International Women’s Day

Yep, that’s today! A piece in The Independent can tell you what it is and why it’s still needed. Women are tough cookies, just ask Betty White:


But today is also the birthday of my favourite feminist: my husband! We are real partners in everything:

  • When we got married we discussed the surname thing. I am proud of my family name and I didn’t want to give up my name and take his – I had had the name for 29 years, it is part of my identity. If I took his surname, I’d feel like I was his mum and not me! It doesn’t mean I don’t love him, but why do I have to prove my love by giving up my own cherished surname? To my great relief, that was not a problem whatsoever. In fact, in the Netherlands when you marry, the wife can choose to use both surnames in daily life, but so can the husband! So, on his business cards, my husband has both our surnames printed! At first business contacts who didn’t know him mistook him for a woman, but now that he has his first name printed on the card as well instead of just his initials, those misconceptions have gone. It does invite occasional interesting discussions. I think the man is more proud of using my surname occasionally than I am using his! We did consciously choose to give the kids his surname (yes, we discussed that in earnest as well!) as he is an only child and I have siblings who pass along my surname to the next generation.
  • When the children came, he wanted a ‘daddy day’ as well, so we went from both working fulltime to working 4 days each: one mommy-day a week, one daddy-day a week, 3 days daycare and a whole family weekend together. I could not ask for a more devoted and hands-on father to our children if I tried!
  • Contraception was always openly discussed and is not my sole responsibility – in fact, these past years he’s the one who took responsibility.
  • The man cooks and vacuums, while I do dishes and laundry. He does not assume that all the housework is only for me to do.
  • In my working careeer he has always encouraged me to strive for anything I want. Right now I am at a crossroads in my career life, trying to decide my future course, and he is there  encouraging me and helping me think it through every step of the way. Do we need to make sacrifices? Maybe and if we do we’ll make them together. All we want for the other is to be happy.
  • And he has no problem with me being a Richard Armitage (and Colin Firth) fan girl, he feels in no way threatened by that. He reads my blog and listens to my frivolous stories. He’s a very strong man and proves to me again and again why the true man is better than any fantasy ever could be. 🙂

Yes, there really are men in the world who are extremely supportive of equal rights for women. I’m happy to say my husband, born on International Women’s Day 45 years ago today, is one of them!


Happy birthday, my love!

20 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

    1. Yes, we are lucky! Even here not all employers welcome this but luckily many also do. It is way better here in that respect than in many other countries, I do realize and am very grateful.

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  1. Elanor

    Herzliche Glückwünsche an deinen Schatz und dich. Schön, dass es euch so gut miteinander geht ❤
    Es gibt solche Männer, ich weiß das, aber nicht jede hat ein Auge für sie. 😉

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  2. Love, love, love! I was happy to take Hubby’s name as I liked the sound of it better, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t have made an issue if I hadn’t. I’m very blessed to have a partner willing to help with domestic duties, and in fact Hubby does a LOT of the kid work… getting them up and dressed and fed in the mornings, and bathed and into PJs with bedtime stories at night. My duties are basically supervising toothbrushing, homework, and making sure hair is presentable!

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    1. My mother also always says that in this day and age she still would have taken my dad’s name, because she liked his miuch better too. I don’t mind what choice women make in that regard, I just like that if it is considered, both partners would be open to it. With an ex colleague of mine, her husband took her name because he didn’t like his own surname either. 🙂
      I’m glad you are also blessed with such a wonderful husband!
      I’m thinking maybe it’s time I also reveal the less flattering parts of my husband, before he gets too full of himself after reading all this… 😉

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