Comic relief

Comic relief is better than getting super angry yet again at this morning’s Trump news. That man’s a menace! Anyway, yesterday evening our TV was switched off so I forgot about the Comic Relief Big Night In the BBC had put on to raise money for combating the Corona virus. Just a few quick clips here this morning before I get back to my boring work chores.

  •  Miranda is back with tips on how to get through these times of isolation. I loved how she got the primary cast to Zoom in with her. I follow her on Twitter and she posts a lot about mental health. She’s such a sweetie!

  • And Dawn French was back as the Vicar of Dibley, but alas without any Richard Armitage. It would have been nice if she had been able to Zoom with come cast members. Wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped but but I’ll take this too…

I understand the Big Night In has raised over 27 million pounds. Wow!

OK, gotta go, my meeting’s starting!

13 thoughts on “Comic relief

  1. Esther I just loved David and Catherine’s bit. Funny quite serious and “no sir tik
    Tak is a breath mint!” And then end was fabulous!!
    Miranda is always cool and such a nice reunion!! I love her show (thank you Rachel for introducing it to me 😘❤️) and alas no Richard
    He should have been promoting that benefit yesterday instead of his audible stuff . 😉
    Thank you for this bit of comic relief 🤗❤️

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    1. Yeah, Miranda was such fun! 😉 As were David and Catherine.
      I love Dawn French as the vicar, wish we could have seen something of that failed zoom attempt… oh well.
      I tend to skip past everything Audible related that Rich does. Although, if he does children’s book I may just listen in as they tend to be nice and short. 🙂

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  2. I should be working but instead I’m watching videos! Having trouble concentrating today. The David Tennant video is really funny!
    On another note, how on earth does Dawn French look that young, at 62? I don’t think she used to look that young, and yet she claims not to have had plastic surgery.
    Ok back to work. Thanks for the break!

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      1. It shows what a good actor he is that he can come across so differently. There’s a scene in Lucifer that reminds me of Guy in Marian’s last scene. Really good acting on Ellis’ part.

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