A no-deal Brexit is looming on January 1st and on the highways here in The Netherlands, on the ferry routes from England, I saw these signs the other day…

Now in addition, with a new Corona virus strain in the UK appearing, the EU is blocking all travel from the UK and the UK is more isolated now than ever. In our family group chat my brother in London feels more locked in than ever. “For now, we’re not coming off the island” he is saying, accompanied by some dramatic smilies. My aunt replied with “The UK is now completely cut off! Very radical (as in painful). Be careful.”

For the more cynical amongst us, I guess Brexit has started early and it’s heartbreaking to see the UK become even more isolated from their neighbours now that even all goods have been halted at the borders. I hope something can be done, it was already going to be very difficult with (no-deal) Brexit, these new bans make it even more impossible. I hope my brother, niece and friends and readers in the UK will be OK. All of them/you are very much in my thoughts.

As for this new corona virus strain, which is even more infectious than the original virus, it has also been detected in The Netherlands. So far, reports say that only two people in Amsterdam (one of whom had not been to the UK recently) have been diagnosed with it. We are already in strict lockdown (no curfews as yet, but in all other aspects it’s strict) until January 19th, I wonder if this new strain will be cause for measures to become even stricter or prolongued here. This past year has already been a year in isolation, I wonder if, despite the vaccinations that are coming, the year 2021 will continue to be the same. The thought is very depressing.

12 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Can you believe there are people who think the border closures are the EU’s way of punishing the UK for Brexit? Despite there being at least 40 countries all over the world who have closed borders to the UK because of the super-infectious virus strain?

    I miss going to the NL. We were supposed to have gone to Hoek van Holland last April and gone to Keukenhof and then drive on toward Sweden. It’s supposed to be rescheduled for next spring, but how big are the odds of being able to travel even then? 😦 And how difficult will it be now that the transition period is ending? I’m still an EU national, but my husband isn’t.

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    1. Oh man, the theories people come up with! Blocking trade doesn’t only hurt the UK, it also hurts the EU, which is one of the reasons why Brexit shouldn’t be happening in the first place… both sides are losing with this.

      Yeah, I think spring may still be iffy with travel and who knows what this new strain will cause? This year the Keukenhof didn’t even open, I wonder if it will next year. Fingers crossed, though!

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  2. Indeed depressing. My aim to travel was May originally but no way now to the Uk or Europe. The best estimate maybe September or October if the vaccines happen widespread and travel ban is lifted. It’s all like a bad dream 😒
    I hope your brother and family are well and safe too ❀️❀️

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  3. it’s shit, people who wanted and still want Brexit are people that I can’t comprehend-they’re fairly delusional. It’s a massive act of self harm, but nationalists will somehow blame it on the EU or, has been seen already, blamed it on us remainers! We’ve stocked up a bit of tinned food over the past year just in case. The new strain? again it’s a case of wait and see, but I don’t blame anyone calling us plague island!

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    1. I hadn’t heard that term before but I have heard blame on the EU for things BoJo and co have done themselves. I hope a last minute Brexit deal can still be reached…


  4. Servetus

    So I guess Armitage won’t get to go skiing in the Haute-Savoie this year. I hope he makes it back to the US, although I don’t think our current administration will institute a travel ban. I think a Biden administration would have, but maybe things will calm down by Jan 21.

    I think the UK is pretty much getting what the people who run Boris Johnson wanted all along (I know that sounds cynical). The last several years have just been theatre to assure the average observer that much hand-wringing was done. A massive own goal.

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      1. Servetus

        Right after I got into the car last night I heard the tail end of an update — something about travelers from the UK needing a negative COVID test to travel? And UK citizens from Tier 4 are not allowed to leave the country, it sounds like.

        I’ve become very disillusioned about the views of supposed “democratic” voters this year. They are very self-contradictory: vote against their own interests and then whine when the government isn’t pursuing their interests, while taking the rest of us with them. There’s a surprise. [/sarcasm].

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        1. Yes, I heard that update too late last night that there were plans to open for those with negative tests. I haven’t checked the news today yet to find out if there’s more movement (didn’t want to spoil my peaceful mood), but I did catch the tail end of something on the radio about some opening being there now. Will check it out this evening.

          I’m with you on the disillusionment of voters…

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