A Place To Call Home

My fan videos

My A Place To Call Home videos (read about the show in a blogpost HERE) center around the main character Sarah Adams Nordman (Marta Dusseldorp) and the man she loves, George Bligh (Brett Climo). Their relationship could be happy, if it weren’t for all the obstacles in their way…

This Windmills of your Mind video is about how their happiness has been challenged…

“Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be…”

Thinking of happier days and yearning for better times…

Sarah’s second chance in life starts with George…

Season 4 of ‘A Place to Call Home’ has its fair share of drama but it also, at last, gave Sarah and George some happiness in the end.

Season 5 shows Sarah & George in a committed and happy relationship. Though not yet able to marry and officially living apart, it is common knowledge that they are together and that Sarah’s son, David, is also George’s son. For them it’s all about the love they share this season, so “The Look of Love” felt very appropriate here (I love Nina Simone’s voice!)…

MTA: Marta Dusseldorp, Sarah herself, actually commented on this video, saying it was sweet, which made me feel giddy. Thank you, Marta!

Season 6 is the final season of A Place To Call Home. I am so sad the show has ended, I have truly loved it. I made a farewell video to say goodbye (which you can also view on Vimeo should the YouTube video be geoblocked for you).

Thank you for 6 wonderful years to the A Place To Call Home family!

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