Harry & Geraldine reconnect!

I love Dawn French, I love The Vicar of Dibley and I love Richard Armitage. When I first became an Armitage fan 10 years ago and when a little later I heard that Richard would play the love interest on one of my favourite comedy shows (the aforementioned Dibley), I was over the moon! Watched it as it aired during Christmas / New Year’s 2006/2007 and have watched it countless times since.

Harry & Geraldine nose to nose

It’s my go-to Armitage role when I need a laugh and a pick-me-up. Dawn French gives me belly laughs in this, still, every time I watch it. And now today these two are tweeting each other! Dawn congratulating Richard on his Saturn win and Richard responding…

Husbands, eh? They tend to not be great at seeing changes in their wives…

Richard first had another picture that went with his tweet (which I didn’t screensave), but this one is funnier (which I did screensave, just in case). This tweeting has me wishing yet again that these two would reunite again as Geraldine and Harry! Wouldn’t it be lovely to see where they’d be now, 10 years on? My fangirl heart beats faster… I think I feel another Dibley rewatch coming up!

Harry & Geraldine hugHarry & Geraldine stolen kiss

I’m glad for these smiles today after I heard that there has been a hostage situation in a cinema in a town not far from where I used to live in Germany. We used to go clothes shopping in Vierneim, I bought my glasses there, we went skating there at the ice-rink and we went to the cinema… Luckily the situation is over now… and I choose to concentrate my energy on all the lovely Armitage news today. It’s a good day to be a Richard Armitage fan!

6 thoughts on “Harry & Geraldine reconnect!

  1. Bei den beiden stimmte die Chemie! Und scheinbar immer noch 🙂
    Der Geiselnehmer ist erschossen worden, sonst gab es glaube ich keine Verletzten 🙂
    The hostage taker is dead but no other victims 🙂


  2. Elanor

    Wäre es nicht ein Traum, wenn es noch eine klitzekleine Fortsetzung geben würde. Heute allerdings können mich nicht einmal diese beiden so richtig aufmuntern. Black Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

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