Sentimental journey – part 2

Today is my daughter’s 12th birthday! The tiny baby…


… is slowly turning into a young funny lady!


About half a year ago I wrote about my son’s birthday and how he is growing up so fast! My daughter is something between a child and a teen who sometimes thinks she’s grown up aready!

Just as with my son, every year my thoughts travel back to the actual day my daughter was born. She was expected to arrive on December 6th but no, the little lady didn’t feel like making her appearance then. Our Dutch crown princess was expecting her first child at the time and when she gave birth to a daughter on December 7th, my phone started ringing with people asking me where on earth my baby was! I gave my baby a good talking to but nope, she wasn’t ready yet. My parents were living in Israel at the time and had taken some leave to be here for the birth. They had to postpone their flight back twice because the little darling was so stubborn…

Finally, on Friday morning January 19th (13 days after my due date), my husband and I went to the hospital where I was induced. Even there it took 2 hours before I started feeling labour pains, that was at around 10 a.m. Things progressed quite quickly from there and finally at 3.23 p.m., after pushing for almost an hour, my daughter was born! My husband, who had famously stated he would never cut an umbilical cord for fear of fainting, actually volunteered to cut it! My son had been born by emergency c-section so I was above all relieved that that had not been necessary for my daughter. My husband was happy about that too, which may have accounted for his bravery; this was a once in a lifetime moment. My baby daughter was laid on my chest and I became a mother for the second time! It was so special all over again! My daughter shares her birthday with my beloved aunt (my mother’s sister), so that makes this birthday extra special.

About 45 minutes after my daughter was born my parents arrived with my 2.5 year old son in tow (they had taken him for the day). My son was holding a big pink “It’s a girl” balloon and to this day holding that balloon is a stronger memory to him than actually meeting his baby sister! In the early evening I was given a choice of staying in hospital overnight or going home. I chose to go home and so, only 4 hours after her birth, we came home and our little family was complete.

I am so lucky to be mother to these two!


10 thoughts on “Sentimental journey – part 2

  1. They are adorable! Great photos 🙂

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  2. Wow. VBAC with induction. You are TOUGH. Congratulations to your daughter!

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    • Thanks!
      And nah, I’m not more tough than any woman giving birth! It just seemed the thing to do, I really wanted to experience a ‘regular’ birth as well. With my son I had come so far at the time but in the end he got stuck as his head was turned the wrong way for birth, so a c-section it was. I can now say I have experienced childbirth in two very different ways; not the most enjoyable of experiences because it HURTS, but the pay off at the end of the ordeal was very well worth the effort, both times! 🙂

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      • Even so. I was thinking while reading this that it would be hard to do that in the US. You’d have to find a doctor who’d let you do VBAC in the first place, which would be difficult because the insurance companies control health care, but then adding induction — anyway, I’m glad you had the experience you wanted to have! (So many women here don’t get to.)


        • It was mandatory to have the birth in a hospital because there was a very slight chance of things not going well. They emphasized, however, that by far most VBAC’s go well so I was lucky to be given the choice. Here it is far less common to have c-sections and epidurals at birth (unless there is a good reason for it), from what I understand these things are far more common in the US.

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  3. ja, so schnell werden sie groß, was für ein ‘erwachsenes’ Mädel Du schon hast ❤ ! Herzliche Glückwünsche an Euch beide!!!

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