A special gift

Fact #1: My mother paints as a hobby, these last few years she’s been doing watercolors (but never signs them – she thinks nothing she paints is good enough to sign).

Fact #2: Two months ago I took my mother to see The Crucible in the cinema and she loved it, she wanted to dedicate a painting to it.

Fact #3: Last week was my birthday…

… and this was the gift I received from her!

IMG_0651 w c

Done after this Richard Armitage / Anna Madeley image that I love so very much:


Thank you, mama!!

17 thoughts on “A special gift

  1. That is absolutely amazing in so many ways!!! What a thoughtful, great gift – a unique, hand-made item, totally customized to the receiver’s preferences. And so beautifully executed. A well-chosen, pivotal scene, and so detailed. RA and AM are very well caught. Tell your mum I admire her work. (She could probably make a pretty penny if she made a few more of these and sold them in the fandom πŸ˜‰ – but well, that would possibly take away from the this special gift. But just to say that I think she ought to sign her name. Her watercolour is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary.) Lucky you!!!

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    1. Thank you and I will be sure to tell her! I have been telling her forever to start signing her work (my dad used to insist as well…) but somehow I can’t get her to do so…

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  2. I second Guylty’s observation. That is so beautifully rendered! She should absolutely sign her work, and think about taking commissions. Fantastic. Love it. And yes, what a lovely gift from mother to daughter.

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  3. I think it’s beautiful. I especially like the lavender highlights she gave it, and Anna’s headgear. It’s very difficult to do the human figure and face in water-colour, so kudos to your mom!

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