Vintage videos, Strike Back edition

I’m up to my fourth Richard Armitage vintage fan video post (after this one, this one and this one). I’m skipping Robin Hood and Spooks in these vintage videos and moving straight on to Strike Back!

Why Strike Back and not the other two shows? Well, I’ve never been much of a Guy of Gisborne fan. I started watching Robin Hood at the time on the BBC but was not impressed and even Richard couldn’t tempt me, so I soon gave up on it. I only watched it all later, when I could fastforward to all the Richard bits and skip the rest. I enjoyed the extras of the show more than the show itself. I mean, Richard practicing archery – be still my beating heart!

Richard did fine with the material, giving more vulnerability to Gisborne than I would have thought possible, but his story still couldn’t capture my imagination. So, the show never inspired me to watch fan videos. Then there was Lucas North in Spooks. I found him and his story more interesting (especially Richard’s 1st season on the show) but by the 3rd Richard season I was done with that too, didn’t at all like what they did to the character. So, that also did not inspire me to watch many fan videos. It even got so far that I started to doubt my devotion to The Armitage! Maybe I was in love with John Thornton and Harry Kennedy and it wasn’t Richard at all? I still loved him in interviews and photo shoots, I just didn’t like the roles so much. Then he did Strike Back and I was back!

I really loved Richard as John Porter (even though the show really was very violent) and yes, that made me watch fan videos again! So, this vintage videos post is dedicated to Strike Back! The Strike Back videos feature some really awesome music, combined with some great editing.

Johnny Got a Boom Boom (2010) by Bccmee

Seven Nation Army (2010) by GizTheGunslinger. To this day, every single time I hear this song, images in this video spring to mind!

The Beginning of the End (2010) by DelicateBlossom (yes, again! She is in every one of my lists!)

One Of Us Is Going Down (2010) by JulietD001

An ‘intense looks’ video set to Boadicea (2010) made by Elvirasweeney

And Shoot To Thrill (2010) by Heathra

Each of these video makers have several great Strike Back videos to their name (and other very good Richard ones!), all of them worth a gander on their respective YouTube channels!

Oh, and let me end with my fave bit of comic relief in Strike Back:

Afghan Star voting and Richard’s frustration with “Tom and Jerry” still crack me up!

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