2018 RA Fan challenge, part F to J

My second set of answers to Guylty’s fan challenge! (Answers A-E are here).

2018 Fan A to Z

F. Name a play that you wish RA would do?

No preference for a play, just any good one will do! I was blown away by him in The Crucible and I still hate that I wasn’t able to see Love Love Love, showing so far away in New York. I don’t have a preference for a play but I do have a preference for a location: London, please! That’s relatively easy for me to travel to… 🙂

G. How long have you been in the fandom, and how has your attitude to the fandom changed during that time?

I have always been a solitary fan, whether I loved Gregory Peck in my early teens, David Bowie in my later teens/early twenties or Colin Firth from my mid-twenties on. I never was in any of it for the community, I just loved these guys…

And so it has also been for my Richard Armitage fan-experience as well. The difference with Richard, however, is that the internet was more established and around when I fell in love with him so that, unlike with the other guys, I have been more aware of a fandom surrounding him. I became a fan of Richard’s 12 years ago after seeing North & South. I went on a mad hunt for information, found a few good websites and most of all the C19 message board. I used an alias to become a member there and for a long time I lurked and soaked up all I could. After a while, not being able to resist the enthusiasm, I did participate there for a bit, but I never completely immersed myself (just didn’t have the time as a mum of young kids) and didn’t stay that long. As long as I can remember, there have been factions and disagreements in the fandom, and I just don’t want to waste my time on all that drama. I also don’t want to adhere to other people’s fandom rules and I don’t want to walk on egg-shells, I just want to enjoy Richard in my own way! Also, I don’t do well with absolute Richard hero-worship and taking every word he says as gospel. So, I have been withdrawn from interacting in the fandom world until… I started blogging almost four years ago!  With my blog I have created my own little corner for my own way of fangirling and addressing fan issues if I choose to. This is the place where I can control my fan experience and keep it good for me. Interaction with other fans through my blog has been fun and through this blog I have also for the first time met a few fellow-fans in real life, which has also been great fun!

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I don’t immerse myself fully into the fandom and I don’t feel the need to have an opinion on or a reaction to everything. I engage where I like and cherry-pick what I like and meet who I want to and so far that’s been working for me. 🙂

H. How has your attitude to RA changed over your time as a fan?

When I first saw N&S, I became Richard-obsessed, hungry for every morsel of information on him. I wrote fan fiction, was introduced to the world of YouTube fan videos and eager to know every project he was doing and everything about him. I tried to get my hands on his backlog of work and I saw most of that. The Vicar of Dibley happened around that time, which made me very happy, I also liked The Impressionists. But then came Guy of Gisborne and after that Lucas North and I have to say my attention wavered, as both those characters could not hold my attention. I really disliked the Robin Hood series, couldn’t even watch it for Richard, and Lucas North really did absolutely nothing for me. I wavered in my Richard-love at the time and wondered whether it was only John Thornton or Harry Kennedy that I had fallen in love with. My interest remained, I read any Richard news that came my way, but I didn’t actively peruse the sites and discussion boards anymore. That lull lasted, oh, 2-3 years and then Strike Back happened and I was back! That was followed by Thorin Oakenshield and really, I haven’t looked back since.

Strike Back 01

I do admit that the first rush of new love is over, and I don’t constantly re-watch his work anymore, he has become a permanent fixture now. I do still get a little giddy over new  work (unless it’s audiobooks! Kudos to him for those, but I don’t do audiobooks) but even his newer work I have not been able to re-watch that much. I mean, he did a great job as Francis Dolarhyde or Raymond de Merville, but they just aren’t enjoyable characters to watch again and again. Richard will always have a very warm place in my heart and for now (as in the past 12 years) he remains my favourite actor. I continue to hope for different, good and challenging roles for him that I can enjoy!

I. What made you come out as a fan and participate in the fandom online?

I always wanted to blog and started this blog not for Richard-reasons but because I wanted to write about things I loved (and Richard is one of them). Reading other blogs I liked, like Servetus’s, Guylty’s or Herba’s blog, in addition to not being able to contain myself after seeing Richard live on stage in The Crucible, motivated me to take the plunge and start this blog for real.

Once I started writing about Richard, and Servetus picked up on that and linked here, I started attracting Richard fans to my blog and thus slowly got sucked into the fandom. As I can be a fan on my own terms here and reactions have been positive, it’s been a lot of fun so far!

J. Are you outed as a fan among your family and friends?

My husband and kids certainly know and especially my husband is very supportive. He took these pictures, for instance…

My mother and brothers and sisters know I love this actor and that he’s on my phone case, but they never seem to be able to remember his name. A few friends know and if people ask me, like my new co-workers, I’ll tell them who my fave actor is and that I’m a fan, but they don’t know about this blog. Especially at work I don’t need them to know, I prefer to keep my professional life separate from the fan world. The only ‘real people’ who know about this blog are Mr Esther, my kids and two friends of mine with whom I have fangirled over other stuff besides Richard as well.


*Thud* !

There’s a trailer for Richard’s latest audiobook that is just… wow… see for yourself…

It almost makes me want to listen to audiobooks… Now, if only this were a trailer for a TV show or a movie, I’d be so excited to actually see this! I especially love that last little look Richard gives at the very end right before he turns away. Seriously, it made my heart miss a beat…

RA lost daughters trailer 01RA lost daughters trailer 02RA lost daughters trailer 03RA lost daughters trailer 04

And then these two photos were released, which I think may be right up there with the best pictures ever taken of the man!



I loved the earlier pictures that were released, of Richard on the beach, but these are even greater! I was wondering what made me love these images so much, and then read Servetus’s little analysis – she has really hit the nail right on the head! A man of experience and a certain maturity, who has lived, is looking at us in a penetrating way – yep, catching my breath again! The second picture has a slight edge over the first one for me, but both are just thud-worthy!

And here, a lovely gif of Richard in the same outfit, taken from a video in which Richard meets the author Joy Ellis. Servetus, notice the boots… 😉

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, I was at the cinema enjoying a ‘ladies’ night’ showing of Ocean’s 8, a week before it starts showing regularly in the cinemas here.


It was not quite as funny as I thought it would be, but it really was fun! I agree with some other reviews I have read, that Sandra Bullock, but especially in my view Cate Blanchett, should have been used more and Anne Hathaway as well. In fact, I felt all of the ladies could’ve been used more. And Richard Armitage too! Maybe I needed the movie to be longer… 🙂

There was even a tiny scene with him pretty much wearing this…

RA insta O8 inspiration 4-6-2018

Richard’s role isn’t huge, but he does really well, especially at the end. I saw subtle comedy in him in his last few scenes that I have never seen him do before; the expression on his face at the end made my friend and me laugh out loud. I yearn to see him do more of that! He certainly was a little weasel in this… Yep, I’ll go watch this again, gladly, once it’s in the cinemas here properly. I need to study it all in a little more depth… 🙂

No name

My take on the whole ‘No name’ controversy over on Twitter when an EW reporter called Richard Armitage a ‘ forgettable no name’ actor in a tweet… The way she said all that (and prefers Chris Pine??? Nah, I really don’t see that!) was a little disrespectful but she kinda does have a point because, really, when I tell people in real life that I love Richard Armitage, every single person looks at me blankly… and I really have told quite a few people! Some of these people may even remember I have this favourite actor and they repeatedly ask me, “what was his name again?” So yeah, I do kinda get the ‘no name’ thing, although I too think her criticism could have been worded more tactfully. As for forgettable – I find other actors far more forgettable than Richard, but that’s a personal preference, I guess. To each their own!


Personally, I can’t be bothered to get that upset over such a thing, or take it too seriously, but then I am quite an even-tempered person anyhow. I read rude tweets like that, have my own thoughts (as voiced above), and then choose to move on because I know arguing on Twitter rarely solves anything. Part of the Armitage Army couldn’t be so complacement and valiantly jumped to Richard’s defence. While I think it’s great some people called her out on her rudeness, I immediately saw where this was headed… Yes, it got ugly quickly, arguments ensued between said reporter and fans and then fans started calling out other fans on their behaviour. In short, mayhem grew over, in my view, a very silly, rude little tweet that never deserved so much attention. But it’s like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t tear my eyes away…  And hey, here I am even blogging about it! Silly me…

Maybe the one good thing to come of all this is that said reporter will at least remember Richard’s name from now on (not forgettable and no name anymore!).

Today, Richard himself has weighed in on Twitter on this whole controversy in the most delightful way!

RA twitter reaction to Dana 01

I love his self-deprecating sense of humour, that man really has been on a roll on Twitter lately! Maybe that’s the best way to respond to rude tweets that can’t be ignored: stay polite, use humour (which can defuse a lot of anger) and move on….

This past weekend, as I watched the drama unfold, I’ve been singing two ‘No name’ songs in my head, over and over again. This one…

and this one:

I went on to do a quick YouTube ‘No name’ song search. Apparently Michael Jackson also made a ‘No name’ song. I’d never heard it before…

And there’s someone who sang an own composition called ‘No name’ on Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago, although those actual words are never mentioned in the song itself…

There’s a song that I didn’t know called ‘No name’ by Ed Sheeran which is also used as the title song to a TV series (The Bastard Executioner) that I also don’t know…

And, oh my goodness, 1980s German pop group Modern Talking (I remember a school friend loving them and hating the ‘Nora’ necklace the singer used to wear) has a ‘No name’ song (which isn’t terribly good but fits into this list):

I think I’m done now, engaging myself in the drama, and yep, I’m ready to move on (after responding to possible comments to this post)… 🙂

2018 RA Fan challenge, part A to E

Guylty’s back at it again, she’s set up a fun new Richard Armitage fan challenge! And yep, I’m in! Should anyone else wish to participate in (part of) this challenge but not have a place to publish their responses, feel free to contact me and I can set you up as a contributor on my blog.

So, I’ll just start now, shall I? 🙂 Here is part A – E

2018 Fan A to Z

A. If you added up all the money you have spent on DVD’s, cinema tickets, accommodation, theatre tickets, fan art, audiobooks etc., how expensive has RA been so far?

Oh, gosh, hard to say! I’ve loved the man for a long time!

  • I have bought (some) DVDs, The Crucible on Digital Theatre, and cinema tickets. What does that add up to over the years? €200,-? €250,-? Not that many cinema tickets, though. First time I ever saw him in the cinema was in The Hobbit at the end of 2012 and he doesn’t make that many movies that end up in the cinema…
  • Audiobooks – not my thing so have barely spent anything on them, apart from The Martian Invasion of Earth, which was, what, about €12,-?
  • Haven’t bought fan art although I did win a Richard III package in one of Guylty’s auctions, which I think cost me something around €50? Oh, and I bought a Hobbit poster that is still up on my bedroom wall for about €15,-. I also had a phone cover made for my phone (twice, as the phone I have now is a follow up to the phone I first had a cover made for). So, that’s €40,- in phone covers. Richard recently signed that phone cover for me. 🙂


Oh, and I have a Thorin action figurine to accompany my Aragorn figurine, which was also around €20,-.


  • I have flown to London, together with Mr Esther, to see Richard in The Crucible. Accomodation was free of charge at my brother’s but two flights and two tickets to The Crucible would add up to about €300,-.
  • Recently I had the Newcastle trip to see Richard at the Newcastle Film Festival. Flights, tickets and accomodation for one night added up to about €350,-.

I’m thinking I’ve probably spent more in 12 years of loving RA but can’t think of on what else. All of the above adds up to around €1000,- which is on average €83,50 a year (although most of it has been spent in the last few years). Maybe the more interesting question would be how expensive Richarding is calculated in hours spent on him… Not sure I’d be ready to answer that, though. 😉

B. Which of his chaRActers do you think RA is most like? Which is he most unlike?

He once said he was most like Harry Kennedy from The Vicar of Dibley and I can see that!

I think he’s probably quite unlike almost any other character he plays. The most unlike one that sprung to mind first was Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal.

C. Name a book that you think RA should star in a film in.

I don’t have a preference for a book but I wouldn’t mind a sympathetic romantic lead for a change, or any sympathetic lead really, whether based on a book or not! For me the most perfect book adaptation (so far) was Richard as John Thornton in North & South.

D. Which of his selfies is your favourite?

I’m often not a huge fan of Richard’s selfies. He does something around the mouth, a smile, that always feels off to me, a little too posed when I look at it, like in these…

Having said that, I do quite like these…

E. Which of RA’s audio chaRActers do you think he should play in a film adaptation?

I’m really not an audiobook kinda girl. I’ve heard bits and pieces of RA’s audiowork but I Richard Armitage Lucy Briggs-Owenjust can’t listen to an audiobook all the way through. It’s not about him, his voice is gorgeous, it’s just that the voice of an audiobook seldom corresponds with the voice in my head, and so it gets annoying to me. Plus, I tend to zone out. Even as a kid, I much preferred reading myself to being read to. The only exception so far has been The Martian Invasion of Earth, which I did enjoy! That was more like an audio-play but I did like it. I think it had everything to do with him portraying only one character and interacting so well with Lucy Briggs-Owen. So, going by that, it would be Martian Invasion for me.

‘I wanna have RA on the beach!’

More audiobooks to come from Richard… sigh… I wish for more film and/or TV and/or theatre in London with him… The upside is that Audible has released two absolutely lovely images of Richard on the beach to promote his upcoming audiobook “Their Lost Daughters” by Joy Ellis (if you have the inclination, unlike me, you can preorder it here).

Anyway, I already loved this image of Richard on the beach that they released, oh, maybe a week ago?

Richard on the beach

But I think I love this image even more!

RA beach

I love that jacket and sweater, and the scruff, and the grey sky, and the sand dunes backdrop, but what I really love is the grey hair at the sides and the far off, contemplative look! Is this what the character in the book is supposed to look like? If so, I recommend they make a movie of it, starring Richard Armitage looking just like this!