The little shows that could…

You leave town for a few days and all sorts of good things happen! Maybe I need to leave town more often… 😉 This is about two women-centered shows that look really big production-wise, but have been struggling to get continued and financed.

The first piece of good news is that it looks like there really will be a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries sequel! The show has stopped for now, after 3 seasons (broadcast between 2012 and 2015), but there has always been talk about wanting to continue, about maybe making a Miss Fisher movie. That dream seems to be getting closer to reality now, as announced on their official Facebook page recently:

Miss Fisher Essie Davis Nathan Page

I would so very much welcome this, I love this show! They have a passionate fan following, I hope that helps with getting this thing financed as well.

What passionate fans can do is shown with another Aussie show I love called A Place to Call Home. That show was cancelled after two seasons, but after protests from fans and an action group called “Save A Place to Call Home”, another channel picked up the show after all and two more seasons were made. A fifth season is being filmed now as we speak. And now, this past weekend, the show has won the most important Australian TV award, a Logie, for ‘Most Outstanding Drama’! Such a thrill for a show that has been on the brink. I really liked the acceptance speech given by Noni Hazlehurst, who plays the matriarch on the show:

I am thrilled for the show and that it has become so successful against all odds. They have been nominated last year and this year in other (mostly acting) categories as well, and now this win just tops it all. Personally I would have liked to see Jenni Baird win as well for Outstanding Supporting Actress (she plays the baddie and wore the black dress with flowers at the awards); she is one of the greatest baddies I have ever seen in anything! Alas, the lead actress, Marta Dusseldorp (also nominated!), couldn’t be there…

Marta Dusseldorp

… but the rest of the cast made a very nice-looking group during that awards evening.

Congratulations to the A Place to Call Home team!

A fan video post

In the past few months I have made a few new fan videos. I uploaded the latest today and thought I’d share. The first two videos may only appeal if you actually know the shows they were made for, the last video may have a wider appeal.

In October I made a video for the BBC series Silent Witness; it wasn’t for the more recent series, but for the older ones when Nikki was still working with Harry and Leo and the three of them made the best team. I started making fan videos because of this show and thought I was done because Harry and Leo are no longer there. Then I heard this song and immediately images of Nikki and Harry flooded back again. So, I dusted off the old clips I had once made, and created this video. I still miss Harry and Leo and the magic of these three together so very much… and I still secretly hope that Harry will one day return (sadly Leo will never be able to)!

The second video is for the Australian TV series A Place to Call Home. This past fall series 4 aired which was yet again good and very dramatic. I have made several videos before for this series but this time I made a video with only season 4 clips, illustrating the latest part of the journey for Sarah and George. So, beware of series 4 spoilers if you haven’t seen the latest A Place to Call Home series yet!

And last but not least, a ‘miscellaneous’ project I have had cooking for a while now, ever since I saw this video about President Obama. It is no secret that I have loved the Obamas in the White House and that I will miss them. I have been looking at pictures over the last months, mostly taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, and the images are beautiful, touching, fun and striking. I have been collecting them and all the while two “Don’t go” songs have been swirling around in my head while I look at them. So, I made a 7 minute video with images set to both these songs. In a working democracy it is inevitable that a president leaves, even if he was a very good one in my view, but I will miss the Obamas nonetheless…

I have been sitting on this video for a while (just added the last two images today) because I really don’t want to get into political discussions. It would be pointless, I won’t agree with the opposing view and the opposing view will not agree with me anyhow. However, especially after yesterday’s disastrous inauguration speech by the new president, I do really want to celebrate the Obamas and I am pleased to have now done that with this video.

The good TV news post

So, first off: Berlin Station. Berlin Station has been renewed for a second season! Whether Richard Armitage will be part of that remains to be seen. I watch this show solely for Richard now and while I at first was quite intrigued with Berlin Station, my interest has slowly waned. The spying and double agendas and such have become a tad annoying to me. We really continue to know little about the characters, notably Daniel Miller (Richard’s role), and there is so much going on – just when you start to feel invested in one storyline, another is picked up and followed. But I still love the Berlin Station titles sequence with David Bowie’s song (and Bowie songs playing regularly in the background in several  episodes), I like that it’s set in Berlin and I think they should have billed Richard Jenkins above Richard Armitage because for me the show is more about Steven Frost than Daniel Miller (and Jenkins totally nails his role!).

richard_jenkins_in_berlin_station_2016Oh, and the Daniel and Esther (!!) fantasy (I ignore the double agendas) is nice to look at… 😉

However, If Daniel Miller doesn’t survive this first season I doubt I will watch the second season.

Next up: A Place to Call Home. A Place to Call Home is nearing the end of season 4 in Australia right now. I love the show, have made fan videos for it,  and this past week it was announced that there will be a season 5! The press release says: “Season five will time jump to 1958, where four years have passed since we left Sarah (Marta Dusseldorp) and the Bligh family.” The baddie, Regina (absolutely brilliantly and chillingly acted by Jenni Baird) is so evil – it looks like her end is nearing in season 4, but will she really be defeated?


And will George and Sarah finally be free to marry?


And there are many more questions which will possibly be answered in the final episode of season 4 next week – but what will it all mean for season 5? I’m already stoked for the future of this series!

Also, great news about Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which is another show I love and have made fan videos for! Miss Fisher will (most probably) be continued in a trilogy of movies! Filming next year for the first movie, with a release in 2018. I really hope this happens, can’t wait to see what’s in store for Phryne Fisher and also Jack Robinson!

Last but not least – in three days the 4 new TV movie episodes of The Gilmore Girls will be released on Netflix! After my recent binge-watch of a lot of the series I am really giddy with anticipation for this one. I hope it can live up to expectations…

Yes, in a time of awful election news and subsequent daily US news that leaves me more and more depressed, these little TV highlights really do cheer me up somewhat!

I have a fan video corner now!

So, the other day I was making a video for A Place To Call Home. It looks something like this when I work on it in my old Windows MovieMaker software…


The show has started with it’s 4th season last weekend in Australia and, in anticipation, I made this video to a song I had been listening to and thought would be fitting:

Then  I got to thinking that it would be nice to have a little corner here on my blog where I link to all the videos I have made so far. It gives me a chance to put videos together on their own pages and I can write something about them. So, I did just that!

At the top op my blog there are now 3 menu items: the homepage that consists of these blog posts, the ‘fan video corner’ I have made (with themed sub-pages!), and ‘about me’ has moved from the sidebar to the top menu. It’s been fun to do! So, you can access this fan video page via the menu or right now via this LINK.

It’s a good thing I’m out of a job right now… this has been my full time job for the past two or three days. Anything to keep me from doing household chores (which I REALLY have to do now as Suzy is arriving tomorrow for a weekend visit)! Oh, and I have now also listed ‘WordPress’ as a skill on my CV. 😉

The most tantalizing news…

… about one of my newer fave TV series A Place To Call Home! It’s another piece of news I came back to after my vacation…season 4 of APTCH will start airing in Australia from September 11th onwards!

APTCH season 4

I particularly loved this gossipy little teaser trailer (“I’ve just heard the most tantalizing news!”):


Which was followed a short while later by another more ‘normal’ trailer:

I know this show is unknown to most people, but I love it. I even made some fanvids about Sarah and George after I first discovered the show early this year (here, here and here)! I’m so excited for it to be back. And it’s quick too! Filming for 12 episodes started in February and wrapped in July. Here’s a shot of the lead actress Marta Dusseldorp on her instagram page with her TV-dog Lucky on the last day of shooting:

APTCH Marta end of filming

The season will be about “the “reds under the bed” conspiracy that surrounded the Petrov Affair to show the conservative wave of fear. They will also show the wave of liberal change that opened up new social and moral choices during the course of Season 4.” (source). Sounds intriguing!

Regina is deliciously and really very scarily evil, will she be able to keep George and Sarah apart? What will hapen to Sarah’s baby? Will George run for office? Will Mrs Bligh recover and what happens with her chance at love? How will Caroline deal with the horror she went through and what does it mean to Jack? What happens with Jack, will he be barred from practicing medicine? What will happen with James and Olivia? Looks like Olivia will continue her fling with the artist and will James and his doctor be together? So many questions, I’m so curious to see how it will unfold!

It will be a while yet before this airs here in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is only now airing season 3, maybe we can hope for season 4 in the spring here? Will the BBC air this soon (they aired season 3 a few months ago)? In any case, I will do my utmost to get my hands on season 4 as soon as possible… 🙂

MTA: just came across these new season 4 images as well, which look great, by Peter Brew-Bevan (click to enlarge):