Drones World Tour – here I come!

I just bought tickets to Muse’s Drones World Tour this morning!

The Amsterdam performance is still a little while away (March 2016) but I got pre-sale tickets as a member of their fansite and they are good ones too! First row seats on the first level, perfect view on the stage, methinks! Already I am so looking forward to this!

I first saw Muse in concert in December 2012 after I had ‘discovered’ them not long before and found I liked them. A good friend of mine had mentioned them before over the years and had gone to concerts before but I had never paid close attention. Then I heard them on the soundtrack to one of the Twilight movies (while I found the movies so-so, the music was better!) and something clicked. Not long after, when I mentioned it to my friend, she said she planned on going to their next concert and I said I’d go too. That concert just blew me away. It was that concert that made me a fan. They were back in The Netherlands only six months later, so I went again in June 2013. I took a few pictures with my phone (not great quality but you get the idea):

Muse june 2013


And now I’m going again and this time my kids are coming with me! I know it’s a school night but for once that can’t be helped. Anyone know what kind of earplugs will be best to get for them? Because it’s going to be LOUD…! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Drones World Tour – here I come!

  1. Yes, I’ve found that I can’t go to a rock concert without earplugs. Even when I was younger, I would be deaf for hours afterwards. Elton John was an exception 🙂

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  2. Das sieht nach einer riesengroßen Party aus! Aber der Kerl hat ja auch eine wunderbare Stimme, das wird ein Erlebnis! Ohrstöpsel ja, es ist schon echt laut 😦

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  3. Yeah, loud! 🙂
    Never saw Muse lin concert and it won’t be in 2016 ( februrary + march, Paris…). This is one of the reason I don’t like living 450km far from Paris: concerts!
    It was easier when I lived near Paris.


    • Yeah, that is a long distance… But Muse may be worth staying overnight in a hotel for. 😉
      I’m lucky. For me Amsterdam is just 50 minutes by train away, so going to the concert is very doable.

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  4. […] fave band! I love Muse, I’ve been to three of their concerts (very briefly wrote about that here and here), which were truly awesome, and I’d go to even more if I could afford […]


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