Guess I really am part of the AA

My name is Esther and I’m a Richard Armitage fan. I should say well-wisher, by decree of Mr. A himself once long ago, but I won’t. So, I’m a fan but only in a semi-public capacity. I don’t gush daily about him (I am over the really gushy stage and have been for years), I don’t tweet that much about him or even write that much about him, I don’t participate in Richard message boards or social media banter and I keep away from fandom drama as much as I can (in fact, I’m quite obtuse and barely notice a lot of it). Privately, I don’t constantly pour over his pictures, or read articles and fanfic, or watch fan videos, or scour the internet for more info and I don’t re-watch his work that much anymore either. I completely skip the audiobooks and it nowadays also takes me quite a long time to actually watch some of his other newer projects (they are not always for me, although, for what it is, I did quite like The Stranger and found My Zoe alright as well, but I have not seen The Lodge and Castlevania seasons 2 and 3 yet).

With all this, you may wonder if I even would still call myself a fan and the answer is, yes, I would. I still love the man from afar, he remains my favourite even if I’m not always vocal about it and I can still get excited about something like winning a Richard Armitage shrine (to add to the few fan items I already have and really cherish) or finding a new interview. Something in his acting and in the way he comes across (warts and all) really connects with me and I am always interested in what he has to say and what he’ll be doing next. His pictures cross my Twitter timeline daily, I am thankful to more active fans who keep up with news so well, I read some Armitage blogs (but even my fave RA blogs don’t blog about him all the time, which I like, as there is more to life than just Richard) and I will on occasion even travel to see him live.

In short, I do my fangirling in my own way (sometimes detached, sometimes immersed) and in my own little bubble here on blog. I also engage a teeny tiny bit on Twitter so that I can stay up to speed with news and that’s it. So, I don’t think my profile is that large or noticeable and until today I think I have stayed under the radar well enough and was never targeted as an Armitage fan by fake Richard Armitage accounts before. But here you have it: today, during my lunch break, I saw that “Richard Armitage” has finally deemed it time to follow me on Twitter!

I have reported the account as fake but oh my goodness, does this mean that after having fangirled over Richard for 14 years, I am now officially part of the ‘Armitage Army’? I’m always wary of being labeled as one thing and I certainly don’t want to be part of an army! I love the man but he is not my ‘commander in chief’ – I fear I’ll be a disobedient soldier because he can’t command me to do anything (no one can, not even my most beloved husband) and I certainly won’t take everything he says or does as gospel to be followed. This Twitter follow makes me realize that I am more part of a wider fan group than I saw myself to be. The Armitage bots (or whoever makes these fake accounts) have finally found me!

So, all this to say – I guess I am now recognized more widely online as an Armitage fan, ‘Richard’ followed me and I have reported him. 🙂 Does this make the Richard-Esther connection more real now? I’m not sure how I feel about that.

(Yes, this is the ringtone that plays every time my phone rings)

(Been typing at this blog post off and on, in between work, since lunch. This means I need to work later than I usually do to catch up again. See? I’m fan enough that Richard Armitage can distract me from work.)

Some additional details from the lock-in interview

Servetus has seen Richard Armitage on Digital Theatre Plus and has kindly provided a little summary. Now, how can we all get our hands on this as well, please, Digital Theatre?

Me + Richard Armitage

“Can I get out of here now? Because I have to sleep.”

  • Armitage finds Harold Pinter Theater to be intimate and epic at the same time.
  • Armitage felt like he could have lived on the UV set, and this would be the perfect environment for the lock-in b/c it would be atmospheric and spooky, and there are also snacks in a cupboard on the stage.
  • When you’re developing a character you want to spend time with them before you become them.
  • Armitage would want to investigate assumptions about the character of Scrooge; he’s “sort of an anti-hero, in a way.”
  • He finds being in a room with a grumpy person and trying to shake them up a bit, fun.
  • Armitage thinks he is a bit like Scrooge.
  • Armitage can’t play chess.
  • In a situation like this, Armitage would be the psychiatrist or the friend for Scrooge, helping him find out…

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TDH people doing nice things

Lemme start with Richard Armitage. I loved this video posted to Facebook today on the release of Ken Follet’s new book. Richard’s enthusiasm is so sweet! And he’s looking good too (oh man, I love that hair!)…

The only Ken Follett book I have ever read is Pillars of the Earth which I loved when I read it a long time ago. As this is a prequel to that, I think I may want to give this book a go too. I think Mr Esther will be intrigued as well. I’m also curious about which Follet book Richard is interested in adapting for the screen. Don’t think it would be Pillars as that was done a couple of years ago. I wonder how close that, whatever it is, is to becoming realized!

But Richard is not the only tall dark handsome (TDH) person that holds my attention. In recent weeks I have become more obsessed with Lucifer than I ever thought I could be and there are two TDH actors in there that preoccupy me. First of all, especially DB Woodside has stolen my heart, even more so after that ‘Blackfolx’ interview he did that I referred to in this post. And this picture below from when his now 11 year old daughter was a baby completely sealed the deal. He’s been separated from the mother for a long time but they seem to be co-parenting their daughter very nicely together. I love that.

I’ve been rewatching some of him on Suits and have been collecting pictures for my screen saver… He looks big and fierce but there’s just such a warmth, soulfulness and kindness there, it fills my heart.

Next to that, Tom Ellis also still holds my attention. The second part of Lucifer season 5 is yet to be released and apparently there is a musical episode coming up. Last weekend a sneak peak of one musical number from that episode was released and it looked fun!

And apparently this little moment within that number was improvised. Totally cracked me up!

And there’s also a new season 4 blooper reel that includes my two TDH Lucifer men…

The cast (and for me most notably Tom and D.B.) are very outspoken anti-Trump on social media which is what I’m loving as well. Bring on season 5B of Lucifer!

Of course, Tom Ellis also brings me back to Miranda. I have been re-watching all episodes and man, I still love that series (yes, even more than Lucifer). I also loved the ending of the show which can still bring me to tears and I still miss it and hope for more. Tom and Miranda have both hinted over the years that there possibly could be more one day where maybe they could delve into Gary’s (played by Tom) and Miranda’s married life, but as yet there are no fixed plans and Miranda hasn’t written anything yet. In the meantime, we Miranda fans must make do with occasional small Miranda and Gary reunions…

… and best of all, enjoy the 10 year Miranda celebration that was held in a theatre in London at the end of 2019…

Looking at all that makes me really long for even more (even though Tom Ellis right now looks more like Lucifer than Gary here)!

As Miranda too is TDH, I figured I could fit her into this post as well. I ordered two books by Miranda Hart yesterday evening and finally subscribed to Miranda’s mailing list after watching the whole show again. The welcome message I received in my inbox after signing up made me feel a little emotional (this quarantine is getting to me, I think)…

Miranda very much tries to be there for people with mental health issues, she especially tries to reach out to people who are lonely, and the warmth she exudes is just such a beautiful thing to me. Let there be more Mirandas in this world, please. Yes, I love my TDH people. 🙂

My day is made

This is my workplace right now…

Yes, about half an hour ago my coveted prize from the Richard Armitage Birthday auctions arrived: my very own John Thornton shrine. I’m beyond thrilled! It’s a grey day here today, so I figured a bit of candlelight while at work wouldn’t be amiss.

Later this afternoon I may try fiddling with that cravat a bit. I think I’ll be keeping him close to me here on our dinner table (my ‘office’) for a while, it really is lovely company while I work. I will also need to hoard a stash of small candles to keep the light shining during the coming darker autumn and winter months. I always have a bit of the winter blues so this will be a lovely little pick-me-up.

Mr Esther and I are both impressed with the craftsmanship on this as neither of us would have that dedication or the insight and ability to craft such a pretty and delicate little thing. Thank you so very much for this beautiful creation, Guylty, and the lovely little extra goodies you added! This little package has really made my day.

Perfect day

Last night I went to bed with a big smile on my face, it had been a perfect day and made me think of this song as I fell asleep…

Mr Esther and I slept in quite long yesterday morning after having a late night, meaning we had a nice relaxed start to the day. Mr Esther junior had to go to work from 3pm (internship at a hotel) and mini-me had a party to go to in the evening but our day was wide open and we didn’t want to do anything useful around the house. It was quickly decided that the four of us would go out for a lunch outside on the beach, close to where junior works. We had missed junior on our holiday and doing lunch with him like that, as a family, felt like a holiday in itself. That was a perfect day moment and lunch was good too!

After lunch, junior went to work. Mr Esther and I wanted to walk on the beach and mini-me wanted to walk into town on her own. So, we split up, arranged a time to meet up again and off we went. When it was hot these past two weeks or so, the beach here had been extremely crowded according to the news, but yesterday it was about 20 Celsius (high 60s Fahrenheit), with some rain in the morning and early afternoon and very windy.

There were quite a few people around but it wasn’t crowded, which made the distance keeping easy. Mr Esther is growing his beard and hair in quarantine and it felt weird to him to feel his beard and hair flapping around in the wind, which was funny to see.

We walked on the beach for about an hour, reminiscing on when we had first walked and kissed on that same beach as a new couple. It turned the afternoon into an unexpected romantic beach walk, which was another perfect day moment.

We met up with mini-me again for drinks and then walked to where junior works to say hi. Another perfect day moment, to see him being professional and an awesome employee at the health center part of the hotel.

We drove home where mini-me got ready for her party. She had arranged that I drop her and her friend off and that her friend’s mother would pick the girls up again at midnight. That meant that Mr Esther and I also had an evening to ourselves! We reserved a spot in a restaurant we hadn’t been to before in our home town and biked there so that we could also partake of some wine. Parking our bikes against a bridge made for a typical Dutch image…

The restaurant turned out to be great. Very few people present, good distancing of tables and ample ventilation. We took our time with a 3 course meal, I only took a picture of the dessert…

… but all of it had been delicious. We were stuffed by the end but it had been worth it. Yes, a romantic dinner at a restaurant was another perfect day moment.

Then last night just before I finally went to sleep I also caught the LOROS and Richard Armitage thank you messages for the auction fund raising…

That was another little moment right there.

So yes, yesterday was pretty perfect! Today on the other hand, I need to do a huge load of laundry folding… I guess not all days can be perfect.