Magic moments

Yes, I know smartphones can be very annoying things! But as I was clearing images off my phone, I realized they are also wonderful for capturing the small, unexpected moments in life that make you smile. With a smartphone camera at hand, I capture things I would otherwise never have and I came across some lovely ‘magic moments’ pictures that I had almost forgotten about!

One of those magic moments is this one, when on one of the first warm evenings of the year a few weeks ago, we made a little ‘campfire’ in our small back garden and the cat enjoyed it too!

Cosy cat

Or when, in the holiday cottage that belongs to my parents, my daughter cuddled up on the back of the couch and unitentionally almost mirrored the Klimt painting reproduction above her on the wall…

Sleepy women

… or those little fun moments, like when this spatula I have for cooking throws an unexpected shadow on the floor…


… or when I unexpectedly saw my favourite car (old VW Beetle) in a parking lot in a lovely fresh green colour and then a few weeks later my kids texted me a picture of my fave car in my preferred colour that they saw somewhere else…

… or when I came across my son’s pencil case and had to laugh at the modification he made…


…or, also at my parents’ cottage, when I flicked through the TV channels and came across a channel called RAPS! It was a black screen, nothing on it, but of course it made me think of Guylty’s lovely RAPS shrines… ah, imagine a whole channel dedicated to Richard Armitage shrines! I’d watch! 😉

RAPS channel

Or when I see that the small lilac my dad once planted at the same cottage has now grown into something huge and is blooming beautifully…


… or last night, when my husband texted me a picture of our cat hearing something in our garden hedge, trying to figure out what it was…

Curious Cat

Yes, I love these small magical moments and that I (or someone else) was able to capture them! 🙂

Ok, now I have this song in my mind…

20 thoughts on “Magic moments

  1. What a lovely post – and thank you for mentioning me/the RAPSes in them :-). You are so right to remind us of the magic moments. There are many of them, every day, and more often than not we forget them. A post like this should be mandatory for every week. Thanks!!!

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    1. Well, your RAPSes totally are little magical things in themselves, so very much worth a mention! 🙂 Suzy showed me hers when I met her a few months ago and I realized that pictures just can’t do them justice…


  2. These really are magic. They’re all good but I think my favorite is the cat by the outdoor fire. He (?) looks so happy! Having a camera phone has definitely changed the way we take pictures. It used to be that you didn’t want to waste film, so it was only for special occasions. And you would miss those magic moments.

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  3. Servetus

    Our lilac FINALLY bloomed this week. I felt like we were waiting forever! Somehow, the camera phone bug just hasn’t hit me — but probably because I still hate my smart phone and almost never turn it on. But you use it well!

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    1. Actually, I hardly make calls on the thing. It’s great for texting (we use WhatsApp), especially with the family. Very useful for telling husband and kids when you’ll be home and such. Or for staying in touch with all my brothers and sisters. I like to sometimes scroll through Twitter on it and yes, the camera is really handy to have at hand. Oh, and I like to play Angry Birds sometimes. So, all in all, I quite like having a smartphone although I don’t believe in being on it all the fricken time like some people do…


      1. Servetus

        Oh, I know people find them useful and satisfying — I almost kind of wish the bug would bite me. It’sstarting to be embarrassing to tell people I have one but don’t turn it on.


        1. Don’t be embarrassed, maybe it just needs time.
          Right now I’m eating breakfast on my couch and checking messages on my phone… smaller and in this case less cumbersome than my laptop.

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          1. Servetus

            It’s kind of my issue that I don’t like to multitask in that particular way. (Eating at a computer or device is a particular sore point with me — I did that because of work for years. When I made a resolution to stop doing it I lost a clothing size just from that.) In essence, small devices are uninteresting to me because I don’t want to be reading a screen when I am doing something else 😦 Ah well.

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  4. Es gibt so diese kleinen Momente im Leben die man einfach “behalten” sollte wie auch immer. Das Bild von Deiner Tochter unter dem Klimt ist bezaubernd 🙂 Und die KAtze hat echtes Stehvermögen!! ❤

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