BTS – the stress!

So, my daughter has become fan of the Korean K-pop boyband BTS.  

She and a friend of hers have seen the concert movie, that came out a few months ago, two or three times in the cinema. She knows the songs (although she doesn’t sing along to the Korean parts, that’s a little tough), the stories they sing in their songs (taken from their life experiences), the boyband members’ names and their background stories. In her room she now has a little BTS shrine…

… and now the boyband is doing a world tour and they are coming to London. With cheap lodgings possible at my brother’s house my daughter is desperate to go with her friend. And who am I to stand in the way of fangirls? So, last week Friday we were ready for the sale to begin for the show on June 1st at Wembley Stadium. I was logged in on a laptop, my daughter was logged in, her friend was logged in at her home as well, as was her friend’s brother. Oh man, we tried for hours, but no dice, no tickets! Even my work colleague, who I was Skype chatting with, offered her help, but no luck. There is also a show in Paris, so we tried that as well, even though lodging would be way more expensive, but nope, couldn’t get anything there either. The girls were very disappointed.

Last Saturday morning a second Wembley concert was announced for June 2nd and the tickets went on sale this morning. My daughter couldn’t be home, so I logged in on two laptops…


… my colleague also logged in at home and the brother of  my daughter’s friend was logged in. Again, no luck! Got all sorts of errors on the website, my colleague got those same errors.

Finally we got this one, which was supposed to mean we had made it into a queue…


… but even then we got kicked out. My colleague at one point was able to secure two prime tickets (the most expensive, but what the heck) but when she wanted to proceed to check out was kicked off again. Happened to me as well a few minutes later with two other tickets. Aaaargh, the frustration! But then finally, after about 45 minutes my colleague got through and sure enough, was able to secure two tickets! Quite high up and to the side of the stage but good enough.


My daughter, who had just come in from an appointment and was going off to school again soon, was over the moon! After my colleague got in, I also got in (several times, actually, after refreshing) but the tickets I could purchase were even further back. So, these two tickets are it. And oh my goodness, the stress and heart palpitations this has cost me… Who knew a Korean boy band would be so popular?

I’m glad I’m working from home today, I couldn’t have survived this stress at the office. Speaking of stress at the office, another colleague was apparently in a heated argument with micro-manager yesterday. Looks like the next generation of micro management warriors is standing up. Anway, let’s not think of work. I need to de-stress after this whole ticket saga. Looks like I have another London trip to book. I’ll be going to London with the girls, just won’t join them for the concert. K-pop isn’t quite my thing and the girls want to fangirl on their own. 🙂

22 thoughts on “BTS – the stress!

  1. Esther I was so wanting a happy ending here for your daughter and of course for you!! London will be awesome anyway whilst the girls are fangirling at Wembley. I was reading trying to think of a comparison to our heyday who might have that same sort of energy of selling out that fast and I came up blank. Maybe U2? I know when I saw them I had to stand in line (queue) the old fashion way, no computers to log in and my sister was over the moon when I got the two tickets. We bought cheap t-shirts in the parking lot b/c we couldn’t afford the ones in the stadium.
    Your MM days will be behind you soon!!!
    Have a marvelous weekend!!

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    1. Thanks, Michele.
      London won’t be a hardship, I think. 😉
      Yeah, U2 would be comparable in high desirability. Actually, it was also close to impossible to get tickets to Adele.


            1. Yeah, that’s what we say here too! So ironic that they charge so much. U2 has always been out of my price league. Couldn’t afford them in my teens and now they are even more expensive, even if I do have a reasonable income now.

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  2. Servetus

    Do you read (fellow fan) Carly’s blog? She took her daughters to a Chicago show this summer — could only get tickets from scalpers, got cheated, then managed to get bona fide tickets. Serious stress. I’m glad you at least got something.

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    1. I know of Carly and her blog but now you mention it, I don’t think I follow it. Will amend. 🙂 And yikes, what a disappointing experience that must have been for her!
      It’s amazing to see how quickly these tickets go for resale on other sites. There are lots of warnings about scam sites and I have told the girls not to buy off any other sites. There are a handful of ‘official’ resale sites, but the prices there are ridiculous. Apparently also lots of bot attacks on these sites, buying tickets and reselling at at least double the prices. Mr Esther was reading up on that last week and how many bot attacks are blocked but still no guarantees of them not happening. I’m just so glad we were able to buy off the official ticket site! BTS have now also sold out this second Wembley show, apparently the first Asian act to sell out Wembley twice at 90.000 seats a show! Apparently there were at least 200.000 people in a queue trying to get tickets this morning. We have been very lucky today.

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      1. Servetus

        Her daughters want to go to one of their show in the US this summer and I think she hasn’t decided yet either way — she is a huge fan herself — but it sounds like it will be another huge hurdle just to get the tickets.

        I’ve read about these bot attacks, etc., too and I’m somewhat amazed there is no solution. I’m sure the artists must be flummoxed — how do you keep tickets affordably priced for fan access without running into cheating on the secondary market? I’m really glad the odds were in your favor today.

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    1. They’re a global phenomenon, apparently. My colleague had never heard of them either before I told her about them last week Friday. She has a 15 yo son who knows them but doesn’t like them (he’s into ‘old school’ rock).
      Yeah, we got lucky this time, thank goodnes! 🙂

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  3. I am also a fan of BTS from the Philippines. I also experienced the same thing while trying to buy tickets online. I wasn’t able to get tickets of their concert. I know the pain. It was such a heartbreak! Glad you were able to get tickets for your daughter. 🙂

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  4. I relate to this deep in my soul. My first friends and I tried to get tickets to the 1st June concerts. I even took the morning off work. We had 6 devices and not one of us could get tickets. I was so angry I also cried. I couldn’t even listen to any BTS songs for the remainder of the day (dramatic, I know).

    When it was announced that there was a concert for Day 2, I had to pay my youngest sister who is at uni in order to secure tickets. And we were only able to get the tickets via the Ticketmaster app. Someone Twitter had given people a tip because we kept getting kicked out of the line. THE STRESS!!!!

    I’ve shared my story about getting BTS merch yesterday. Please feel free to read it.


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