I’m still here!

It’s been very quiet on the blogging front for me, I know. And I miss it! It’s just been sooooo busy in my real life, I either haven’t gotten around to blogging or I haven’t been in the mindset.

My son got his school diploma earlier this week! There was a central celebration for all those graduating and after that the 4 graduating classes split up and went upstairs to smaller rooms. That is where  personal speeches were given to each kid and where they actually received their diplomas.  My son’s class mentor awarded him a “Pun Master Award” in the personal speech she gave about him, referencing his humour. My in-laws were there as well, as was my mother and my aunt. I really missed my dad, though. He would have loved to have been there as well. Schools, learning and diplomas really were his ‘thing’…

Here are a few pictures of my son signing his diploma, the speech my son received, and the congrats afterwards (the girl with the long ponytail is my daughter).

We were very proud! Now it’s on to hotel management school for him… and this coming weekend his birthday with lots of celebrating. So much to do before then!

My daughter has been having some troubles that we’ve been dealing with and recently some things came to a head, so our energy has been focussed there (as it should be). Luckily things are a little better now. We have a plan of action and we’ve decided, together with her, to enrol our daughter at another school where we hope there will be a little more care for her than she received in her old school. We’ll see… we’re very hopeful, though!

All the ups and downs in my children’s lives that my husband and I have been dealing with, combined with work being very busy right now, means that, yes, blogging hasn’t been a priority recently. I’m really enjoying my new job, by the way, and they are happy with me too as I have just been given an extension on my contract till mid september next year and a pay rise! However, there is so much to do and I need to watch out that I don’t get sucked into unnecessary details. I need to keep on top of doing what I should be doing and not getting side-tracked by other things that people are starting to ask me about as well…

There has alas been little time for fangirling but I do try to keep up a little bit; I need to, for my own sanity. This means that I do have Pilgrimage ready to view but with all sorts of drama happening around me, I haven’t been able to stomach looking at violence like that yet. Maybe next week, when things look to be calming down a little. In the meantime, I did enjoy these Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage gifs from UltraVeloce on Twitter!

I also really liked this picture of comedian/actress Miranda Hart with her dog Peggy over on Instagram from two days ago:

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Favourite photo. #dontsharefood #PeggyandMe

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From somewhere, and I can’t remember where, I was alerted to a Turkish cat-lover’s site a little while back. He plays keyboards and when he does, one of his many cats loves to keep him company. It is so darned cute and this week he posted another cute one, which gives me real joy! He has more videos like that on his Instagram, including one where another cat comes in as well and the video-cat gets a little jealous. Perfect little pick-me-up on a busy day.

These quick little glimpses of fun things help me relax a bit and make me smile!

Hopefully, starting next week, most of the busy stuff and private life stress will be over for a bit and I can get back to blogging more again. That is, until we leave for our summer holiday in England in two weeks time…

Anyway, this post was just a little sign of life… I’m still here! 🙂

Miranda Hart in ‘APTCH’? Yes, please!

I’m going through my Twitter feed this evening and I see that one of my absolute favourite comedians, Miranda Hart,  loves A Place To Call Home as well! Not only that, but she’d also love to have a small part on the show as farm hand or something… 🙂 And to boot, Marta Dusseldorp, who plays the lead role of Sarah Adams Nordman on the show, loves the idea!

Miranda & APTCH2

Oh, please make this happen – someone, anyone, the powers that be! That would be so much fun!

Season 4 of A Place To Call Home has recently started shooting in Australia, it’ll be a long while yet before we’ll get to see it, but boy am I already excited! The cliffhangers at the end of season 3 are almost unbearable – how will it play out?

To quench my thirst for all things APTCH, I have made another fan video…

Yes, I’m obsessed…

Call the Midwife comic relief

I’m addicted to Call the Midwife now – have watched all the episodes so I’ve moved on to internet research and I came across this Comic Relief special from 2013:

I am crying tears of laughter now! The show is so very well spoofed and Miranda Hart is mixing in some of her Miranda sitcom character as well. Love this. 🙂

On to something completely different – I’m loving the rainbow ribbon at the top of my WordPress screen… So happy about same sex marriage being possible in all of the US now!

Rainbow ribbon


… yes, I do that when I come across something late to the game.

It happened 9 years ago, for instance, with North & South when I got the DVD as gift from my mother. I had it laying around for a while before one day, when I was sick in bed, I decided to watch one episode. Ended up watching all 4 in one go, I just couldn’t stop despite having a headache and feeling awful. And now, 9 years on, I still adore N&S, I still adore Richard Armitage and I even have my signed N&S poster!

RA N&S signed poster

Binge-watching happened again when I discovered The Mentalist. I had known of its existence but didn’t actually catch an episode till the show was in season 3. Someone recommended it to me, so I watched the pilot, and watched the next episode and the next… watched episodes every free moment I had until I was caught up to season 3!

Behind the scenes picture of an episode of The Mentalist that Simon Baker directed.

Behind the scenes picture of an episode of The Mentalist that Simon Baker directed.

From then on I watched faithfully every week until the series finale last spring.

I’ve had other binge watches, but those were slightly less… desperate than N&S or The Mentalist had been.

And now, here I am again, right in the middle (nearing the end) of a new desperate binge watch – the BBC’s Call the Midwife!


Of course I was aware of the series, have been for a few years, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to see a show about other people giving birth. Miranda Hart is on the show and I just love her and loved her Miranda sitcom. So, the other week I happened to catch a rerun episode on TV of what turned out to be an early Call the Midwife episode – I gave it a go because I was curious about Miranda and gosh, don’t you know it, I was instantly hooked! Of course, I couldn’t rest until I had the whole show in my possession and I have been binge watching all the episodes. I love it and already now don’t want the series to end! I love the love that oozes through each episode, the warmth, the strength of characters, all unique and flawed in their own ways. The episodes make me smile and make me cry, they make me feel so many things and make me think.

I am already nearing the end of season 4 now and when I finish that I’ll be all caught up. There will be a Christmas special this year (is it Christmas already?) and early next year there will be a series 5. Whew! The show is still running and I am already looking forward to it in the new year!

Goodbye Miranda

I love Miranda, the BBC sitcom about a mid 30s woman who is tall and awkward in so many ways and lives life in childlike delight. I have laughed myself silly at her escapades and have rooted for her to get together with the love of her life, Gary (the man who owns the restaurant next door).

Just as with Geraldine (Dawn French) in The Vicar of Dibley, I could identify with Miranda. Both women don’t conform to the standard beauty ideal, both women have their awkwardness and yet both ‘ordinary’ women are heroines in their own way. They overcome obstacles, they grow and learn and deal with ups and downs but most importantly, they also stay true to themselves. They have their hearts in the right place and are so delightful and warm and in a small way they make you realize that you, as a normal, non-topmodel person, can be the heroine in your  own ‘normal’ life. In fact, you ARE the heroine in your life just as they are in theirs.

Just as I was sad at the time that The Vicar of Dibley had to end (see no. 3 in my Christmas list), so I was also sad that Miranda had to end. The two final episodes were aired on the BBC over Christmas and New Year’s.

Warning – if you watch the show and haven’t seen this final episode yet: be warned, spoilers ahead!
What I can already share is that the moment Miranda addressed her audience at the end of the show, I teared up as well…Miranda goodbye
So, yesterday’s last ever episode… it almost looked like she and Gary would never happen, that she was going for life without her man. I rejoiced in her newfound confidence and ‘not needing a man to be happy’ mode… but… she loves Gary! I wanted her to have it all: confidence and knowing who she is and independence from her overbearing mum and I wanted her to have Gary! It almost looked like she didn’t want to go for him anymore but luckily she came to her senses and she rushed to him to tell him she loved him. Luckily he felt the same way!
Miranda elope 1 Miranda elope 2
And so, they got married after all! Of course, just as in The Vicar of Dibley, this all happened somewhat faster than it might do in real life but the gist of it remains: Miranda finds independence and happiness with Gary! I was thrilled.

Miranda - I do Miranda - I do 2
I also loved how things ended between Miranda and her mum. Her mum’s heartfelt apology for being so overbearing was heartwarming.
Miranda - mum apology Miranda - mum apology 2

I loved the multiple kisses between Miranda and Gary and how happy they were and I love that Miranda has grown yet still stays the same at heart.
Miranda kiss party Miranda kiss encouraged by mum

Miranda - heart 3 Miranda - heart 5
All good things must end and it’s maybe good that they do end before they became a drag… but I will miss Miranda…Miranda just married