract wasn’t being extended.

Esther: D aside, the problem here is that no one knew of any of these policies or where these policies came from and suddenly someone is let go over them. Again, top-down management without consideration for the team. I suggest, for future reference, you let the team know these policy ideas even exist before using them as an excuse to let people go. Grown up professionals like to be consulted.

MM: I am only doing what’s best for the team.

Esther: Silence

MM: Maybe we could have been a little more open about things.


MM: Maybe we should just look forward now and make sure we end your time here on reasonable terms.

Esther: That may be best.

Letting someone who is angry just ventilate without saying much in return and allowing silences and facial expressions to speak for themselves works wonders. A meeting that had every potential of becoming an angry argument never became that and was over in just 15 minutes or so. I have heard before that my face is an open book and this talk confirmed that for me once again. There were many more things I could have said regarding that oppressive leadership style but there was no point. Condescension and passive aggressiveness worked just fine for me. So, we agree to disagree and move on.  Just 8 more weeks to go now…

The future just brightened up!

It’s in the bag: I have a new job! Had a final interview this morning, we discussed salary and working hours and they want to have me and I want to have them. 🙂 It’ll be a little while before I can start (May 1st), but already I am feeling so much lighter!

RA slithering gif

On Monday I’ll be handing in my resignation at my current job and suddenly the world looks a lot brighter to me now that I can give micro-manager the finger. 🙂

Space is being cleared in my mind now, so hopefully I’ll be back to Richarding again soon. I had considered dropping by the Red Dragon Con last weekend when I was in London, but in the end my weekend was filled with other fun stuff with my brothers and niece, there was little time left to travel to the convention center and back, and as I wasn’t going to pay the entrance fee anyhow for Hannibal, there wasn’t much point in going. I did think of my fellow fans enjoying Richard over last weekend, though, and hope everyone had fun. I got an especially big kick out of this Twitter exchange, referencing the vicar of Dibley!


Thank you, Kate and Richard and Dawn French! And thank whatever good kharma there is out there for giving me a really good way out of my current job. 🙂

Busy, busy, busy but good!

So many beautiful Richard Armitage pictures during the Sundance Film Festival and also new project news. Yay! While I can just about follow what’s happening on Twitter, I have no time whatsoever to collect pictures and squee on blog. I’ll just post the latest (and best) squee-picture that I saw appear on my Twitter feed this morning (he’s so drop dead gorgeous in this one!)…


… and look forward to when I have a little more time to indulge in Armitage news. Just busy, busy, busy with work, stuff going on at home and also binge-watching old episodes of Hart to Hart.

Used to love that show in my teens and happened across it again. While it is a little dated, gotta say I still enjoy it now (despite mixed feelings about Robert Wagner). It’s so nice to see a prolonged happy marriage on TV! More about that maybe another time.

Some good personal news to share in the meantime: it looks like I may have a new job in the spring! I applied for a job at a college, they are interested in hiring me and have invited me back for a third interview, which will be held some time next week. That interview should be a formality and once I have certainty there, I can give notice at my current job. I need to give two months’ notice but the end here is in sight! I’m going to miss some of my co-workers but will be sooooo happy to be rid of micro-manager! And I won’t be the only one who’s leaving. One colleague leaves mid-February and another colleague is also in advanced talks for a new job, which she intends to accept. Can’t tell you how happy I will be to start a new job and how good it will feel to give the manager the finger, probably at the same time my colleague will. Oh, the triumph of it all!

Tomorrow I fly to London for the weekend. Unexpected trip.  I was at my mom’s yesterday, my younger brother was there too and said he was going to London for a weekend to visit my older brother and would I like to come too? Considered it, then found cheap tickets, so the answer was yes. 🙂

On top of all this good news, also the feel-good feeling that:

  • My daughter is doing really well right now! She has found a way to give her friend T some attention but also just be herself and do her own thing and be with her other friends. School is going well for her and she is enthusiastically talking about her future dreams. Her depression seems to be lifting, therapy seems to be helping, and she’s really social, communicative and cheerful right now. After all the stuff she’s been through, that just lifts my heart to the high heavens.
  • As we speak, my son is having fun on a ski trip in Austria with school and he actually has been texting us pictures! He’s a social soul but out of sight is out of mind when he’s away from us, so the pictures he’s been sending really make me happy.
  • My husband’s blood tests came back well and he has started working half days again. Monday another appointment to discuss results of MRI scan of his stomach, fingers crossed all is well. He still tires easily but is at least feeling better and slowly getting back to his old self again. This looks promising.

Bottom line is that I’m feeling tired, but with so many good things happening, my spirits are certainly being lifted. A few new leaves have been turned over at the beginning of this new year and that feels good.

New hope

Mr Esther came home from hospital this afternoon. 🙂 He still needs rest and some monitoring but he’s well enough to be at home. He has follow-up appointments at the end of next week to see whether further action is necessary but for now he’s good and he’s home. My view this evening is very pleasant (Mr E with cup of tea in hand, listening intently to my daughter and some theory she was putting forward)…


Now that he’s getting better, I am not so well, with a bad cold (but not sick enough to stay in bed). That’s OK, though, because he’s home and that’s what counts.

What is also good is that I have a job interview tomorrow. All is quiet at work right now but all is as yet still unresolved and I am waiting for the next eruption. In the meantime, I’ve been looking around for other work and applied for a job elsewhere last week. They called me today and want to meet with me tomorrow! Who knows, maybe they will be my ticket out of my current job mess? There are three of us at the heart of the current protests: one colleague’s contract will not be renewed and the other colleague is also applying and doing interviews elsewhere. Now, wouldn’t it be a coup if the three of us would at the same time be able to give them the finger? That would mean that half of our sub-department would be leaving – watch them scramble to fill that up! Anyway, a new hope is dawning, now that I am at least able to get invited for job interviews at organisations that interest me. Fingers crossed that I want them and they want me. 🙂