A Richard Armitage happy new year!

For me 2017 is starting out quite well! We’ve just been away for a week with the family to our little cottage in the north of The Netherlands that belongs to my parents. The week was lovely; we went to a speed skating competition (national Dutch championships), my brother visited us at the cottage for a few days and helped welcome the new year with us, a very good friend of ours came by and spent a night and we had some rest and relaxation as well. The downside for the kids was the lack of good wifi, but they (and we) survived well nonetheless. ๐Ÿ™‚

When we got home Thursday evening there was a note from the post office, letting me know I could pick up a package. I was giddy with anticipation, because I knew what it was going to be – I had, after all, won a Christmas bauble in Guylty’s 2016 Christmas raffle! I never win anything, so I was very excited for this. I picked up the package yesterday and it did not only contain the bauble but many other goodies!

When I opened up the package it looked like I was receiving some caramel sweets…


…. but I knew that little box would contain this…


Such a gorgeous little thing (the bauble and RA)! We packed away all our Christmas decorations yesterday but this item will not be packed away… I am finding a nice little spot somewhere so I can look at it year round. ๐Ÿ™‚ The package did not only contain the bauble, but several other lovely small goodies as well!


The package also contained a “Summer of Love” Crucible postcard, Thornton’s chocolate with pistachio (I’ve never had pistachio chocolate before, but I love pistachios and pistachio ice cream, so I’m guessing it will taste great!), some small RA stickers and a Love Love Love playbill because I haven’t been able to make it to NYC for Richard’s play. How thrilling is all that!! Last summer I bought this little case/hatbox at a flea market for next to nothing….


… and have decided that that is the place to keep the few playbills I already have, including my upside down signed The Crucible one…


The Love Love Love playbill will find its home here as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just before Christmas I also received another Richard Armitage gift from fellow fan Suzy. We met up at the beginning of 2016 and she came to spend a weekend with me and my family at my home last fall. Her very unexpected but wonderful gift also made me very happy…


… a Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller puzzle!! Such a lovely surprise! And yes, in the near future I do actually plan to sit down and make it, I love this.

Thank you so very very much Suzy and Guylty for your generosity and kindness and warmth!!!

The new year has also started with Richard Armitage announcing a new project he will be doing, a movie called Miles


… inspired by this proof-of-concept film:

I do wonder what Richard’s role will be in this. Will he voice the robot or play a scientist? He’s been biking for Berlin Station and has played a youth in Love Love Love but I don’t expect him to be a dirtbiking youth in this one…

In any case, Richard Armitage related news but especially the Richard Armitage gifts I received help make this year 2017 start out well for me. Let’s hope it’s a good omen for the rest of the year! I say this even as I already feel the dark clouds gathering with a deeply depressing US presidential inaugurarion coming up (not to mention other depressing news items about shootings and attacks)… Still, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and that even in dark times we will be able to find some light and hope that goodness is still possible!!

7 thoughts on “A Richard Armitage happy new year!

  1. Those are some great things! I love the puzzle!
    My prize from Guylty’s Christmas raffle hasn’t arrived yet. We’ve been getting very little mail lately. Hope it comes soon!


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