Richard Armitage, BAFTA…

… member, as announced today.

Alas not a winner yet, although he would have deserved one for his role as John Thornton 15 years ago…

Now, if only he’d get some nice meaty roles that could earn him a BAFTA, I’d be more than happy! Maybe being a BAFTA member now can help with that? There are so few RA feels for me of late, I’m missing them. I want to get really excited about an Armitage project again and that’s not really happening yet. Sure, the planting trees thing was nice…

… but I so do not want to hear about more audiobooks or other projects that are not quite all that to me. My Zoe seems to lack heart, The Lodge does not interest me at all. I’m not getting my hopes up for The Stranger. I mean, I like a good mystery at times but it’s not my preferred genre and it needs to be really, really good to get me fangirling. So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now: I still adore the actor, I just don’t really adore the recent projects. The only real upcoming highlight for me now is the Uncle Vanya play that’s coming. I’m glad I at least have my London theatre visit to look forward to in February!

#RAnetRescue Fundraising Items Are Now Live!!!

Guylty’s auction to save RA Net is now live. Have a gander, lots of lovely items to be had! 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

Who would’ve thought that we have another auction fundraiser before the year is over? Well, there is a need, and therefore the latest collection of donated fan items will now be auctioned and sold – just in time for the holiday season.

So the fact that you are reading this post now, means that we are live with the RAnet Rescue Fundraiser. Running for the next three days to conclude on Monday, 2nd December, we have a total of 31 auctions running. *oof* After the latest round of birthday auctions I had actually sworn never to have so many auctions running at the same time again, but well – we need the money. Among the range of auctions you will find some fan packs, some individual fan items, and a large number of Zox straps. They are not fan items as such (although there are a few in there that…

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Uncle Vanya is happenin’

So, it’s really happening, Richard will be on stage again in London at the beginning of next year for Uncle Vanya!

Saw this publicity picture for the production, which looks depressing but good:

uncle-vanya-toby-jones-richard-armitage-muse-creative-communications-photography-by-seamus-ryan-resizedAnd I really, really like Toby Jones, he’s such a great actor, so I have high hopes for this one! Toby Jones emanates empathy, he can give you real joy and sadness, he’s one of those actors that become the role and completely invites you in.

I think I read the Uncle Vanya play in high school (could also be mixing it up with The Cherry Orchard) but I remember nothing about it. So, I am looking forward to being re-educated. I also just found this short blurb of an article where Richard is interviewed and he says:

The 48-year-old said the role was one he long wanted to play, adding: “I’ve got quite a shortlist of roles that I want to tackle but this was just sort of co-ordinated with the production and that fact of me being interested.”

He said: “I lost my mum a year ago so I’ve never understood that deep, deep tragedy of this play until now. Astrov is about halfway through his life and I feel that. He is just starting to look back and think: Have I missed my chance at love? My chance to do something really significant with my life?”

I know that Toby Jones can do heartbreak really well and now with Richard’s added extra understanding of grief and his mid-life crisis thoughts, I think this can potentially reduce me to a puddle. Looking into tickets right now! 🙂

My kind of workspaces…

I woke up at 10.30 today (I’ve been sick and at home for the past two days) and when I checked my phone for messages and a quick glance at social media, I came across a few real gems. I mean, seriously, how beautiful is this? Richard Armitage posted this himself on Instagram.

RA Innovation Cathedral 20-9-2019 (02)

The beautiful church window, the look on Richard’s face, the hair and 3 day beard, the relaxed body, I just love love love this image. It’s instantly become a new favorite Richard image for me. He also shared the following image via a message on Twitter:

RA Innovation Cathedral 20-9-2019 (01)

He’s at the Innovation Cathedral in Newark, which is a Presbyterian church that was derelict and has now been refurbished as an Audible office / workspace. I only found that out after googling and reading this article and this info on Audible’s page which also includes a link to more interior pictures. I for one would love to work in such a space.

And then one of the actors I like in Hallmark movies, Paul Greene, posted this image via his instagram:

Paul Greene sept 2019

He’s filming a Christmas movie now and this is a picture from the set. I love this image too with the messy desk and the globe and old books and the glasses and the closed laptop and then Paul’s pensive look.

These pictures are all very different from my ‘workspace’ now, which is on the couch in my living room. Is this the universe telling me to get back to work? I think I’d rather go and take a painkiller for the headache I feel instead and take it easy. 🙂