Richard Armitage in ‘The Stranger’

This morning I’m minding my own business, reading through Twitter updates while eating my Weetabix and having BBC Breakfast on (as I often do when I decide to work from home for a day). I was about to actually start up my laptop when I see on Twitter that Harlan Coben will be on BBC Breakfast this morning and another tweet tells me it will be around 9.20 a.m. my time!

I dutifully start up my laptop, get some e-mails and messages out of the way for work and 20 minutes later I’m at the TV. Sure enough, during the interview a first clip of Richard in The Stranger is shown! And yes, I recorded it on my phone. 🙂

OK, so quality isn’t great, maybe someone else will have better quality video up soon, but for now this makes me happy on my Friday morning! Some grainy screenshots:

RA The Stranger 01RA The Stranger 02RA The Stranger 03RA The Stranger 04RA The Stranger 05RA The Stranger 06

The actress playing the stranger (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name) sure has mesmerizing eyes… Yes, I think I am actually looking forward to this production now!

MTA: the actress is Hannah John-Kamen, I am told. Thank you Ella for the info. 🙂

MTA number 2: Hariclea tweeted out the full interview (in better quality) here:


I wish I looked this good traveling…

So, the Korean fans did actually meet Richard Armitage off that plane and boy, did Richard look good coming off a long flight like that! Does he sleep, hydrate, meditate, put on face masks, what? No selfie he makes does him justice (he always looks off to me in them), these pics from the Korean fans do do him justice – Rich looked good! I know these have been shared everwhere already, but just to keep a record of it on my site as well, here are my faves that I came across…

These are from Babappa on Twitter, I cropped them a bit (click on pictures to enlarge):

Or these from qkrxhRod on Twitter. Especially love that first one:

And these from shine_71reen on Twitter are cute too. That little smile…so nice…

Or these from Veloce

He looked relaxed, pleased, I loved the longer hair and stubble, even the white shirt looked fine. The thank-you-to-the-fans picture he posted afterwards was sweet (albeit a selfie)…

RA Seoul 2019-0704 arrival thank you

… and a nice little addition to the great pictures of him arriving in Seoul. Thank you fans in Korea for sharing your treasures! This made a fangirl’s heart happy. 🙂

Meet Richard off a plane!

Apparently Richard is flying from Paris to Seoul right now (that little Korean tekst in the Tweet apparently translates to: “I am looking forward to meeting you”):

… so I did a quick google search and found this:


He should be landing in about 3 hours time. Anyone want to meet him off the plane? 🙂

So, it looks like this scifi Korean project really is a go. Curious to hear more of what this is all about… Until then, here’s that picture in close up that he tweeted:

RA plane Paris-Seoul July 3rd 2019

Somehow it feels like something is missing from his nose, like he should be wearing glasses like he did on a plane 2 months ago…

RA on a plane 2019-0502

In any case, kinda fun that he shared where he’s at right now and we fans can picture sitting next to him on a plane and chatting with him. 🙂

Fangirling Armitage slump lifting?

In my e-mail I receive regular “London Theatre” updates and this was in my inbox today:

London Theatre e-mail

That headline links to this article. Now, I know this news is a day or two old but this makes it extra official for me and it looks like I’ll have to plan another trip to London in January now! I think I read Uncle Vanya in high school but I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s about. Regardless, Richard back in the London theatre is something I can really look forward to! Finally something Richard-related for me to get really excited about again.

I know it can’t be helped due to the nature of the business but I don’t like getting excited over something that I’d really love to see Richard do and it then falling through. I recall that Edith Wharton Summer project that still hasn’t come to fruition (will it ever?), that musical that mysteriously was never to be and what happened to the priest project we heard of some months ago? I am sure I am missing more off the top of my head right now… and now there’s some mystery Korean scifi project he’ll be doing?

RA Korea Tweets

I wonder if that will really happen? I’m not holding my breath quite yet but I also don’t quite know how excited to be about this. I do like how totally different this project is and I do love how the man seems to be challenging himself in so many ways.

I so want to fangirl a new Richard project but The Lodge won’t be for me and I still can’t make myself do audiobooks. I thought the first Castlevania was alright but haven’t seen the second yet. Trevor is animation and not Rich in the flesh after all. I haven’t done the newest Wolverine audio play yet either – again, no visual Richard. I like to have audio and visual Richard combined. I’m curious about My Zoe and I’m curious about The Stranger, which he’s filming now, but even those don’t have me over-excited yet. That little dad-dance he posted on Instagram from the set of The Stranger was fun, though, so that at least was a little excitement there. 🙂

I will eventually attempt Castlevania and Wolverine and I will watch all the other  projects for him and I hope they’ll be really good, but none of these projects, nor even the Korean scifi, makes my heart beat extremely wildly in anticipation. Let me be clear, I don’t begrudge him any of these projects and in everything he does, he’s always good! Also, this all makes him develop as an actor and become even better. However, these just aren’t projects I enjoy that much, I only watch them for him and not because I’d enjoy them independently from Richard.

Yet I still hold out hope for projects I can love, because even though the recent few years of Armitage projects haven’t excited me wildly (Urban and the Shed Crew excepted and that one is dead in the water as far as DVD release goes), the man for some reason or other still remains my favourite! Now finally, for the first time in a long time, I am getting excited again because Richard Armitage is coming back live on stage and within reach for me to go and see him! He’s co-starring with Toby Jones who I really like as an actor, he too is always good. Richard in a quality play, that really lifts my fangirl heart today. Here a little reminder of how good he is on stage: The Armitage in The Crucible

Yes, I’m sure I’ll be there in January 2020 at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London.

Smiles of the week

New jobs are exhausting! The amount of information and complexity of issues and getting to know the people and trying to get a feel for the place with its (unspoken) rules can be somewhat overwhelming at times. But I can also safely say it’s been good, the people have been very nice to me, they have waited to start certain projects until I’d be around and I feel welcome. A new manager started the same day I did, had a talk with her yesterday, and she feels worlds removed from being a micro-manager, which is excellent news. Two or three clients (internal colleagues) who were frustrated because no one got back to them on certain issues (due to someone else leaving and there being no back up) were made happy by me because I was either able to solve something for them or at least able to listen to them, promising to look into the problem. I worked on Wednesday because they wanted me along for a work field trip, so I changed my day off to today without any micro-manager giving me shit about it. Heck, even the view from the 10th floor where I work is good! This is the view from the elevator hallway…


Yes, first full week at my new job has been exhausting but good, which makes me smile!

But there were more smiles. Richard had a lovely little Twitter exchange promoting his The Lodge movie…

RA Chills1RA Chills2RA Chills3

… which means that for 3 days now this has been singing around in my head…

I’ve never been a big Grease fan (I know, sacrilege!) but I do like this song, not bad having that in my head and making me smile. 🙂

Another smile this week is the new second-hand car we bought and picked up on Wednesday, late in the afternoon. We had a guzzler for a car that could pull our caravan and, strictly speaking, we didn’t need it anymore, as we don’t have the caravan anymore. So, to make things a little cheaper for us (gas, taxes and insurance) and to be a little more environmentally friendly, we bought a hybrid Toyota Auris. My daughter had been with us when we bought the car 10 days ago but she was in Berlin with school for the week, so it was only our son who was with us when we picked it up.

The car has a ‘panorama roof’ (just glass, you can’t open it, but wonderful for gazing at the sky and daydreaming) which my son fell in love with. Yeah, the rain couldn’t take the smiles away.

Of course, the big smiley news is the news of Baby Sussex being born. Yes, Harry and Meghan have a son named Archie, who was born earlier this week. Pictures of the happy couple with baby were shared, which is worth a smile of its own…

… and Harry was in The Netherlands yesterday for the Invictus Games which are apparently coming to The Hague next year. Het got a little onesie from Prinses Margriet (former queen’s sister, our king’s aunt)…

However, the best part was the jacket he was wearing during a short bike ride, which also said “I am daddy”…

Harry daddy

Yeah, big time smiles for that one as well!

Early this morning my daughter came home from Berlin (they drove through the night)…


She’s been exahusted, napped through most of the day, and she is out now with Mr Esther, giving the new car a little exercise. 🙂

And finally, Simon Baker. After The Mentalist ended I lost touch a bit with what he’s up to and while he does have Instagram, he doesn’t post that much on it. But he did post this today. My first thought was: “oh my, he’s looking so good”! And that smile, he has one of the best smiles I have ever seen on anyone. Then I looked closer and see that his Mentalist co-star and the person he ends up marrying on the show, Robin Tunney, has reacted to his post…

SB Insta1

… and then a short little exchange follows in the comments…

Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if these two meet up and take cute pictures together? A sort of happily ever after, after The Mentalist? Ah, the memories this brings back!

I’m totally up for a reunion with some pictures for the fans. Here’s living in hope!