I’ve been catching up on all sorts of blogposts that I missed while I was in Lucifer bingewatch mode and I came across Herba’s reminder for the Mach’ Was challenge. This time the theme is water.

I have very little inspiration, but there is a nice Tom Ellis getting out of a swimming pool image I came across during my current Lucifer internet surfing…

… and DB Woodside at the beach.

I’m starting to develop a real crush on him, looking at all sorts of YouTube interviews with him and last night I watched a 50 minute interview with him on #BlackLivesMatter where he openly discussed his experiences with racism. Tom Ellis, awesome man with a huge platform of 7.8 million followers, is hosting a friend of his on his Instagram to talk about #BlackLivesMatter. There’s just something about DB that is touching my soul right now.

Anyway, I’m going off topic here. Back to water. Of course, I have no real inspiration on what to do with water but on my phone I did have a clip of hail falling from the sky a week ago in our little back garden. The cups we had left outside were quickly filling with water.

Today, after watching my daughter’s soccer match, I spontaneously decided to go on a little bike ride (Mr Esther was a little tired, so I went alone). There’s lots of water near where I live and I took this picture…

I got off my bike for a bit to look at the pretty water and the pretty sky. These are very trying times so a little water as restoration for the soul is not a bad thing…

5 thoughts on “Water

    1. Thanks.

      Apparently in the upcoming second half of season 5 there will be a musical episode of Lucifer. That could be either awesome or totally off but I’m looking forward to Tom (and DB) in that in any case.

      That water picture: I took a quick snapshot and when I looked back at it, I saw that it had turned out really well.

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