Stirring news (good and bad)

My son is over the moon excited that his favourite basketball player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, won the NBA championships with his fave team, the Milwaukee Bucks. His instagram stories are filled with pictures celebrating that (I took screenshots)…

And also a little video of Giannis celebrating…

Junior has been walking around the house in his Giannis jersey, basking in the win even now, two days later. This is good excitement!

Less good is the news from a day or two ago that the Norwegian women’s beach handball team was fined for playing in shorts instead of bikini bottoms.

I hope other teams will join them in their protest and that the (misogynistic) rules will indeed change!

And then today I read some Eric Clapton news…

I had no idea he was in the covidiot category and I now find that he is a racist too. Apparently there was even a Rock Against Racism movement in the 1970s formed directly in opposition to what Clapton had said. I had somehow never heard of this before. Bowie in the seventies also made some controversial statements (I did know that) which also led to this anti racism movement but he retracted them vehemently later, something Clapton does not seem to have done. Not that I have ever been a huge Clapton fan but I do like some of the songs he made and reading this caught me by surprise (not in a good way) and made me cringe. I have never given Eric Clapton that much thought or have known that much about him but somehow I had never pictured him being someone with views such as these. Is it a coincidence that there seems to be a big overlap between covidiots and racists? Another example for me that these views aren’t only held by a few fringe lunatics but are more mainstream than many wish to believe. That is scary. So, yes, go ahead, cancel his concerts if he doesn’t want to abide by common sense Covid rules, I’d be fine with that.

Let me end on something more positive: a librarian from Northampshire got a Richard Armitage life-size cut out for her retirement! Lucky woman.

And ooh, I am just reading some more Armitage excitement: Guylty has received a package from the man himself that will go into the upcoming birthday auction that she is organizing! Pop over to her blog to see. The excitement builds! It looks like it may be an item related to this role… or not…

Isn’t it great that there is always some good news to balance the not so good?


On Thursday Guylty announced the yearly auction that is coming up in a month for Richard Armitage’s (50th) birthday and then a few hours ago Richard tweeted this!

(Note: glad I took a screenshot of this tweet as it has now been deleted again)

Richard lurks and reads more than we may think, I conclude not for the first time, and I am excited that he even has something to offer for this year’s auction! It looks like he has been in touch with Guylty (are you still breathing, S?) and a surprise item is making its way to her. What will it be? I am so curious!

I really enjoy the yearly auction time and the excitement surrounding that. This year, however, I probably won’t be able to follow as closely as usual because I’ll be away on holiday in France by the time the auction starts. I was already curious to find out how the few items I donated will be doing and what other items are on offer, but now, with an actual item sent in by the man himself, I will try even harder (inbetween holiday daytrips) to follow the auction as best as I can from France. I also hope our holiday cottage wifi will be good enough. This is promising to become the most spectacular RA birthday auction yet. 🙂

The fling list

The German blogger Die Singende Lehrerin has called for another blog challenge. I already participated in her Marry Me challenge a few months ago and figured this one would be fun as well. This time the challenge is to name 6 sexy fictional characters you wouldn’t mind diving into bed with. They aren’t supposed to be serious relationship material, just a bit o’ fun. This whole challenge is a little ‘thought expermiment’ as she calls it. So, it’s all about the character, not the actor, but for me the actor also very much helps with this thought experiment which means my thoughts mostly turn to characters portrayed by some of my favourite actors.

Before I get to my list, let me tell you that this is at the edge of my comfort zone as I am not a one-night-stand fling kinda girl in real life and so I never really think in those terms. In real life, if I’d want to dive into bed with someone, I’d want some longer-term potential attached to it and that transfers to my fangirl life as well. This doesn’t take away from the fact that there are some very sexy, fling-material characters out there that can also get into my head. So, here goes:

1- The first (and initially only) character that immediately sprang to mind was John Porter (Richard Armitage) in Strike Back series one, because well, someone so desperate for a lay to release some tension may be fun for a night and look at those arms – strong but not too much.

2- I really like but somehow don’t particularly fancy the actor Tom Ellis. However, his character Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series Lucifer might be a lot of fun to have a fling with, wings and all. He’s the king of flings and shows countless women a good time in bed, I suspect I could really learn something from him and have fun too…

3- Speaking of Lucifer, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) might be educational and fun as well for a little fling! I find her very beautiful, intense and sexy.

4- Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) in Suits before he finally came to his senses and chose Donna, just because he oozes sexy, and self-assuredness and knows how to show a woman a good time.

5- Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie) from Labyrinth, because of reasons I once posted about before. It’s the gaze and the…erm…long legs that would make me curious.

6- Last but not least: I watched this older series called Single Ladies a while back because D.B. Woodside was in it. It’s a bit like Sex and the City, which was OK but not a fave of mine and neither was this series. However, D.B. Woodside as Malcolm Franks, a rich playboy business guy with some shady deals but a good heart underneath, was very sexy. So, yeah, I’d pick him as well for a little fling-fun…

That’s it, that’s my (not really surprising if you read here regularly) list. If you, dear reader, have any suggestions/additions of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments or on your own blogs.

On an end note: the Marry Me challenge was far easier for me than coming up with this list of flings without longer-term potential. Maybe if I considered it more, I could come up with more, but for now, I’m quite happy and comfortable with my six flings.

Italy’s having a good year

Earlier this year, the Italian group Maneskin won Eurovision

… and there’s more high profile Italian success to be celebrated.

I’ve been following Wimbledon this year (I love Wimbledon!) and an Italian player I didn’t know called Matteo Berrettini made it to the finals. I’d seen him in the semi-finals as well where he had been impressive but yesterday in the final he lost to Novak Djokovic in 4 sets (Djokovic held on to his nerves better and won deservedly). Still, he won second place at Wimbledon which is impressive and he sure is easy on the eyes as well. I’m sure I’ll be hearing more of this Italian in the future.

And then last night Italy thankfully won the UEFA 2020 European football championships…

I won’t go into it again why I supported Italy, already did so in my previous post with lots of discussion to boot, but suffice it to say I felt more than justified in supporting Italy. Not only did English football fans prove yet again how awful they are (again starting to boo the opponents’ national anthem and I think the TV broadcast then switched off microphones so that it wouldn’t be heard and then later in the game booing when Italy was at the ball) but the Italian play (apart from maybe the first 20 or so minutes) was better too, as confirmed in match statistics. It’s a pity the winner had to be determined by a penalty shoot out.

In the aftermath, the three young Englishmen who missed scoring during the penalties are now receiving a whole load of extremely ugly racist abuse. Thankfully that is condemned but wow, something needs to be done about these so-called ‘fans’. How about banning England fans from stadiums (and social media) altogether until they can behave themselves?

Anyway, back to Italy – I’m very pleased with the Italian win, they deserved it. Richard Armitage has been gracious about the Italy win too…

Congratulations, Italy! 🇮🇹

My goodness, I never knew I could ever get so invested in football. It must be my daughter’s fault. Now that she’s been playing herself for these past two years, we watch it on TV far more. For now, it’s back to normal life and lower heartbeat rates.

An abundance of Richards

The Uncle Vanya film is being promoted and suddenly there are little interviews with Richard Armitage popping up everywhere. I just saw this one (thank you Astrovian on Tumblr for the shot and transcript!). I love that the questions are famous movie quotes, even if I don’t recognize them all…

Earlier this week there was a Metro “Sixty Seconds” interview and Guylty very helpully provided a picture of the Radio Times interview that also appeared. Linking to the picture of that interview on her blog here (which embeds nicely as an image, click to enlarge).

There’s a lot in these interviews that I already know about Richard but there are a few things I did learn…

  • A while back he also said something about being influenced by the moon? Yeah, that apparently wasn’t a fluke.
  • I think I read somewhere before about him having his chart made as well? Not my thing but hope it’s helpful to him.
  • He’s still self-deprecating about his talent and his body.
  • He gave up drinking during lockdown. Even Pinot Noir? Now that’s a shame. 🍷
  • I like that he mentions getting a new haircut after he finishes playing a character so that he can leave that character behind.
  • An actual mention of something he wants to produce: The Taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor. Another thriller, I take it from reading the synopsis, by a ‘female Stephen King’? Could be alright, but not normally my genre.
  • He says in the Radio Times interview, “In another universe there is a version of me that is a light-hearted, comedic actor in romcoms”. Maybe he can transfer a bit of that universe to this universe with his production company? I could totally see him as Professor Don Tillman (who looks a bit like Gregory Peck, Richard could totally pull that off!) from The Rosie Project. Don even bikes everywhere and Richard sure has experience with that…
  • He might want to go back to musical theatre? That’s a bold claim, considering he’s been on record saying that wasn’t for him anymore.
  • He looks raggle-taggle while going out. Like this? I wouldn’t mind running into that.
  • He likes cheese sandwiches? He should come to my country, then, so many great varieties of cheese to choose from! I’d be happy to guide him, we have gorgeous little cheese shops in my home town. And they go well with Pinot Noir too. Just sayin’…

Ah, it’s no nice to see some new interviews with the man, it totally makes my week.