The ‘Mach’ Was’ theme this time around is to do something with snowdrops (in German “Schneeglöckchen” – such a sweet word!). “Easy!” I thought as I had seen one in our front garden. That snowdrop had been trampled but I figured I’d find others around everywhere. Alas, I did not! For the past few weeks, during every walk, I kept my eyes peeled to the ground in the hope of finding some snowdrops. Last week I finally found a remnant of the last few snowdrops…

… but mostly I found daffodils and hyacinths and even the first tiny daisies…

… but no more snowdrops! Spring has started here, leaving the snowdrops of the end of winter behind.

I figured I should find something more constructive to contribute to this challenge than not finding any snowdrops so I did a little online search and found this video…

For once my ‘Mach’ was’ contribution has something to do with actually making something. However, I’m not a crafter myself, I never have been and I have no patience for it, but this does look like something that is quite easy for someone else to make. So, happy snowdrops crafting, should you be so inclined!

14 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. Kate

    Cool video. Personally, I wouldn’t attach the blooms with a glue stick. That doesn’t always work very well with 3D paper crafts.
    I was almost too late for snowdrops myself. They seemed to be there and gone this year. I love the hyacinths.
    Have a nice Sunday!!

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    1. Ah, there speaks a master crafter. 😊
      Yes, the snowdrops seem gone so quickly! I only saw the one in our front garden, normally we’d have a few more.
      Hope you have a nice Sunday too. 🙂

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  2. Servetus

    They’re not as long as they used to be, and we’re “almost” done. There’s always the April surprise, though … Robins definitely cheer me up, though, they remind us that real spring is not far off.

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