Blog post 101

Apparently my post today about the Muse concert was my 100th blog post! So, I’ve decided that a year into blogging and after 100 posts it was time for a little blog facelift. I’d grown a bit tired of late of how my blog looked, it’s not really fun to look at the same image of yourself in the header over and over again… Also, I wanted something lighter than the dark blue. The 100th post milestone finally kicked me into action. So, I picked my The Crucible watercolour that my mother had painted for me for my birthday as a header image, picked a new layout theme and a different font and voilà, it all looks different! I’ve got to say that for now, I’m happy with how the blog looks. 🙂

The subtitle of my blog (“these are a few of my favorite things”) is taken from a song in “The Sound of Music”. This past spring was the 50th anniversary of that film, I only recently came across that fact. I also came across this  recent image of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer that I loved!

Julie Andrews Christopher Plummer
Photo by Annie Leibowitz

I saw it in this sweet article. They are looking happy and energetic and beautiful and, might I add, a little naughty too! Great picture and a very pleasing way to celebrate my 101st blog post and the blog facelift.. 🙂

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