2016 annus horribilis… and 2017…?

Well, even Christmas was not left untainted by 2016 with George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds dying!! RIP to all three of these very talented people!

I came across this video today, which sums up 2016 nicely – as if it were a horror movie!

Let’s hope 2017 gets better…

I’ll probably be AWOL for the next few days, maybe a week even, so I’m already sending you all my best wishes for the new year. May it be a better one than 2016 was!! If it could start off with something like an image of Richard Armitage on a snow-covered mountain, I wouldn’t mind…


In honesty, though – while the world may be falling apart, for me personally not all of 2016 was bad. I had some lovely times with family and friends and meeting new friends and I still do continue to enjoy blogging. So, thank you to all of you who drop by here for reading and  commenting, you helped me make it through 2016 OK! I wish you all the following…


8 thoughts on “2016 annus horribilis… and 2017…?

    1. Yeah….
      In honesty I was never a huge George Michael fan, but his music is very much part of my teenagerhood / young adulthood and he was too young to die… yes, it’s a blow…


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