Women’s Day & birthday

A little late as the day is nearing its end, but Happy International Women’s Day anway! A few fun things I came across on my Twitter timeline today…

And because I really like Sandi Toksvig, I’m sharing this one as well. I know it made me laugh…

I’m also partial to this Audrey Hepburn quote on women…

This following clip feels very apt, especially in light of new micro-manager drama that came to light at work. For some reason he mostly seems to piss off the women and this is how the women are reacting…

This Richard E. Grant tweet made me smile…

… just like this one from Hugh Jackman…

… which reminded me of this tweet from Richard Armitage last year. Extra poignant in light of how ill his mum must have been at the time…

But today is also the birthday of my favourite feminist in the world: Mr Esther! Keeping it low-key, the man is a little tired, but he’s looking awfully cute today in a new dark blue bathing robe I got him and his new reading glasses.


Happy birthday to Mr E. and happy International Women’s Day to all! Off to get yummy Chinese takeaway now, to celebrate. It’s getting late and we’re hungry…

12 thoughts on “Women’s Day & birthday

  1. Esther, I love the Audrey Hepburn quote, so fitting for today. I am beginning to love Richard E Grant more and more (his giddiness over meeting Babs at the Oscars was adorable), happy Bday to Mr .Esther. Thank you for having a wonderful forum to chat and ogle and commiserate. I think it never is enough to say how one appreciates others in good times as well as bad. #IWD! #womenruntheworld

    have a great weekend and enjoy the Chinese takeaway!!!!!

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